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How to cajole the brownie in an apartment or in a private house

Even among the Slavic tribes there was a belief that in each dwelling there was a guardian. They knew how to cajole the brownie, so that he would assist in household chores, monitor the health of all the inhabitants of the estate.

He was credited with the fact that he looks after the cattle, watching the garden. Often in many villages this entity is still called the respectful Master.

How to cajole the brownie in an apartment or in a private house

Brownie — who is he

Where did the belief in the existence of supernatural power living in every home come from is unknown. There are several versions:

  • these are spirits of ancestors, which the living have not forgotten, which are still revered;
  • entities that are full of different properties, which are generated by home owners;
  • the souls of the trees of which the log house is made.

All give the brownie the same properties of character, sometimes not very pleasant. On the one hand, it is a thrift, attraction of well-being to the house, and on the other — frequent mischief, vindictiveness, capriciousness.


In most legends, the brownie is kind. Always on guard for everything in the house.

It looks like a little old man up to 30 cm tall.

He has a long beard. This is a description of the young spirit.

According to legends, the older the goblin, the younger he looks, and is born a deep grandfather. The Boss’s patron is Veles, who has given him some strength: to know the future, to heal sick animals and people.

Brownie Habitat

Among the Slavs, it is believed that the good spirit at home chooses where to live. This is usually a corner where he is not disturbed.

Behind the stove, in the attic, behind the cupboard, under the threshold, if there is a chimney, it can settle in there. In the old days, he loved places in a heavy chest, in a red corner.

Presence is often felt in the barn where the beast is located. Especially brownie loves horses. Although, if the animal was not to their liking, the little bearded man tormented him to death.

It was still believed that he has his nest-womb. It was a fluffy coniferous branch near the house.

If a person took the place of a brownie, then he necessarily began to fall ill.

What does a brownie do?

The main duty to keep order in the house or apartment.

Does not love, when around a dirt and confusion. In addition to the outside, makes sure that the family has a harmony between its members.

It does not like quarrels and idleness. In this case, seeks to teach their charges. Angry, trying to point out the wrong behavior.

This is expressed in different knocks, coming from under the windows, then from the attic. Sometimes there are even screams, whipping dishes, slamming doors, there are some unpleasant wall letters.

Maybe something will catch fire suddenly.

The owners do not sleep well, and when they wake up they find traces of tweaks on their bodies. The spirit does not cause any large-scale damage, but in every possible way tries to convey to the residents that they are acting incorrectly, and the family suffers from it.

It happens that mischievous brownie just like that.

He likes a good home game owner. True, an adult man cannot make friends with him and cannot play, but children and animals see him often.

Especially cats, with whom he chases through the house and even rides them on horseback. Dogs just watch him, sometimes whining or whining.

Maybe he himself a brownie.

In the old days it was believed that this promises trouble.

How to cajole brownie

How to cajole the brownie in an apartment or in a private house

It was believed that the home, no matter how it was, poor or rich, should not be without his spirit. For this reason, when moving to a new home, people sought to cajole and take the Boss with them.

They made him an offering in the form of bread with salt or a steep porridge, which they put in a basket and called his grandfather, so that he would go after them or go next in this basket.

In the XIX century, in the villagers near Kaluga settling in a new house, burning coals were taken from the old one, while sentencing the house invitation to a new place of residence. Sometimes they opened the cellar, the underground, put a bast there at the entrance and called the Boss. Having collected all the household belongings, they brought him to a new dwelling, and the very same feet were tied with a train to a cart or sleigh and pulled along.

It was believed that the brownie is moving.

As soon as they sat down at the table, they cut the bread. The first crust presented home. It was necessary to prikopat it in the right corner under the frame and again call the spirit to his residence.

Also left for the night gingerbread. Bitten bread was a good sign.

In order to cajole the brownie, coins were placed in a cellar during construction. Sometimes laid out at all angles of the new building.

Who will be the first to cross the threshold of new housing will continue to be a brownie.

Is there a brownie in the apartment: how to find out

Enough to listen. In the silence of the night you can catch light steps, sounding like a dog movement. There is no reason to be afraid.

