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Can I give a gift in advance

The long-awaited holiday, nothing should darken or spoil, especially if it is your birthday. Can I give a gift in advance? Everyone has his own reasoned answer to this question. Many skeptics will say not to succumb to superstition and do as they please, but fans will accept and the prophecies on the contrary will be against congratulations in advance.

If you give a gift in advance

Whatever one may say, a present is an important component of any celebration, each person will be pleased to receive a gift, the main thing is that it is appropriate. Donations can be made without a reason, to give an anniversary, wedding day. It is worth remembering some of the rules associated with human beliefs, the traditions of our ancestors do not allow to give gifts ahead of time, but of all the rules are exceptions.

We all want love, understanding, caring attitude. Your birthday is just another reason to express sympathy. But what to do if you do not have the opportunity to present your gift on time? Do it the day before or the night before. Give a gift in advance, let it be any trifle: flowers, sweets, cooked dish with your own hands. The main thing is to pay attention. Let your loved one feel your care. Give the main present later, this behavior is appropriate in any case, even despite your absence at the event.

In order not to lose face, ask a friend earlier if your present will be appropriate not on time. If you hesitate to learn about the preferences of your relatives, you can be thoroughly disgraced or even offend the blood. Nevertheless, if there is no other choice, it is impossible to notify the opponent about the early visit, say that you are sorry, to do otherwise in any way. Explain what your disrespectful behavior is connected with. Remember, giving presents ahead of time is not accepted, but there is no crime in this.

A huge number of festivals are mundane. Bothering about giving in time is stupid. It is much more convenient for many to wish them to do it prematurely, for example, with a new year, colleagues can be bestowed before the holidays. There may be many such celebrations in the year, another thing is birthday surprises — it is different for everyone. Let’s try to deal with the question: is it possible to give gifts in advance? Under what circumstances can you afford congratulations without waiting for the birthday?

Remember one simple truth: never accept congratulations before the birthday, you cannot celebrate something that you have not yet lived up to. A person who wishes you evil will specifically want to foul and will try to congratulate a week or even a month before the memorable date. Our ancestors knew many things associated with the prompting of the birth. There are beliefs about advance wishes and gifts. Plotted surprise brought into the house:

  • the evening before the celebration — envy your well-being;
  • for a week — they want to see you alone;
  • confused date more than a month — they want your death.

If you were presented with a strange souvenir in the form of:

  • a figurine in the shape of an animal can mean a bad relationship with relatives;
  • outerwear — you will be sick;
  • dishes — quarrel with loved ones;
  • hours — lost in time.

Following the old Slavic beliefs, on the day when he was born, the souls of deceased relatives will descend to hear the wishes that are said by all those gathered. So the necessary wishes and requests to pronounce are required on time, otherwise they will simply remain unrealizable.

Need to do everything on time

Whatever the circumstances, you need to try to do everything on time, with modern technology everything is possible:

  • send a surprise by mail or courier service;
  • ask to bring a souvenir to friends going to the feast;
  • hide the box from the birthday in his house with the persuasion: it is impossible to open before the commemorative date;
  • bring a present just like that.

Why it is impossible to give gifts in advance, but because we lose our positive attitude, thereby pushing the birthday boy to bad thoughts. A superstitious person will ruin his upcoming holiday with his thoughts, spending all his time on fabrications about bad omens. Individuals who buy gifts and burn with impatience to hand them, can do this, the main thing is to save the spiritual message and wishes for the right time. According to astrologers, on our special day our astral body is more susceptible to stress, it is weakened due to nervous exhaustion, therefore, recharge through good words comes to the rescue.

Our ancestors said that on a memorable date, people go through a stage of purification and summarizing the past, they are reborn to continue their journey. It is important to clean your karma at the expense of making good wishes.

  1. Those who come to congratulate you should wish for more health, then their vitality will be replenished and the year will be successful.
  2. Desire for happiness will open confidence.
  3. Wish success and good luck to help in solving difficult cases.

In our world, many prejudices — one of them is associated with gifts and words spoken during their presentation. The recommendations are simple — do not dwell on signs, believe in yourself — you are unique and misfortunes bypass you. With such a life attitude, you can not be afraid to accept.

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