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Can I hang a mirror in the bedroom opposite the bed

Can I hang a mirror in the bedroom opposite the bed

Why not in the bedroom mirror? This question worries many people. Signs and predictions of different countries of the world can point you to the true reason for such bans. If you believe in omens, then you can not put a mirror in the bedroom. It has a negative effect on human energy, and contributes to health problems.

Can I hang a mirror in the bedroom opposite the bed

Omens consider the mirror a rather negative subject, which can only aggravate human problems. If you are thinking whether to put a mirror in the bedroom opposite the bed, then you will hear a negative answer. A woman can never live without a mirror, so you need to know a few rules that are based on the use of these items.

Can I put a large mirror in the bedroom? The answer is due to only one factor. The mirror always brings bad luck. Especially if it stands by the bed and the sleeping person will be reflected in it. The bottom line is that a sleeping person is absolutely not protected from the negative energy of the environment. Moreover, the mirror will absorb all the energy, and the victim will suffer from general malaise, and other unpleasant things.

It is important to understand that the mirror opposite the bed is always bad. But, if you decide to put such an attribute in the house, you should know all the nuances of its correct location.

Many people want to make their home seem so much more. In this case, mirrors come to the rescue, which can visually increase the area of ​​the room. In the modern world, the use of large mirror cabinets and large mirrors is often practiced. Also often there are mirrored ceilings that increase the area several times. These attributes can create an ideal design in the room that will be different from the rest and make you more modern.

That’s just before you carry out repairs, you should know in advance about exactly where you can put the mirror. After all, this is a subject that can bring adversity, in case of its wrong location. First of all, you should know that you can not put mirrors in the bedroom opposite the bed. So, let’s look below the topic: a mirror in your bedroom — why not?

It is human nature to think only about the appearance of his house. Here are just very rare cases in which people think about how a particular subject will affect their overall well-being. Mirror surfaces refer to the type of furniture that adversely affects the energy of its owner. They are often used in magical rituals to call otherworldly creatures. It can be said a portal connecting two worlds: the world of people and the other world. There are a number of features that are based on mirror surfaces.

  1. If you have a dead person at home, then you need to immediately hang the mirror surfaces with a thick cloth. It is best if the fabric is dark in color. Thus, no negative energy will be able to get into our world. It also contributes to the fact that the dead can not get lost in various reflections. He will not be able to stay in the mirror to disturb the peace of the living.
  2. Signs say that mirrors are not put in front of the bed. This is a pretty bad sign. This is explained by the fact that in a dream a sleeping person should get rid of negative energy. If the mirror is located opposite him, then the energy will be reflected from the mirror surface and will return to where it came from. Thus, a person will not be able to get rid of negativity, and find peace. His life will gradually deteriorate, and bring great problems in various spheres of life.
  3. If the front door is reflected in the mirror, the home owner will face big troubles in terms of career, money and personal health.

Psychologists say that putting mirrors in the bedroom opposite the bed is stupid. The thing is that sometimes we wake up not in the best mood. And, if after awakening, we see unpleasant emotions on our face, then the mood spoils for the whole day. On this day, a person will not be able to work normally or communicate with others.

The second reason for the psychological ban is that various external factors can be reflected in the mirror. For example, the light from the car, the light of lanterns, and much more. For these reasons, it is quite difficult for a person to fall asleep. He will feel in danger and disrupt sleep patterns. This factor adversely affects not only the appearance, but also the general state of health.

The ancient Slavs believed that mirrors could contribute to the emergence of otherworldly spirits. It is they who are negatively opposed to humanity, and can spoil human life. Similar items were used to conduct black rituals and negative fortune telling. In European countries, a mirror in the bedroom can be set, because it helped open the door to worlds that were unknown to man. Just to sleep, and the Europeans were afraid to see their reflection in them. They believed that they could simply not wake up in the morning and not see their relatives. You can have a mirror in the bedroom in those places where it is not reflected, neither the bed nor the front door.

The ancients forbade reflecting in the mirror surfaces of children under the age of one year, because young children do not have energy protection and can be exposed to otherworldly forces. Specialists who specialize in ancient rituals believed that if a couple’s bed is reflected in the mirror, then there will be treason in the house. If someone is sleeping alone, then he should wait for trouble. Omens can affect only if you are fully reflected. If only one part of your body is seen, the mirror will not be able to bring you any harm.

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