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How not to take everything to heart

Emotionality, hypersensitivity is inherent in many people, I myself often can not refrain from experiencing. Sometimes this property can become an obstacle to a normal life and work, so it is important to keep yourself in hand.

This ability will also help preserve nerve cells, which will help avoid health problems. The article describes the causes, effects and ways to reduce the increase in sensitivity.

How not to take everything to heart

Increased sensitivity is a problem.

Too sensitive people can worry not only about themselves, they can be even worried about events not connected with them and their relatives. Many people worry when watching news on TV, which is harmful not only for physical but also for mental health.

News of strangers can cause a strong feeling of compassion, which in the distant future can lead to stressful conditions, depressions.

Hypersensitivity can reduce the quality of life, a person can constantly suffer from oppression, acutely perceives criticism in his own address, offended by the most innocent remarks.

Sometimes a problem gets big problems, it interferes with communication with people, in work, as hypersensitive people create an impression of weak character and weak-willed.

In the presence of the listed signs the help of the psychologist is recommended. The specialist will teach how to stop perceiving life too quickly to the heart, to live life to the fullest.

Causes of hypersensitivity

In accordance with the concept of Sigmund Freud, all the problems of adults come from childhood, so the roots of any problem should be sought in it. His theory has not yet been refuted; it is precisely in childhood that certain reactions to reality are formed.

Speech in this case is not about the attitudes of the parents, patterns of behavior are developed in the interaction with the outside world.

Low self-esteem

Emotional hypersensitivity occurs against the background of low self-esteem, self-doubt. Unconfident people have difficulty communicating, their main strategy is to avoid conflicts. Despite this, they are constantly in conflict situations, since no one counts their opinion.

They are constantly haunted by grief and stress.

Low self-esteem develops due to constant shame. This feeling is very important, but its oversupply can lead to negative consequences. A child who is constantly in a state of shame is never sure of his own achievements.

All remarks, sidelong glances, lack of attention are interpreted in a certain way, cause despair, other emotions. Any contact with others can turn into a real torture.

Self-doubt, lower scores result from improper upbringing. Parents make a child be good for others, forget about themselves, their own interests for the sake of others.

This principle is based on the fact that confirmation of one’s own solvency can only be obtained from the mouth of other people. It should be borne in mind that the orientation to someone else’s opinion can destroy self-esteem.

Lack of self support skills

Children from an early age receive support from their parents, they console them when they fall, calm them down.

Subject to the rules, any child gets a basic sense of support and security, the ability to come to life for a long time remains in the minds of children.

How not to take everything to heart

Not all families are well-off, where parents provide the necessary assistance. Adults who grow up without support often remain vulnerable to serious shocks.

Self-support skills also play an important role; a person should always be on his side. He should pamper himself, treat himself with sympathy, be able to find support from others.

Features of people with supersensitive psyche

Some people are very sensitive to nature. They tend to get tired of the usual communication, the troubles for a long time bring them out of the state of rest.

This type of personality is considered the opposite of “thick-skinned” people. Even with high self-esteem and self-support skills, the over-sensitive remain in a state of heightened stress.

Such people have a clearer and deeper view of things. They pay attention to the details, try to penetrate into the essence of things.

These qualities often lead them to success in any activity.

Rapid fatigability is considered the main disadvantage of hypersensitivity, such people get tired 3-4 times faster. Often they suffer from the fact that others have time to do with several times more.

People with a hypersensitive psyche are also divided into introverts and extroverts. The first live more happily, as they try to limit the number of contacts, which allows them to live happily.

Supersensitive extroverts are constantly drawn to communication, as a result of their passion leads to negative consequences. After talking with one person, they need a long rest, the situation is seriously aggravated when dealing with 2.3 and more people.

Consequences of emotional overload

Taking to the heart of other people’s problems is dangerous to health — this is a well-known fact. Often, too emotional perception of life leads to early death.

In modern psychiatry, this phenomenon is well studied, there are several options for the effects of hypersensitivity.

In the absence of an opportunity to calm down, stop taking the world around too seriously, neuroses and disorders develop. In the presence of a large number of unpleasant factors, there is a decrease in resistance to stress, which leads to depletion of the nervous system.

Neurosis is also considered an effective method to get rid of the avalanche of negativity.

  • neurasthenia — at the very last stage, the ability to work normally is lost;
  • anxiety, the desire for self-isolation;
  • panic disorder;
  • phobias — are also caused by mental overload with negative emotions;
  • obsessive compulsive disorder;
  • depression — occurs when there is a sun deficiency, amid bad events, hormonal imbalances;
  • Addictions — arise due to the need to seize, drink down the discomfort with alcohol, sweets.

Psychosomatic diseases

People with a hypersensitive psyche often experience psychosomatic illnesses. On their background, various reactions develop in systems and organs.

The mechanism of this category of ailments has not been finally studied, but the fact that these diseases arise against the background of negative emotions is a proven fact.

The following ailments belong to the category of psychosomatic pathologies: ischemia, diabetes, overweight, ulcerative colitis, ulcers, infertility, rheumatoid arthritis and many others.

Optimists who are looking for only positive events in everything that happens are very lucky. They are less susceptible to disease, unlike pessimists, who sooner or later face problems with health.

How not to take everything to heart

How to get rid of the habit of taking everything to heart — tips from a psychologist

It is always possible to live without stress, for this it is necessary to stop taking everything too acutely, it is also important to increase self-esteem.

  • Any troubles should be perceived as a stage in life that should be experienced, endured without immersion in a melancholic state;
  • heightened emotionality has nothing to do with the ability to cope with problems, all forces should be directed first of all to eliminate them, hoping in any situation should be only on themselves, waiting for help from others is a dead end;
  • a person’s attempts to be good for everyone without exception often leads to self-isolation, dissatisfaction with himself; it is important to perceive oneself as an independent person with advantages and disadvantages;
  • timely initiative — will avoid regrets about his own self-will;
  • increased demands on others will not lead to anything good, it is important to soberly assess the degree of influence on people;
  • compliance with a measured rhythm will help avoid unnecessary stress, you need to periodically relax;
  • observance of the daily regimen, attention to the sensations, needs of the organism — will help to maintain psycho-emotional balance;
  • negative situations should be perceived as a challenge, not a reason for frustration, depression;
  • any emotions should have a way out, feelings and experiences should not accumulate in themselves;
  • planning plays an important role, any goal can be an excellent motivation, and you should not overestimate the bar;
  • Any relationship is hard work, people need time and attention.


  1. Hypersensitive people overreact to current events, which leads to mental exhaustion.
  2. Increased emotion can be a real problem, it is important to diagnose it in time, it will help to avoid serious health problems.
  3. Psychologists recommend normalizing sleep and rest, improve self-esteem, do not overstate the bar when achieving goals.

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