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How to behave with a girl to win her location

«How to behave with a girl to interest and to achieve her location?». Guys often ask such a question, especially when an attractive person of the opposite sex appears on the horizon.

Well, I can offer them my next themed life hack.

How to behave with a girl to win her location

What girls pay special attention to

Although all the ladies are certainly different — they have many of the same requirements for their potential guys. Let’s take a quick look at all of them.

It is difficult to argue with the fact that the manner of your behavior is very important for creating healthy relationships. But with all this, the popularity of girls is not limited only to them.

That is why you should take into account many other factors that add balls when meeting and interacting with beautiful people:

  • appearance;
  • education;
  • demeanor;
  • temper;
  • life position.

Now we will dwell on each of the sub-items in more detail.


Alas, not all guys can compete with Brad Pitt. However, even possessing rather modest initial data it is really possible to create an image of almost Apollo.

The main thing is to know how to do it.

Below are two columns: in the first inscribed that which attracts the female gender, and in the second — that which, on the contrary, repels.

Sympathy area

  • Tightened sports figure.
  • Love to use personal hygiene products (toothpaste, soap, shampoo and others).
  • Regular visits to the hairdresser, neat manicure, well-groomed skin and so on.
  • Beautiful (and most importantly — appropriate) clothing, maintained in perfect cleanliness and order.
  • Delicious male fragrance.

Antipathy zone

  • Excessive thinness, lack of muscles and the presence of abundant fat.
  • Rarely taken a shower, because of which the body begins to smell foul.
  • The presence of dirty nails, not shorn unwashed hair, problem skin and in the same spirit.
  • The combination of incompatible clothing: for example, sweatpants with classic shoes. Dirty, wrinkled clothes.
  • The smell of sweat.

It turns out that everything is quite simple — to begin with, you just need to ensure decent care for yourself and remember about personal hygiene. So what is next…


And there is in view not a compulsory title of candidate of science (although higher education will also be an additional plus).

It is more about self-education: reading books, watching movies, going to the theater, to exhibitions and so on. In general — the expansion of their horizons.

All of the above adds education, helps keep the conversation going in any society.


Perhaps feminists are also displeased with the fact that they are given a coat or open doors for them. But the main category of domestic girls, on the contrary, very much appreciates such a guy’s behavior.

The main thing is not to overdo it so that everything looks natural, and not artificially and comically.

How to behave with a girl to win her location

This is perhaps the most difficult subparagraph. Firstly, because nature is given to us by nature, it is very difficult to change it in adulthood — it is almost unreal.

And, secondly, all the girls have different preferences regarding the nature of their future elect.

But still, there are several basic criteria that are important for the majority:

  • strength;
  • a responsibility;
  • courage;
  • masculinity;
  • determination;
  • self-confidence;
  • care;
  • kindness;
  • cheerfulness.

It is easy to understand that it is impossible for an unemployed alcoholic to achieve the disposition of a gorgeous girl, unlike a successful lawyer, no matter how he behaves.

Recommendations on how to behave with a girl

They will help you to learn how to conquer the person you love the fair sex.

Eye contact

If you have a desire to go to the girl to start communicating with her, do it, looking into her eyes. A look in the eyes is at the same time an indicator of both interest and self-confidence, as well as attentive attitude to her words.

Of course, in everything it is necessary to observe the measure and you should not stare intently at the girl, especially if you have not yet begun the conversation. Just periodically cast a glance at her, showing interest in the conversation, and then take it away.

Eye contact has another positive point — it allows you to avoid unnecessary viewing of other parts of the girl’s body, which will distract from communication.

No need to be upset if at the initial stages there will be difficulties with maintaining eye contact.

It is difficult for many!

It is necessary to practice in advance in front of a mirror, and then you can go to friends and already to strangers.

Establishing a conversation

Suppose that some person X is interested in your attention. What do we have to do?

Come up and say hello, as you usually do, and then suggest an interesting topic of conversation. It is advisable to start with neutral topics — you can say a few words about the place where you are, about the weather, find out the mood.

Then in the conversation, find out what the girl does in life, what her hobbies are. Do not be superfluous to make a competent compliment.

Just refuse flattery — let the praise be sincere and appropriate.

Learn to listen

All people sometimes just need to speak out, so that they are carefully listened and not interrupted. Wanting to interest the girl, it is worth remembering about it.

Therefore, put aside your iPhone, do not be distracted by extraneous stimuli, but listen carefully to your interlocutor.

Do not interrupt, but from time to time show your interest by nodding your head or expressing your opinion.

Remember that no person of the fair sex will not like to ignore her words.

Use a little trick — repeat some phrase she utters or describe in your own words, like: «You said that …». This will further convince the lady of your sincere interest.

Expressing your personal opinion about the story, you should do it respectfully. Even if you don’t agree with something in your soul — better keep silent, remember the feelings of the second person.

How to behave with a girl to win her location

Learn a little more.

If you really want to continue your relationship, you will need a more trusting interaction. Try to talk a girl, find out her interests and desires.

Convince her that she is interesting to you as an individual. This will provide you with greater confidence and make communication more comfortable for her.

Be attentive to her feelings.

If your relationship has become trusting enough, most likely, the girl will share her disturbing things with you. Thus, she demonstrates her confidence in your person.

It is important to show sincere interest, to express understanding and sympathy for her feelings.

So that she does not tell you — in no case should you mock at it or condemn it. Initially, you always need to put yourself in the place of another person, and then draw any conclusions.

And that only in their thoughts.

For example, if she coped poorly with her task, you can support her with words like: “Do not worry, I’m sure you did everything you could. Surely what happened is absolutely not your fault. «

It is also necessary to motivate her to achieve their goals. Does she have a dream to become a singer and she sings very beautifully? Then encourage her to take active steps in the direction of your dreams (even if you are personally from her and not enthusiastic).

Who knows, all of a sudden you will really help a person to open up and express himself in this world?

Laughter is known to prolong life. And yet — improves mood, acts as a warning of depression, promotes relaxation.

For a guy, the ability to laugh funny is simply indispensable in dealing with the weaker sex. MCH, which is appropriate jokes, is perceived by others as a pleasant and charismatic person.

Plus, humor successfully copes with the tension between people.

Of course, this does not mean that from now on you should become a jester. Just remember funny stories that happened in the past, or invent them yourself.

Learn to cause a sincere laugh in a girl.

But not all jokes will be considered relevant. For example, you should not use rude jokes, tell vulgar jokes or those that describe a dismissive attitude towards the weaker sex.

Over time, the more you get close to the girl, you will understand what is funny for her and what is not. You will have a lot of your personal jokes that will instantly improve your mood.

Listen to these recommendations to be able to properly behave with girls. And finally, watch the video:

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