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How to cause a brownie at home

Sometimes, in order to improve the atmosphere in the house, a person thinks how to call a brownie to help him. Sometimes this is done only in order to locate the Boss to himself, to make friends with him.

In some cases, you have to call and ask that he does not misbehave and does not interfere, which also happens. How to do this, they knew even our ancestors.

Personally, I have repeatedly told about this grandmother.

How to cause a brownie at home

Call the brownie yourself

Make it so that the owner paid attention and went to contact with the owners of the home is not difficult. Especially if the grandfather got good, he will definitely respond.

In the case when he is persistently called, but he doesn’t manifest himself in any way, they come to the conclusion that he is not angry with the owners, but simply left for another place. This happens if the house is often heard swearing, mate, constant loud feast, the accumulation of negative.

To live where family members annoy each other, show aggressiveness, he will not.

For more successful communication with the house, it is better to be in the room alone. A group of people can frighten a quiet old man, he does not like the fuss and bustle.

The rite is desirable to carry out in the evening or even at night. This will help the house to feel safe. At the meeting it is better to collect a small treat.

The love for sweets is known to everyone, therefore for the brownie they prepare some cookies or sweets. You can pamper him with milk, pouring it into a tiny saucer.

Starting the rite, a table is laid for the Master. What is needed?

  • Beautiful, clean tablecloth;
  • sweets and milk.

When everything is ready, you need to turn away from this beauty, so as not to embarrass the brownie. At the same time, invite the Host to the table, calling him the priestess and offering to taste the treat.

Words speak 3 times. Perhaps after the sounds of light steps or rustling will be heard.

Most likely, the long-awaited timid guest has come. To turn around to consider who it is, it is impossible, the baby will take off running and will not wish to contact any more.

It is better to thank him, after some time, inviting to eat. This should be done quietly, without looking around. Then ask him to talk and ask a few questions.

They must be specific. The answer to them should be either affirmative or negative.

With «yes» should touch the right hand, with a negative answer — with the left. Brownie does not speak directly, but only gives signals that it is necessary to take into account.

After such a brief conversation, which lasts quite short, brownie disappears. The next day, everything from the table is collected and the food is buried somewhere under a bush near the house. Such meetings should be held extremely rarely and with care so as not to annoy the grandfather.

Repeat if your request is ignored.

How good host cause in the daytime?

How to cause a brownie at home

Most rituals of communion with a brownie suggest holding after sunset. However, it happens that you have to disturb the little inhabitant during the day.

When such an appeal will find a response from the brownie. This happens in several cases:

  • good contact already established;
  • a person is trusted.

You can not annoy him. Often disturb the day, too, because he is resting.

If something is not to their liking, the grandfather will start to brawl.

To avoid all this, communication with him should be established from the very beginning, as soon as they were settled in the house. Start better with a gift.

You can have fun talking to him, teasing him a little, naturally, without expecting a response. You can not be too intrusive.

He will gradually get used and will be well perceived new owners.

Location can be achieved and take care of constant cleaning in the apartment, having your favorite pets. As soon as you feel. that contact is good, you can take up the ritual to call the brownie.

Once again, sweets are being prepared for the table, the Master of the host is called for meals with his eyes closed.

Inviting him, I must say that he is very much needed help. Appearing rustle will indicate that he is already near.

Then set out the request. As previously mentioned, communication takes place with the help of touching hands.

After the completion of communication, the food is removed.

We call the brownie with pencils

It may sound strange, but pencils will help to communicate with the Boss. This ritual is considered strong, but it is not advised to perform it often.

Only if the problem can not be solved without otherworldly forces. Sometimes the advice of a house keeper helps a lot.

Not every lodger can conduct a ritual, but only someone who has lived in the house for at least 6 years, two people.

The call is made with the help of pencils as follows: it is taken on 3 not sharpened, they are displayed in the form of the letter “P”. Then the letters are unfolded in such a way as to form a rectangle out of them. After, calling the house father, the question is asked.

With the answer “yes”, the pencils rise, and with “no” — they drop.

In case of agreement, the wands move. This means that the brownie is ready to talk. In total, 3 questions are being prepared that cannot be repeated or specified in any way.

They should not be equally sounding. It is imperative that after such a pencil ritual for the night a treat is left for the little interlocutor.

Call with spoons

How to cause a brownie at home

Anyone can chat with a brownie using tablespoons. Would need:

  • 4 identical spoons;
  • strips of white paper.

Devices wrapped with paper scraps, tails strips should be left and crumpled. Everything is arranged in a circle, the light is extinguished.

There should be nothing open. Whisper is invited to turn the brownie spoon and wrap, if he is ready to participate.

After a rustle, you need to touch the attributes, cool — it means you are ready to talk.

The question is asked, if the answer is positive, then there should be a rustling of paper, if negative — silence. You can not talk in a demanding tone, loud.

This can turn bad for the host.


It is not required any special magical knowledge and strength in order to call a talker at home or ask for help at home. It is enough to properly conduct the rite.

  • Nearby during the actions there should not be objects that the Master does not like (hot spices);
  • the tone of the conversation should be respectful, even;
  • one should not abuse rituals and perform them for no reason.

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