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How to call a good gnome and what he can do

Many children dream to learn how to call a good gnome. Stories about these creatures are passed on from mouth to mouth in schools, kindergartens, and especially — in summer camps.

How to call a good gnome and who it is

According to ancient legends, there are both good and evil gnomes. It is difficult to find a person who wishes to call one of the last. Even kind creatures of this kind are quite unpredictable and can be punished for inappropriate behavior.

Therefore, the rites for calling evil gnomes are considered lost in time.

How to call a good gnome and what he can doGood gnomes, as they are said in fairy tales, in which a piece of truth is hidden, live underground. They are famous for their hard work and abilities to any skill.

Things made by them are considered the best, and those who manage to ask for a gift from the dwarf are very lucky.

There are many types of gnomes. On our site you can find articles that tell about how to summon a money gnome and many other interesting good creatures.

This is considered to be completely safe, but despite the fact that it is a question of calling a good person, you should follow the rules in order not to harm yourself.

How to cause a good gnome — the rules

How to call a good gnome and what he can doYou can challenge the good gnomes alone or in the company of friends. This rite does not make loneliness a prerequisite. In addition, the call time can be absolutely anything.

Therefore, if you are looking for how to call a good gnome in the afternoon, you can do it if you study the special ritual below.

But, despite the fact that the gnome is considered good, he does not like fanfare. Virtually every fabulous dwarf is distinguished by grumbling. Therefore, if you are going to engage in communication with one of them in the company of friends, you do not need to make noise and laugh until you finish.

Of course, this ritual is safe, but still you should not anger an otherworldly creature that possesses a certain power.

Mobile phones, TV and music should be turned off while you are engaged in a gnome call. It’s not just that it will distract you from the action.

Virtually all otherworldly entities are not too fond of modern electrical appliances, and a good gnome might not want to come to your call if this need would cause discomfort.

The mirror that was used in the ritual, after its completion should be closed with a cloth for some time. This is done with all the mirrors that were used for such manipulations, for example, fortune-telling at a man with a mirror or calling a peak lady.

How to call a good gnome in the afternoon

How to call a good gnome and what he can do

How to call a good gnome and what he can do

You should put the pie in front of the mirror and write on it any obscene word known to you. There is no need to write something that will make baking inedible. Still, the gnomes are well-known lovers of sweets, and they may not like it.

Write jam, topping or lay out candy.

After the swear word is written, say three times:

It is believed that almost immediately after these words a kind gnome appears from the mirror. He erases the obscene word and writes any other instead.

Only then can you ask him for the fulfillment of one desire. If you are engaged in a challenge not alone, the essence will fulfill only one desire for all.

Therefore, agree in advance that you will ask her, because long disputes or thoughtful silence may offend the gnome.

There are stories that the gnome can fulfill as many desires as he wants at the moment.

In general, this ritual is very harmless and can be performed by any person, without any experience in the magical arts. Also, such calls are one of the few types of magic classes that are designed specifically for entertainment.

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