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Business magic, how to attract customers, secure a deal

Business magic can have the same strong influence on the course of events as any other kind of magic.

Business stopped? Overcome competitors?

Partners turned out to be dishonest?

No problem! Solve all the problems and attract luck and wealth to you business magic.

Business magic: how to attract customers

Customers — the most important thing in any business. No customers — no profits. Therefore, first of all, you should take care of attracting customers.

The plot can be read here.

Business magic to attract customers is a simple and effective way to solve this problem.

Business magic, how to attract customers, secure a deal

Visualization is one of the simplest techniques, which is especially effective if you work directly with clients.

People are very sensitive to the message that comes from others. Therefore, the main task is to make it impossible for you to pass by.

To do this, you have to imagine yourself as a huge magnet that literally hypnotizes passersby.

Another option is to imagine yourself as a bright, glowing flashlight, to which the eye clings.

Secure the deal with runes

But the magical help in business is not limited to visualization. For this, runes are well suited, the ancient Scandinavian alphabet.

It was used for divination and witchcraft long before the emergence of Christianity.

If you need to protect the transaction, then for this, put one of the following combinations on the door of the office in which the negotiations will take place:

Algiz-Fehu-Yer — protection of direct business, financial moments and as a result, making a profit.

Algiz-Gebo-Fehu-Yer — protecting both finance and strengthening cooperation. This together will result in a profit.

Business magic and reasons for closing a money channel

But what if, despite all efforts, to open a business or to achieve a steady flow of money does not work?

Probably, the point here is not in the machinations of competitors, but in a closed money channel.

This phenomenon occurs quite often, and the reasons for this are a great many, ranging from psychological barriers associated with money, and ending with intentional impact, simply speaking, damage.

Business magic, how to attract customers, secure a deal

In this case, the only solution is to open a money channel.

First you need to figure out the cause of the problem, and then fix it.

Most often, the reason for the closure of the money channel — the installation of the parents and psychological barriers developed during life.

A person needs to understand that money is not evil, but energy. And like any energy, it can be used both for good and for harm.

We must try to accept in the mind the idea that wealth does not prevent to be a highly moral person, that’s all.

But sometimes it is necessary to remove negative impacts.

It is better not to do this on your own, but if the situation is critical, you need to go to church and order a prayer for health for yourself.

Business magic: how to remove bad luck and get out of the crisis

Removal of bad luck is much easier.

To do this, take as many five-kopeck coins as you are full years, and at midnight with the words

throw them at the crossroads. Go home without looking back.

If things have sharply declined and the earth goes from under their feet, do not panic.

Imagine a situation in the form of a colored ball.

No matter how heavy it is.

Mentally apply the runes of Algiz-Hagalaz-Algiz to this ball. This combination will provide an optimal way out of a crisis situation.

Business magic, how to attract customers, secure a deal

If business lacks luck, chance, luck, why not attract it?

Business magic can help in this. For example, bringing good luck with Simoron techniques is not only effective, but also very simple.

The technique itself is called «Green Dragon of Good Luck» and is performed as follows:

  1. Imagine a dragon egg.
  2. Here’s a crack in the egg, another one and, finally, the little dragon hatched and began to grow.
  3. You can mentally allow it to become huge, or you can remain absolutely tiny. But this is not the main thing.
  4. Wherever you go, whatever you do, always mentally let the green dragon fly first.

This simple, almost childlike technique will bring good luck to life and business.

Room cleaning is a simple way to prevent problems in business.

But, of course, trouble is easier to prevent than to eliminate.

That is why it is necessary to purge the premises, in particular, the office and apartment.

The easiest way is to take a wax candle and walk around the perimeter of the room, reading “Our Father,” stopping in the corners. There, as a rule, accumulates all the negative.

Watch carefully for how the candle behaves. If she started to smoke or “cry”, then there is really a lot of negative energy in the room.

Sometimes for cleansing the space, it is recommended to fumigate the room with incense or oil. It works well in an apartment, but in the office extraneous odors, such as wormwood and sandalwood, will interfere.

Business magic, how to attract customers, secure a deal

Therefore, to conduct such rituals is still better at the weekend.

Finally, you have one more way to remove the negative — to pay the priest, so that he carried out all the necessary manipulations.

Remember: any magic effect on a situation will not by itself have enough success if a person does not put efforts to solve a problem.

Business magic is not a panacea, but only an assistant. She can both help and harm the uninitiated.

Therefore, it is better to entrust serious rituals to the masters, rather than trying to do it yourself.

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