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Goddess Lada: when you should contact her for help

The goddess Lada in the Slavic tradition is the feminine deity of love and beauty. She has a role in the Slavic pantheon of deities.

She patronizes marriage, and her symbol provides help for the fair sex, changing their reality for the better.

I propose to talk about this goddess in more detail, finding out what she can help you with when she is glorified and in what manifestations she meets.

Goddess Lada: when you should contact her for help

Deity Lada mythology

According to the mythology of our ancestors Slavs Lada is the deity of spring, love and beauty. She was treated very respectfully, especially the female gender, because she assumed the role of patroness of both young creatures and adult women.

Lada acts as the mother goddess for the following deities of the Slavic pantheon:

  • Perun — the god of thunder and lightning;
  • Moraine — the female deity of winter and death;
  • Leli — the goddess of spring, the first love;
  • Alive — the goddess of life, fertility;
  • Lelia — the god of first love;
  • Polela — the god of mature feelings, family unions.

Outwardly, Lada was portrayed as a young and beautiful woman with greenish curls and clad in a robe of leaves of trees.

What helps the goddess?

  1. Lada, the goddess of the Slavs, protects the family hearth, gives home comfort and good luck in love.
  2. Girls and women who stayed up “in girls” for a long time and could not meet their betrothed, asked for help from Lada. She was also approached by married ladies, wanting to get rid of the difficulties in her marriage.
  3. Also, the deity will give beauty and other female characteristics: gentleness, tenderness, kindness.

Our ancestors associated Lada with at times crops and spring plowing. Spring is associated with it from the seasons, when everything begins to blossom, come to life, fill with beauty and vitality.

A number of folklorists scientists believe that the image of the Lada is fictional. However, such opinions only once again confirm the intentional desire to destroy the entire Slavic heritage, depriving the Slavs of their native faith. Alas, not much information about paganism and Slavic magic has been preserved to our time.

And the knowledge that is still there is passed down from generation to generation and is carefully preserved like the pupil of the eye.

But back to Lada, which is closely associated with fun, joy, positive emotions. This, however, is not surprising, because it is associated with all spring rites and holidays, weddings and matchmaking.

Lada is the wife of Svarog. In some sources you can meet the information that she is not the wife, but the daughter of Svarog, but this cannot be considered true.

How does the goddess of love in the Slavs?

In ancient times, it was believed that a goddess can easily persuade a Divinity of Destiny — Makosh to create a good deed. She was asked for help when it was necessary to fix, fix, fix everything that is in a bad condition.

The Divine Lada gives its orders to the Wind, and the Fire Element submits to it in all its manifestations. Voditsa flows where it requires, and Mother Raw Earth also obeys Lada, always comes to the aid of her call.

She commands all natural elements. She is worshiped by all gods and goddesses and, of course, by Slavs.

They believe that the goddess is able to attract happiness, creation in the dwelling, fills the soul with light, helps to find the right solution in difficult situations.

Modern Russian language uses a large number of words with a root emanating from the name of the Mother of all deities, namely:

  • okay;
  • boating;
  • well;
  • fret;
  • way of life;
  • palm;
  • oladki;
  • to settle (normalize);
  • to cope with (execute);
  • to fix (fix).

And many other words and expressions that we use in our daily life.

Our ancestors preserved the description of the Lada not just as the Deities of family happiness and well-being, but they also characterized it as a force that establishes everything that was destroyed.

She also acts as a role model for all Slavic girls, as it is characterized by incredible beauty. The female sex is equal to the Lada and cares for its appearance, adding to itself even more attractiveness.

Goddess Lada: when you should contact her for help


Bird Lada — a white winch.

Bird-incarnation stands Bird-Mother Swa.

Lada plant — birch.

In heraldry, a star is associated with its image.

Required (is an offering) — Lada is teasing with honey, apples, grain, bread baking. Preferred drinks: Surya (is a honey drink).

Other offerings include flowers (attract beauty) and gold coins (associated with wealth).

Charm symbol

Lada differs generosity in the distribution of gifts. Therefore, it has several symbols-signs at once, each of which has its own specific value.

Among the most popular there are such charms:

  • Molvinets;
  • Ladinets;
  • Star of Russia (also called «Star of Lada»).

Amulets dedicated to the divine Lada are applied to various types of products: bracelets, garments, dishes, bags of salt or grain. Not only wearable images are known, but also the churches of the Goddess (images, faces), on which her signs were also put on a mandatory basis.

Goddess Lada: when you should contact her for help

Lada has its own holiday, called Ladoga. According to one version, it was invented by neopagans, although the latter do not agree with such a statement.

Anyway, there is a holiday and this cannot be canceled. Date respecting the Lada — 30.

Similar to most of the pagan celebrations, Ladodendy involves certain ritual acts.

So on this day it is supposed to be led the first spring round dances, to sing songs of praise dedicated to Lada.

On the holiday of Lada, women traditionally climbed onto the roof of a dwelling or haystack and called spring.

In addition, imitated dancing birds. This custom concerns the belief that birds return in spring from Vyriya.

And our ancestors showed their joy to the arrival of birds, imitated them, so that they did not fly back.

Another obligatory ceremonial pastry was relied on — bread baked in the form of cranes. They needed not only to eat, but also to use as charms for the house.

Cranes hung at the front door.

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