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Ankh Cross: Description, Characteristic, Symbol Meaning

Ankh Cross is an ancient Egyptian symbol. It consists of two parts. The bottom, two crossed lines, is a symbol of life. The upper part, an oval loop, speaks of eternity. Thus, the Egyptian sign ankh is a symbol of eternal life, the immortality of the soul. The gods gave him the Pharaoh, a sign depicted on the walls of the pyramids, temples.

They wear a cross with a noose and now, it gives strength, nourishes the body and soul with energy, protects against diseases. It can often be seen in the photo emblems of various esoteric societies.

According to many Egyptologists, the original meaning of the ankh is connected with magic. It was used by the ancient priests as a magical bundle, which gave strength. He was considered the key to secret knowledge, the wisdom of the gods, power and strength. It is not for nothing that in many images the cross with a loop is transmitted by the gods to Pharaohs as a sign of immortality and eternal power, wisdom and power. The kinds of meanings of the Egyptian crosses varied from epoch to epoch, but the essence remained the same.

Another meaning of the symbol is a combination of masculine and feminine. Ankh is a sign of the union of Isis and Osiris. According to legend, the goddess Isis connected together the scattered parts of her murdered husband Osiris and revived him. Thus, the ankh cross is a divine knot that combines rebirth to life, loyalty and devotion, heaven and earth. It means human life, which climbs to the loop of immortality, if the spirit and thoughts are pure. The ascent to the sky along the loop of ankh leads to eternity and the immortality of the soul, contributing to its transition to a new level of being.

Often the Egyptian ankh was called the key of the Nile, which opened the door to secret knowledge, sources of power and power. With this sign in their hand depicted the goddess of truth and truth Maat. It can be seen next to the drawings of the god Anubis. Often, the eye and the mountain were depicted there as symbols of power and knowledge. The cross with a loop is also held in the hands of the goddess of music, love and fun Hathor. In more recent times, the ankh cross becomes one of the symbols of Set, chained. He can also be seen in the hand of Aton or Akhenat, the sun god.

The ankh sign can be seen on many monuments in ancient Egypt. The most ancient images of the sign are more than 10,000 years old. In the form of a cross with a loop built temples. He painted on the walls of tombs, religious buildings. The shape of the ankh was given to ritual vessels from which symbolic outpourings were made. As a symbol of the Nile, the sign was depicted on canals to save the earth from flooding. From the walls of the image migrated to the steps and steps, and then even on shoes. This gave rise to a false notion among some archaeologists that the cross of the ankh was merely a tie on sandals.

The cross with a loop was often worn as an amulet. He had to protect the immortal soul from evil forces and evil influences. The energy of the ankh, which merged with the person’s own energy, strengthened it many times. Initially, wearing ankh was the prerogative of the priests. It was made exclusively from silver, a metal that was considered the privilege of the servants of the gods. Then the symbol migrated to the pharaohs and nobles, in this environment began to make amulets of gold, because the rich people are primarily things that emphasize their status.

In later eras, ordinary people began to use the talisman. Especially this practice spread when the ankh began to be associated with Seth. He was worn on the neck of the sick in order to hasten his recovery. Also, the sign can be seen in many ancient Egyptian mummies. The amulet was supposed to protect the immortal soul from demons, accelerate its transition to the realm of the dead. According to the idea of ​​the ancient Egyptians, the shape of a cross with a loop had a key that opens the gates of death.

There are theories that the ancient ankh cross is directly related to the Christian cross. In fact, this connection is rather contrived, because the Christian cross is the crossbar on which Christ was crucified. This method of execution was widely used in the Roman Empire. The shape of the cross crossbar gave for greater stability.

But in the Christian tradition, ankh as a symbol occurs. It is used by the Coptic Church, which originated and continues to exist on the territory of Egypt. Obviously, as in other territories, Christians adopted many of the symbols and customs of the pagans. In their tradition, the Egyptian ankh cross has become a sign of the sacrifice of Christ, his death and Sunday. Images of the ankh can be seen on the tombs of the Coptic Christians of the 6th-9th centuries AD. er In other Christian churches, these types of crosses did not spread.

A new life symbol received already in the twentieth century. Hippies began to use it in the 60s as a sign of peace, truth and truth. Nowadays, representatives of various esoteric groups often carry the ankh cross. For them, it means ancient wisdom, secret knowledge and power. Ankh helps to find happiness, preserve the health of the body and soul. Symbolizes the key to other, uncharted worlds.

They carry an ankh and an amulet with him to gain strength, extra energy, confidence, to make mystical and esoteric practices more effective. This is the key to the answers to many questions that have been bothering humanity for more than one century. It is often used as a talisman against disease, loss of strength, both physical and mental, depression. In order for an Egyptian amulet to have an impact, the following conditions must be met:

  • Charm for women made of silver.
  • Male amulet is made of gold.
  • It is necessary to wear a badge only on a leather strap, not on a chain.
  • To fully open the ankh symbol, it must be activated.

In order for the amulet to become active, it must be rinsed well under running water. On the night of the full moon, they go out into the street, raise the ankh above their heads and ask the goddess Isis to breathe strength into him. During the day they do the same exercise, they only turn to the god Osiris. Weather at the conclusion of the ritual should be sunny and clear, otherwise it will not bring results.

At first, the amulet ankh is put on for several hours a day. Gradually increase the time. Those who wear it around the neck show some discomfort during the first two weeks. This is due to the fact that the energy of the amulet merges with the person’s own energy. Until they come to unity, there can be discord between these forces. If a person has pure thoughts and noble desires, the ankh symbol will become a great helper. The talisman is no good for evil deeds: it will either be inactive, or it will avenge its owner and take away his powers.

The human body is perishable, it serves only as a temporary shell for the soul, because the tattoo with the ankh is not the best way to use the symbol, because it is a sign of eternity, which cannot be said about rapidly aging skin. It is much better if the cross with a loop is embodied in metal, silver or gold. But many people put tattoos on the body with this sign. How does ankh in this case?

After applying the tattoo, the sign begins to act on the person for 24 hours a day. Not everyone is ready for such a powerful charge of energy, such a strong influence. Ankh cross can change people’s lives. Whether these changes will be beneficial or detrimental depends largely on personal aspirations, the readiness to learn new things. The ancient symbol is able to introduce its owner into the unknown world of spirits, ancient wisdom and knowledge.

Often, people who wear a tattoo with an ankh begin to have unusual dreams. Their plot can take place in approximately the following scenario:

  • In a dream, strangers appear.
  • Characters speak an unknown language.
  • Events are bright, a person takes an active part in them, can smell, taste of food.
  • Sometimes dreams cause vague anxiety, and even real fear.

Dreams can reveal to the owner of a symbolic tattoo his past lives. It happens that the talent of the prophet, the mystic, wakes up in people. Amulet becomes a conductor in the areas of habitation of spirits, unknown mystical worlds. Do you want to plunge into the secrets of the universe? If so, you can make a tattoo depicting a cross with a loop. But before that you should be well prepared so that new abilities do not come as a surprise, do not affect life negatively. For those who do not want to change anything in their lives, who are satisfied with everything, this powerful sign is not worth drawing on the body.

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