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Hand tricks with their own hands: Slavic magic

People have long used a lot of methods, including magic ones, to protect themselves from the effects of negative forces. Often used on hand, magic bracelets charms, which serve as protection from the negative and the evil eye. In ancient Russia, where the Nauzas came from, they used hemp or nettle thread, now they use decorative materials for nodular magic, which not only act as a guardian, but also look beautiful on the wrist.

Hands on their own hands

However, beauty is not the most important thing in a charm, the main thing is the meaning that is invested during knot weaving. Often, to enhance the effect, magical conspiracies are spoken. It is worth saying that not every knot can become a basis for science, there is a unique method here, which will be discussed later. We will understand how a high-quality Slavic language is made and try to give nauza a certain value (as knots for luck, science or cash money).

There are many schemes and methods of knot weaving, but there are several that are used more often than others. First of all, it is Slavic science, created to attract good luck and money. Weave it this way:

  • Tie the first knot clearly in the middle of the cord, then say the following: “Success will come to me with this knot, luck and money to me somersault”;
  • Then you need to pass both free edges, to the left and to the right of the already tied knot into the loop from the first knot, all the time, repeating the plots of nodular magic. After that, you need to stretch the remaining tip of the cord through the resulting loop and slightly tighten;
  • Over the already made pair of knots, you need to tie another one, passing one of the ends into the loop on the left. Try not to dive into the details of the process with your head, it is important to mentally send a message that you want to attract wealth, luck and love into your life.
  • As a result, the product should turn out — a wound charm on which three knots will be tied, but this does not end the weaving of the science. It remains to make two final knots on each side, and then tie the bracelet on your arm.

It is worth saying that Slavic sciences can be worn not only on the wrist, but also on the ankle and even on the neck. Some people prefer to wear it at all in such a way that it is hidden from prying eyes, for example, in an inside pocket or purse, it is permissible.

It is recommended to perform a ritual of weaving on the growing moon. It is believed that her strength can make the amulet stronger and more powerful. In addition, you can attract to the choice of the day and the value of the days of the week.

Thus, if a science is created in order to attract love — you need to weave a science on Monday or Friday, if you need a guard against the evil eye and damage — choose Tuesday, if you create a science with your own hands, tie science for good luck and money — this should certainly be Thursday, Wednesday — will help create a magic bracelet to improve business, and Sunday — in cases where you need to improve your health.

It is worth saying that the choice of color is extremely important, in Ancient Russia one of the basic values ​​was given to this stage.

This color on the wrist is more common. It attracts love, protects the already existing relationship, and also serves as a kind of barrier, as a means of opposing the evil eye, damage and envy. If the Slavic nauza of red color will be worn on the left hand — the protective function will take priority. If on the right — will attract suitors for unmarried girls.

  • Orange or yellow color of threads

Solar shades are used to protect the owner’s energy from attacks on subtle levels.

This color has long been considered to be associated with financial well-being, and is also able to protect your property from detractors who want to cash in with your help. It is considered an ideal option Slavic nauzy for money.

It will help unleash your inner potential and reveal the facets of intuition. In addition, it can help gain confidence and confidence in yourself.

This shade of thread will help protect you from injuries and accidents.

The white color is the personification of the new and bright, the craving for new knowledge and assistance in intellectual work, strengthening of memory.

It is not forbidden to mix colors, on the contrary, it will give the naze even more strength and versatility.

All people have unique characteristics that often depend on the date of birth, that is, on what sign they were born. The same applies to the choice of color Slavic nauzy.

  • Aries — give preference to red and orange color;
  • Taurus — green;
  • Gemini — dark colors, black or brown;
  • Cancer — silver;
  • Lion — sunny shades;
  • Virgo — all light colors;
  • Scales — green, blue;
  • Scorpio — bright red;
  • Sagittarius — dark blue;
  • Capricorn — black with white;
  • Aquarius — gray and purple;
  • Fish — gold or silver.

Besides the fact that it is possible to apply various methods of weaving a naouz, to use all the colors of the rainbow, it is possible to increase their strength by means of pendants. A pendant is an additional item — a charm, which is woven into the nazu. Only natural materials, such as paper, wood, cereals, stones, metal, makosh and others, are used for their manufacture. It may be:

  • Bird — symbolizes tenderness and love;
  • Fish — financial success;
  • The beastly tooth is a guard against evil spirits;
  • The key is protection against detractors;
  • Spoon — a symbol of comfortable life;
  • Horseshoe is a classic symbol of good luck and so on.

In addition, in any magic amulet, you can use the power of four elements, with regards to the teacher, this can be done in the following way:

  • The earth is stone or clay;
  • Fire — charcoal or burned glass;
  • Air — down or feather of birds;
  • Water — pearls, shells, corals.

There are no clear rules and boundaries during the creation of a nauz, you can show imagination and embody ideas. However, according to the canons of numerology, the number of nodes also matters:

  • 1 knot — symbolizes unity and unity, connection with the magic of the Sun;
  • 2 knots — duplicity, connection of emotions and reason, close connection with the magic of the Moon;
  • 3 knots — activates the creative center, helps in the work, help the magic of Mars;
  • 4 knots — balances a person, helps to be in harmony with himself, the magic of Mercury is used;
  • 5 knots — personal and career growth, a symbol of fertility, the strength of Jupiter;
  • 6 knots — science for love, inner harmony and beauty of the soul;
  • 7 knots — family strength and fortitude, the power of the planet Saturn is used;
  • 8 knots — helps to find a balance between emotions and mind;
  • 9 knots nauza — symbolizes religiosity and strength of mind.

In order to make a magic bracelet yourself at home, you will need a thread or a string of at least one meter in length. It is recommended to begin work on the sciences on the holiday of Ivan Kupala, on this day magic acquires special power. But it is important to comply not only with the technique, but also with the deadlines, after you have started to perform the talisman, it should not take more than a day, otherwise the power of the science will be significantly lost.

Do not forget that the greater half of the success is your faith and inner spirit. If you believe in what you are doing, you should not continue what you have begun, since it will not be crowned with success.

In order to make the bracelet not only strong, but also beautiful, you can use photo or video instructions for weaving the knots, they give detailed schemes using several colors.

When weaving, herbs are often woven into threads, they maximize the effect of the charm, and often perform a healing function. But even more power to the amulet give plots, uttered during the weaving. We give those spells that are used most often and whose action is proved by numerous reviews:

  1. “I knot a tight knit, call sweet to myself. I will call him to me, joy will be in my life. «
  2. “We knot a nice knot, I’ll invite the sun to visit. I will, the thoughts, the happiness and the joy I wish. ”
  3. “I want to seal our union so that we don’t have any cracks. Let the glue be glued together, the two of you forever with you, so I want to tie you up, my desire is strong. ”

All of the above spells are designed to forge a love relationship or seal a union that has cracked. You can give such a bracelet to your beloved, so that you feel the same thing in relation to each other, after reading a conspiracy against him for oneself ..

There are those sciences that call on a person to give up bad habits, to cure diseases, even to lose weight, to promote the earliest conception, as well as a peaceful course of pregnancy, that is, they directly affect health — the pattern of life and the way of life of a person. For example:

“Weaving the knots, I appeal to God, I bind his mouth and ask him not to have any alcohol there. Free your mind and body from the green serpent. Amen».

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