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Black thread on wrist: what does it mean

Many people perceive charms and amulets as a beautiful detail in the image or a tribute to newfangled trends. Take at least the same popular thread on the hand. Meanwhile, you need to know about the purpose and application of coastal symbols. Let’s see what the black thread on the wrist symbolizes, to whom and for what it can be worn.

Black thread on the wrist

Of all the charms of the ancient Slavs that have come down to us, the safest and at the same time effective thread is, and more specifically, embroidery and nauzy. If the first is more or less well known, we know about it at least in general terms, then perhaps we heard about the science for the first time.

This charm is a thread with knots worn on the wrist. To impose knots means to bind certain benefits to oneself. Here, the so-called “nodular magic” takes place, which opens the way for an ordinary person to solve various life problems. Moreover, sailors from all over the world believed in the power of knots. So they protected themselves from the storm and called for a light tail wind.

To become luckier, get rid of the disease, to attract love, happiness, etc., — it was thought that the nodules could do it. It is only necessary to tie them up correctly (by the way, a good person should do this) and to be worthy of the benefits that you ask for higher powers.

They had Nauza on the neck, the belt, tied them on the ankles and on the arms.

To enhance the effect of nauza, additional objects were woven into it: bags of herbs, wooden or metal figures of animals, gods, etc. Or vice versa, pendants and pendants were woven with threads in order to give them even greater power. Of great importance was the appearance of the thread:

  • cotton and wool — from the evil eye;
  • silk — for a clear mind;
  • Linen — to achieve inner harmony.

Also specially selected colors:

  • white — holiness and salvation, freedom and opportunity;
  • red and orange — life, love, passion, protection from black magic;
  • blue — wisdom, faith, truth, spiritual development;
  • blue — heavenly, divine color;
  • green — youth, a symbol of the awakening of nature;
  • yellow — sunny, intellectual;
  • brown — home comfort;
  • Black is perhaps the most controversial color for modern people, but not for our ancestors, because besides mourning, it is associated with the color of the earth, without which there would be no life.

It is believed that the red thread on the wrist is a Kabbalistic symbol. This current is connected with the occult and digging into the mysteries of the universe, which, according to the beliefs of other religions, should not be available to the masses. The red thread in Kabbalah is a symbol of the mother of all living things. According to legends, she first put it on the advice of an angel and got what she wanted very much, namely, gave birth to children.

However, the above examples were given of the fact that Kabbalists «did not discover America.» Our ancestors long ago began to believe and use the magical abilities of the thread and amulets of it. It turns out for us that is not alien and can not be limited to only red.

So, we have already mentioned the meaning of black color in Slavic culture. Indeed, he was a symbol of mourning, longing and sadness. This is the color of the night, the period when the dark forces feel most comfortable.

But it was also associated with the land, with fertile and lush black soil. The earth is the breadwinner, people have long invested their work in it, and she, rewarding their efforts, bestowed generous harvests, gave feed to animals, etc.

So do not need to be afraid of black. One has only to learn how to use it.

Depending on which forearm you tie a black thread, right or left, it will work in a certain direction. The left hand is the host, it usually has objects that will protect from envy and the evil eye. A black thread, like a sponge, will absorb negative energy, which will make its owner resistant to the attacks of black sorcerers and give inner peace.

If you often experience stress in your life, conflict or communicate with unpleasant people, such protection will be useful to you. Thus, you can succeed in work, become an example for others and take a worthy place in society.

For people with poor health, you need to wear a black thread on the right wrist.

Also, the left and right hands are responsible for different hemispheres of the brain. Therefore, to develop logic, decorate the right brush, and to enhance intuition and your creative abilities — on the left.

It happens that the thread breaks or is lost, which means the completion of its action, so you should not look for a bad sign.

Keep in mind, if dark colors still cause you inconvenience, you feel that you can not relax using any objects and things of black shades, discard them. There may be nothing wrong with the help of charms, but they should please and pacify, giving hope and courage.

With its magical qualities, the black thread on the wrist is not inferior to other colors. Yet in combination with them, it becomes more powerful. Moreover, such a mixing is suitable for those who do not want to focus only on the black color, but only to use it as an auxiliary element in the amulet.

One of the strongest combinations is the combination of red and black. Red and black amulet is a serious protection against the evil eye, a source for drawing physical energy and revealing attractiveness.

A black and yellow bracelet will make a person smarter, and a pink and black bracelet will help improve their social position.

White-black is an ideal amulet for people of mental labor: students, professors, with it you can become an inventor, or just learn how to competently communicate your opinions to others.

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