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Apartment and house numerology: online calculation of values

How to calculate the online numbering values ​​of your house or apartment

Why in one house reigns harmony, joy, happy kids run around, and in the other it’s impossible to enter, as there is tension, a head starts to ache, etc. It’s not just the energy, but also the magic combination of numbers. The numerology of an apartment and a house is the most important factor that influences a person’s ability to recover through proper rest and relaxation in a residential area.

Apartment and house numerology

How to determine a lucky number? What does the apartment number in which you live mean? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the presented review.

The statement of Eduard Koku “My home is my fortress” causes a storm of emotions, both positive and negative, in modern man. Why it happens? Everything comes from childhood: happy time, caring parents or, on the contrary, hell, I don’t want to go back to it. But you want to create your cozy “nest” in which peace, harmony and kindness will always reign, you can hear children’s laughter, but not constant screams. How to remedy the situation, if negative prevails and multiply — positive?

Your home is a kind of oasis that allows you to hide from bad weather, adversity, to overcome fears and doubts. That is why you need to try to strengthen your shelter and create an environment inside it that will give you strength, help you to experience troubles, and just relax.

Important: if you choose a flat with a single number, you can safely look at its value in the map below, but as regards two and three digits, you need to know that the first value fully reflects your physical health, the second is the development of feelings, and the last — reason.

In order to be able to enrich the cozy place with positive energy, so lacking in modern man, you need to look inside.

If, entering the house, you experience happiness, joy, you can sleep and live without swearing, scandals, it means that you are lucky — you have occupied your niche in this world (this is an “angel idyll” or just fate). But if everything is the other way around (at home there is a constant mess, a farce, there is no good, and you understand that you are not fueling your energy, but just wasting it), then it is time to change something.

Why? Yes, if only because “The House, namely the walls, the floor,“ already remember ”everything has already been proven, because they, like sponges, absorbed the energy that prevailed in the room. You know:

  • Who spent time in your apartment?
  • How was the life of the last owners of the apartment?
  • Was magic used indoors?
  • What used to be in the place where the building is now located?

Sure? The thing is that these are the secrets that keep the house, and they hide under the prime number (number).

But how to fix it? Of course, you can call a human magician, hang up amulets, arrange all things and plants based on the principles of feng shui, but it’s better to start with numerology (understand what the magic of numbers accompanying you means). House number is of considerable importance in helping modern man, therefore, it is only necessary to decipher this sign. How to do it? How to calculate happy values ​​for yourself?

It’s no secret that in the age of information technology, it’s enough to enter the Internet to get an answer to your question (maybe this is what you did, once you got to this site). However, can all the material posted there be trusted? The answer is 100% negative. So how do you know the value of an apartment number? Here are some ways:

  1. Use the online calculator. To do this, it is enough to enter the number of the apartment and the house number without commas in the designated fields and click on the button “Calculate”. After that, it will only be necessary to study the value and take certain measures to improve your life.
  2. To make an independent calculation of the number of apartments and see its value, using a special natal chart. I would like to dwell on this method in more detail, because it helps to assess the impact of numbers not only on life, but also on business.

What a way to identify lucky numbers, choose, you decide. My advice: remember that in the expanses of the global network, you can find a false, useful for fraudsters, therefore, study and use only proven resources.

In order to find out the number that affects the characteristics of your energy, it is enough to write down on paper the current or planned address of residence when buying houses (the following figures):

  • house number (if there are letters in it, then they also have to be converted into simple mathematical derivatives of a simple exercise);
  • ordinal number of the entrance;
  • the number indicating the floor on which the living area is located (if the house is multi-storey);
  • apartment number.

After it remains to calculate the sum of all numbers and reduce it to a single number. For example, you recorded the following numbers: 1, 1, 2, 7, therefore, the sum will be 11. Reducing two-digit and three-digit numbers to single-digit ones is not difficult. To do this, they just add up. I will show examples so that you can understand everything:

  1. It was 11, you put them together (1 1) and got 2. That’s what your number will be.
  2. It was 134, the counting (1 3 4), it became 8. Your code is as follows.

If something remains unclear, then you can safely ask a question, leaving a comment on this review, and I guarantee a quick answer, filled with useful information.

So we got to the natal chart, which contains all the single digits and their interpretation. I will give a brief description and small tips to remedy the situation:

  1. The first code says that this is your niche (“my” place where you can create, be saturated with only useful energy). In other words, this is your fortunate world, revealed in a pile of other houses, arranged along the whole street. You do not have to use a hairdryer — shui, just amulets.
  2. The apartment is a vampire (a room that has a strong memory for negative, sadness, longing). Only a person with a strong biofield and a desire to grow can fix the room. To do this, you will have to work very hard: hang up amulets, arrange furniture for feng shui, work with magic and change yourself.
  3. The numerological explanation of this number is: “an inferior value, since one of the elements is missing — Water”. This apartment is not intended for family, everyday life and business, most likely, it is a great place to spend. Over this room will have to work (take out the trash, get rid of not only visual but also mental debris, strengthen the Career Zone, the influence of the planets, let in water, which means to put fountains, any architectural masterpieces with a moving fluid).
  4. Code four is an excellent place for business, but not life, because the career area is overloaded with all sorts of options. Numerology advises to save such an apartment from the metal, make a general cleaning and try to fix the biofield.
  5. Numerological bliss (ideal for family people who want to add bright colors in everyday life, to bond their marriage bonds, etc.). As you guessed, nothing will have to be corrected (only if you are not a lifelong bachelor with a beer belly).
  6. Numerology at home compares the number seven with harmony, therefore, it is a clean, bright room in which you want to live, enjoy cares, and just relax (stretch out on the couch and spend the evening with a cup of fragrant tea and an interesting piece of your favorite poet). You can only strengthen the influence in this regard by making a pleasant interior, using the rules of feng shui.
  7. It is a pleasure to live indoors when the number eight falls to an address, and even more so to conduct business is strictly prohibited. Numerology is full of examples of the collapse of whole states, so do not rush to settle where the apartment numbers give a seven. If this happens, then throw all your strength into the career field to try to preserve your well-being.
  8. Beautiful cozy apartment, which filled the happy, bright hearts with excellent career performance (achieved high results). What is missing here? Duck, this is work on children’s and love zones. You can try to carry out light magic rituals with which you can get acquainted here in this review (rites of love).
  9. It is possible to dream, because the rooms of the apartment, house, porch and floor give the well-being, joy and delight. In magic, nine is the strongest card, therefore, any rituals performed in such a room will give a very good result. It turns out that it will be no more difficult to correct the energy of such an apartment than to change the battery in a clock.

If the calculations give a deuce and seven need to get round. At this time, the ideal for most people will be the unit, the five, the six and the nine, and the rooms with numbers 4 and 8 acquired when the planet Saturn strengthens its attention will have a positive impact on business.

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