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How to become a fairy really at home?

How to become a fairy truly independently? The question interests the girls, as it is known about the magical properties of the fairies and the fact that much is subject to the sorceress.

Becoming a fairy is not so difficult, but you have to try.

How to become a fairy at home

To become a real fairy, it is determined which magical properties I would like to learn from a character: much is subject to the sorceress. How to become a fairy really at home?
These magical creatures are able to fulfill desires, to command the elements.

Before you conduct ceremonies, it is necessary to determine the purpose. If the exorcist wants to become a wish-fulfilling fairy, then it’s worth answering the question whether the girl is ready to help people all her life.

If yes, a simple ritual is performed.

It is necessary to invoke the most real fairy of desires. There are many ways of varying degrees of difficulty.

The simplest option would require colored felt-tip pens or pencils, a sheet of paper, a beautiful live flower and sugar. A red circle is drawn on a sheet of paper, around it is orange, then yellow, green, blue and purple.

It should be a round rainbow.

Such see her sorceress in flight.

In the center of the rainbow you need to put a flower and sprinkle with sugar. After proceeding to the threefold reading of the spell:

Fairy of desires, I call you. Everything is prepared for you: a seven-color rainbow, a flower bud beautiful and sweet shiny crystals. Sugar glistens on the magic petals, stands a flower in a seven-color circle, the Fairy appears that hour.

There are a lot of grains in sugar, so my desire is strong, I don’t even count them, so much I desire. Fairy-sorceress, come!

Fairy-sorceress, come! Fairy-sorceress, come.

If, after the phrase, the caster does not see the fairy, do not be upset — these creatures are rarely shown to people. But the presence of a magical being is felt intuitively.

Where the fairy appears, the special atmosphere of magic. If the grains of sugar fall off from the flower, the sorceress is near.

When the little helper comes to call, you need to ask:

Fairy of desires, hear me, help me. Give me magical powers, knowledge, wisdom, beauty and charm.

Give me the strength to help people. I do not ask for myself, in order to save the suffering, to help those who need me. Give me magic power.

Make me a fairy. Let it be so.

Communicating with most magical creatures involves gifts and gifts. They say:

I want to please you, I brought you a gift. Fulfill the request, get it.

Spread on the windowsill sweets and decorations — a gift. Do not be greedy: if the sorceress realizes that labor is not sufficiently estimated, then she will be angry.

If the caster asks from a pure heart, with good thoughts, the magical creation will help to become a real fairy. The result will be quite soon.

A wave of positive energy will envelop the person, and the fairy of desires will endow the girl with amazing abilities during the ritual or in a few days. Delayed transformation means that the caster is in doubt.

The decision of the sorceresses in the right direction is inclined by good deeds: only the worthy can join their ranks.

Turning into a fairy in 1 minute in real life

How to become a fairy really at home?The ritual is quick, used if the caster initially has a large supply of energy.

If the mage does not have enough strength to perform a quick rite, the ritual will not be completed.

To carry out the transformation, it is necessary to go out into the nature — the river bank, forest, open terrain.

It is advisable that there are no people around: nobody needs extra confirmation of the existence of magic. The conjurer should spread his arms wide, raise his head upward, toward the sun.

Feel how the sun’s rays touch the body, envelop, as if creating invisible protection and magic wings, and the magician receives magical properties.

Should tune in to this wave. One minute is usually enough. Then they say one phrase:

Wings from sunlight are weaved, magical powers given by nature, from now on, a real fairy I can do real miracles.

After the girl feels that real fairy wings have appeared from the sunlight. This nature gave unique abilities that are used only for good purposes.

If the magician uses his magical powers to harm people, nature will take power as quickly as it has bestowed.

Secret way of turning

There are many ways to become a fairy. If a person wants to become a fairy, the Winx, the mistress of natural forces, initially define the element-patroness.

How to become a fairy really at home?Stop on the elements of the sign of the zodiac. If this choice does not suit, you need to prepare for the difficulties on the way. It is much easier to ask for help from the elements to which a person originally belongs.

Managing natural phenomena is quite difficult.

There is a universal secret rite, which will allow you to join any chosen element. For the ceremony to be successful, you need to choose a suitable place:

  • the forest is the land fairy;
  • coast of the reservoir — the fairy water;
  • windy place — air fairy;
  • The platform on which the fire is safely made is a fairy of fire.

After determination with the elements, they are looking for a suitable place for the rite and morally prepare for the transformation. For the ritual come to the appointed place before the dawn.

Sunrise is met at the site of the ritual. As soon as the sun begins to rise, say the words:

Mother earth / sacred fire / violent wind / water that gives strength (depending on which element is addressed), give me strength. Give me wisdom, give me excerpts, give me perseverance not to turn away from my chosen path. Make me a real fairy.

Give me the opportunity to control the elements, to bestow good on people, to perform miracles. And I promise to be your obedient daughter and to follow your laws in everything.

During the conspiracy, they are as close as possible to the elements: they touch the ground, put their hands in the water, lift them to the wind, and stretch them to the fire. The plot repeats three times, after the spellcaster feels that the elemental spirits have arrived.

If entities are not satisfied with the call and will not give strength, the magician will feel strong anxiety, fear, confusion.

How to become a fairy really at home?

How to become a fairy really at home?

If the forces of nature agree to bestow unique magical abilities, peace, joy, happiness will be felt. The exorcist feels how the energy flows enveloping a dense cocoon depart from the attribute symbolizing the element.

When the selected element will charge the energy flow, go home.

When referring to the elements of fire, the fire is extinguished so that no one will know that the ritual was performed.

The next day there will be changes, but that’s not the end of it. Abilities that bestowed the elements should be developed. Conduct simple rituals that are intended for white magicians.

As skills develop, the magician will be able to work wonders without resorting to spells.

How to become a real moon fairy

How to become a fairy really at home?Much has been said about magic abilities and the moon. Moon fairies are subject to fulfill the most cherished desires. The sorceresses of the moon can influence the course of events, see or change the future.

If a girl wants to join the fairies of the moon, one ritual is performed.

Waiting for the full moon when the sorceress is most powerful and can reward with a rare gift. At midnight, you need to go to the window and open it so as to be under the light of the moon.

It is desirable that the moonlight fully illuminates the figure of the caster. Even if at least to the waist, already good.

Prepare a sheet in advance and write about the desire to become a fairy.

When the magician is illuminated by moonlight, get a sheet with a written desire.

Read the request loudly and say:

Fairy of the moon, in my requests I urge you. I ask you, grant me magical powers, give me the opportunity to join you and become a fairy of moonlight!

Next, take a match and a small saucer, where they put a note with the desire. The paper is set on fire, the ashes are blown downwind.

You can go to sleep. If the ceremony is conducted correctly, the fairy of the Moon will surely hear and grant magical abilities.

Every girl is capable of becoming a fairy, only you have to try. If you turn into a magical creature, it is hard to return to human form. The exceptions are situations when the forces donated by the patrons are taken away.

To prevent this from happening, you should do good and help people.

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