This is just a brownie bypasses his possessions, looks after order in the house. If cats or dogs live nearby, then observing their actions will help to establish whether the kind of brownie dwells under the same roof with you. The symptoms are:

  • The cat suddenly suddenly starts to loud and purr pretty.
  • The kitten is worn like mad at home, as if playing catch-up with someone.
  • Any strange behavior of a healthy animal indicates the presence of the spirit at home.
  • Dogs can just peer into the void.
  • It is noticed that the house-spirit can prompt its residents about the upcoming call or guests who are already on the way. A person has a feeling of confidence that they will call or come.

In case of conflicts in the family, a good spirit quickly extinguishes them, and the house where he lives is always attractive to the owners. They love to not only relax in it, but also to work.

To even more cajole him and make friends with him, make toys and even leave something tasty on a saucer.

When in the apartment of evil brownie

It is often felt that there is a certain entity in the house, which the unknowing people call the evil brownie. The master is never evil.

This is an unclean spirit that interferes with living in peace, giving some fear to the residents. In such a home often drink, scandal, are lonely and unloved.

This happens for the reason that offended by the improper life of the owners, the brownie leaves a bad apartment.

One of the signs are the indisposition and painful condition of family members. Being in such a room is painful and unpleasant. Sometimes a person does not want to go to his home.

In such a situation, you should try to re-arrange the brownie to yourself and call for a return.

How to cajole the brownie in an apartment or in a private house

When should I cajole the brownie?

By themselves, these cute creatures are picky.

If they are all satisfied, then do not show themselves. If something does not like it, then they begin to show their anger and resentment.

What is it expressed in?

  • frequent missing of all small things;
  • the subject is out of place;
  • ironed linen in the closets becomes wrinkled for some reason;
  • remnants and crumbs from the table are scattered around the kitchen;
  • constant strange rustling, and sometimes the crash of falling dishes and furniture;
  • feeling of discomfort in your own home.

How to behave so as not to anger?

For complete peace of mind, one should try to create comfort. If you follow the recommendations, then the house will always be fine.

  1. do not swear, do not fight, do not swear; do not shout;
  2. do not be lazy;
  3. no smoking in the house itself;
  4. keep clean, especially in the kitchen.

Why chew Domov

They try to get a good disposition from the brownie for many reasons:

  • To the apartment was under the auspices of a good spirit and nothing bad happened in it.
  • So that there was wealth and things argued.
  • In order not to hurt cattle and animals.
  • To successfully sell housing. Home usually against.

Ritual for the location of the brownie to yourself

Before proceeding to action, it is necessary to tidy up the dwelling. A week before this you can not quarrel, raise your voice. All the knives and forks are hiding in the boxes so that the old man does not hurt himself.

You can choose any time and day, but the best is considered to be 1. This is a special day for a kind spirit, who, after the winter slumber, wakes up and takes on new household with new forces.

Basic folk rituals

Any action to please your house should be performed in a good mood.

Prepare a porridge on milk or bake a pancake or a cookie and put it in the corner of an old man. A bowl of clay or wood.

Search for things

To quickly find the loss, tidy up the room where the thing was the last time. A chair with a red leg tied around is placed in the center.

They say the cherished phrase and leave the room. It is believed that after 10 minutes. there is a desire to return and find what is happening.

Own place

For the brownie divert area. He is surrounded by things and objects, personally hand-made by the owners.

This is important, as the father loves the artisans.

How to cajole the brownie in an apartment or in a private house

As a present, a doll, sewn from different patches, will be suitable. Color buttons are also suitable.

You can not take back, it is very annoying for my grandfather.

Ritual for the first number

Many peasants decided to remind the houseman of his duties. Under the threshold exhibited a container with some water and sentenced:

Before buying cows sacrificed in the form of a salted bread piece. Also not without special text:

How to cajole the brownie in an apartment or in a private house


  • Those who believe in the brownie should be aware of the rituals.
  • Treat the creature with respect.
  • To observe that which the house-spirit loves, and not to annoy him with bad behavior.
  • From time to time to contact him, give and not offend loved ones and pets.

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