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How to become a mermaid without full moon

How to become a mermaid without full moon? There are many rituals that allow girls to turn into sea nymphs in the full moon.

Rituals that allow you to become a mermaid without the influence of the moon, much less, but this does not make them less effective.

How to become a mermaid without full moon?

Many people believe that it’s impossible to truly become a mermaid without a full moon, as these magical creatures are very dependent on the phases of the moon, obey her and draw their energy from moonlight. This is absolutely true.
How to become a mermaid without full moon
However, in order to turn into a mermaid, it is not necessary to conduct the rite of the full moon. There are several alternative ways to help you become a mermaid.

For example, you can ask for help from any other magical creature. Most often for the implementation of such rituals you need to call evil.

This can be a fairy of desires or a dwarf who fulfills desires, or any other representative of the magical world. However, if initially there were no inclinations, and you are not endowed with a witchcraft, these magical creatures are unlikely to be able to help you.

By the way, there is a way to call a mermaid for the fulfillment of desire.

Then you can ask the devil for help. But remember, carrying out rituals is very risky, and the goal (getting the power of a mermaid) is not worth giving your soul to it.

In addition, the demons may not accept your soul as a payment and become very angry that you have disturbed them in vain.

You can ask for help from a professional witch. She will be able to conduct the initiation ceremony correctly, which a person cannot conduct on her own.

For this, an experienced magician is required.

But remember, not every witch will agree to perform such a ritual. Or a professional witch may require a very large fee from you.

For example, you will have to pay for your magical abilities with your beauty or youth.

Turn into a mermaid without a full moon, you can, if you will be able to take power from another representative of this evil. This method is not very common, since it is very difficult to find a mermaid who would refuse her magic gift.

Unless you manage to find a person who was turned into a mermaid forcibly, without his consent. Then you can take away his abilities.

You can also become a mermaid without a full moon, if you cursed. In ancient times, our ancestors believed that if a powerful witch was very angry, she could send a terrible curse on a girl, as a result of which she would turn into a mermaid and would be forced to be under water all her life.

But today, knowledge about how to curse a person to wander in the guise of a mermaid, almost lost. To conduct such a ceremony can only hereditary witch, which knowledge is passed from generation to generation.

But this method is quite dangerous, since no one can guarantee that the witch will curse her wanderings in the guise of a mermaid, and not a vampire, a werewolf, or simply will not damage your death.

How to become a mermaid in the full moon?

To get started, get acquainted with the simple way, using which, you can become a real mermaid.

A full moon ritual is performed, which can significantly increase the power of the rite if you believe that the moon enhances the magical properties of these creatures.

For the first ritual you will need to prepare

  • a large necklace of seashells;
  • collect some water in the tank;
  • candles;
  • ritual knife: it is desirable that its handle be silver or white;
  • and a few coins of different denominations.

You should wait for the full moon. But there is one condition: this day must fall on Friday.

You should put on a prepared necklace and go to the shore of a natural reservoir.

It is desirable that this was not a lake, not a sea, but a river. Come close to the water, take the first candle in your hand, light it and go into the water so that its level is not higher than your ankles. Say:

I, washed with water (at this moment I need to wash my face with brought water from the tank), blessed by heaven, sent to serve you. Water, accept my gifts, accept my request, be merciful to me, fulfill the request, grant me magical powers, make me a mermaid, grant me wisdom and power.

I can no longer be a man, my soul to the sisters is torn, let me go to them, let me be near him. Mermaid I’m in the shower, I want to be a mermaid and outside.

Moon, mother, do not leave your daughter!

After you say the words, go back to the beach, put this candle and take the next one. It, too, must be set on fire and this time go to the water knee-deep.

You should repeat all the conspiracy words.

After you say them, you should return to the shore again, put a candle on the sand, take the last attribute. With him you will need to go into the water to the waist.

As you say the words for the last time, go back to the beach and put the last candle in the sand.

Now pick up the necklace and throw it as far as possible into the water. At the same time it is necessary to say:

Take my gift, take my human life, give me the life of a mermaid.

After the words are spoken, you should quickly leave the ritual site. Candles should stay on shore.

If nobody extinguishes them before dawn, and they burn out, then you will become a real mermaid.

Turning a full moon at home

How to become a mermaid without full moonThere are so many ways to become a mermaid in the full moon at home. Most of them are fairly simple, but there are those that can be significantly dangerous for you.

For example, it is not recommended to call a mermaid in the bathroom and ask to be allowed to join them. So you risk losing your own strength, because instead of a mermaid any other entity from the other world can come to meet with you.

Limit yourself to safer ways to transform. For this you need to collect a large basin of clean water. It is advisable to pre-assemble it at dawn.

It should be collected in three different sources.

If you want to make this ritual more powerful, you can apply not only to the mermaid, but also to all the spirits of the waters. If they collectively approve your proposal, you will very quickly receive the desired power.

Exactly at midnight in the full moon, go to the balcony, put the basin with water so that it reflects the moon. If the image is incomplete, the rite will not work.

Looking at the moon in the water, you should see your reflection there too. When tune in to the desired energy flow, you should say these words:

The moon is full, the moon is round, giving strength, controlling the water, our lady and lady. I cry to you, I cry to mermaids, I call to spirits of waters. Come to your servant, grant her magical power, wisdom and patience.

I only pray for you, for no one can compare with your power.

After that, it is necessary to scoop water from the basin with both hands and wash your face. Water should not be poured, let it stand all night on the balcony and absorb the full force of the moon.

After that, for three days, you can only use this water for washing. In three days you will become a real mermaid.

How to become a mermaid at home without a full moon — a proven way

But back to the ways of becoming mermaids without a full moon. Turn into a magical creature without the influence of a magical star is possible. For this you need some attributes:

  • large silver container;
  • some water to insist in a special way for 3 days;
  • small jewelry made from seashells and corals (it is desirable to choose what you like very much, it will be your amulet, and you will always have to wear it on yourself);
  • three candles (they should have been made from wax, but should not be sanctified in the church).

Plot on the water

You must first prepare the liquid that will be used in the squad. To do this, you need to collect it at dawn in a natural pond.

It is best to collect from a spring, but if you do not have the opportunity to do this, then liquid from any reservoir will do.

You need to put the water poured into a glass bottle (it must be green) on the window, and every morning and evening repeat the words above it:

Voditsa, Voditsa fulfill my wish, grant me magical power, give me the opportunity to accomplish what I have in mind.

After the water is conspired, you can start the ceremony. Although the full moon is not necessary for this ritual, it is carried out all the same at night.

This is the time when real miracles happen. If you want to turn into a magical creature for real, then the ceremony should be carried out in the dark.


How to become a mermaid without full moonIt is very important to learn the words of a conspiracy by heart, since you must not stumble, stop or confuse words. Take the prepared water, pour it into a silver vessel and place three candles around it.

Ignite the candles one by one, counterclockwise. First, dip the prepared decoration three times into the water, repeating the words:

Here is my charm, lit by water, to serve as a conspirator. From now on, protect me from all evil, grant me strength and strength, grant me wisdom and tranquility.

After the conspiracy is said, you should take the water and drink a little, then pour the rest of the liquid on your head. You need to do this by saying:

Voditsa, Voditsa, give me strength, make me a mermaid, save me from human life, grant me the life of a mermaid.

How to become a mermaid without full moon

How to become a mermaid without full moon

Becoming a mermaid is not very difficult, but, before embarking on rituals, initially weigh the pros and cons. Assess your capabilities and determine whether you really want to change a person’s life for a magical creature.

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