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Cross of the Templars: photo, pentagram value

Modern symbolism and amulets cannot be imagined without the famous Templar cross, the mysterious warrior monks who went on long-term trips to the east in search of Christian shrines to the glory of the Lord. In our article we offer information about how the Templar Red Cross appeared, what types of it exist, what is the significance of the Templar amulet and who had the right to wear the symbol of piety and courage.

Knights-monks of the Order of the Temple, whom the Pope sent to Jerusalem to select the Temple of the Lord, were called the Templars in the Middle Ages. When the Roman pontiff blessed the first Templar mission — 130 people — under the influence of prayer inspiration, he tore his scarlet mantle to pieces and gave each knight a blessing. Knights sewed these strips on their white robes. So a red cross of the Templars appeared on a snow-white linen coat.

The location of the sign of the warlike monks changed, it was placed first on the left shoulder, and then as the power of the Order grew, its image was everywhere: on the backs and chest of soldiers, gloves, shields, horse blankets, swords, and other objects and things. There remained documentary evidence of several varieties that were the same Templar cross. The contours of the sign and the value depended on the service title of the servant of the Order and the terrain, and the placement was made on different clothes:

  • white cloak — for the knights of warriors;
  • brown or black cloak with black tunic — for sergeants who were engaged in the management of the Order.

The badge of the Order was allowed to be sewn onto the garment of a minister after the rite of consecration, it included an oath to always be poor, the abandonment of carnal pleasures and eternal monastic life.

Many images in books and in pictures, preserved from our time from the Middle Ages, prove that there were a great many varieties of crosses. There were simple and complex, thin or wide, with or without serifs, with additional elements or with their absence. The cross was not always red, its black varieties met, its meaning changed.

Types of Templar Crosses

At first, he was sewn on his left shoulder over a raincoat. Then Christianity became an influential religion, and the Templar cross migrated to the chest and back, gloves, shields, weapons. A set of rules was created, which crosses were allowed to wear, depending on the will of the Grand Master of the Order, age, region, rank of Templar and his status. The Templar Red Cross symbolizes the willingness to shed blood and give their lives for Christian shrines in Jerusalem. It is the “cross of freedom” and a symbol of dedication to the service of God.

Known Templar cross with two horizontal crossbars, and the bottom is longer than the top, or they are both the same length. If you look closely at the large emblem of the Order of the militant monks, you can see the Lorraine badge of the Templar. Legend has it that it was built from the wreckage of the very same cross on which Christ was crucified. The significance of the Lorraine cross shows its important role in the Templar activity.

This Templar cross also had equal sides, but from the middle it extended to the sockets (the so-called “dovetail”), the octagonal sign of the Templars was obtained. The sacred meaning of this outline was in the eight virtues of the knight, among which were patience with purity of thoughts, humility with repentance, mercy with justice, chastity with spiritual satisfaction.

The origin of the cross with equal sides and forked ends is attributed to the Celtic pagan epic, where this sign was secret, designated the number 4 (four seasons, the apostle, the cardinal points, etc.). Some documentary sources of the Middle Ages indicate that it was precisely this type of warrior monk sign that was the first Templar symbol.

The Celtic and Lorraine Templar insignia are not the only symbols of the knights of the mysterious order of the Temple. There is also a symbol of the Order with a pentagram. Outwardly, it looks like an equilateral cross enclosed in a circle; it is considered a powerful amulet. In another embodiment, a five-pointed star is additionally superimposed on top. The origin of the pentagram is lost in the depths of the centuries, but historians have confirmed its Celtic origin. What does pentagram mean:

  • The cross is a world in its unity, consisting of air, water, earth and the sun.
  • Circle — the circle of the sun.

The more bizarre the shape of the cross was, the more sense it contained in itself. However, after the defeat of the Order of the Templars there is no complete information about the origin of crosses of various forms, as well as who and why they invented and introduced the symbols of the Order of warrior monks into the history of Catholicism.

In another interpretation of the four-rayed red symbol of the Templars means spiritual strength, temperance, justice, prudence, the highest Christian virtues.

Today, among the admirers of Christian symbolism, the Templar cross has become an amulet, a tattoo, it can be applied to the ring, in many countries of the world there are followers of the ancient mysterious Order of the Knights of the Temple. The photo clearly shows which crosses you can do with your own hands or buy, the main thing is that they look like old ones.

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