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How to cause a genie to fulfill desires?

How to cause a gin? The image of a magical character is familiar from cartoons, fairy tales and movies, but can you really connect with a gin in the real world for real?

How to cause a gin at home

Before invoking the performer of desires, it is taken into account that the image of a good-natured spirit from cartoons does not correspond to reality.

How to cause a genie to fulfill desires?Genies are no less dangerous than other evil forces, treat them with great care. In Islam, these spirits are similar to demons in Christianity.

If you believe the legends, gins are cunning and powerful creatures.

Before undertaking rituals, they are armed with protective attributes. The place where the gin arrives is chosen in advance.

Regardless of the ritual chosen, the designated place is surrounded by a barrier of 5 pink crystals that are arranged in a circle. The stones can be of any size and shape, for example, a piece of jewelry or stone beads from a craft store.

The main thing is the naturalness of the stone (quartz, agate). Thanks to crystals, gin cannot get out of the circle and cause damage.

It is useless to use a protective circle (for oneself) made of salt or chalk against magic creatures.

According to Muslim legends, gins have a choice — to be righteous or serve evil. It is not known what will come to the challenge. In a critical situation, Muslim prayers and charms protect them from the unfriendly-minded spirit (genies come from countries where Islam is practiced).

Prayers are written in advance on a sheet of paper or are taught by heart. As a talisman suitable crescent, the value of which is comparable to the cross in Christianity.

If you wish to call a gin at home, it will be determined if the call will be carried out with or without a lamp. The power of the ritual does not depend on the presence of this artifact, but only on your inner power.

But the presence of the lamp will be quite symbolic. In addition, the lamp as a sacred object for all gins has a certain effect on them.

Remember, a gin can be asked to fulfill a wish, but there are a few rules:

  • you must write it before you begin to conduct the rite;
  • read the desire to the leaflet (so that you do not stumble, do not think, do not confuse the words);
  • written desire must be clear, understandable language;
  • do not ask for supernatural, magical abilities (for this there are mermaids and fairy desires), power over the whole world (otherwise, gin or will fulfill the desire incorrectly, or get angry because you disturbed him in vain);
  • do not use double phrases, they will confuse the gin and give him the opportunity to fulfill his desire in a completely different way than you would like;
  • Be sure to thank the magic helper for fulfilling your request and send it back.

Know the words used in the ceremonies must be by heart.

Magical ritual appeal

This is one of the most common ways to invoke a given magical creature using a lamp. To perform the ritual, you need to arm yourself with some things:

  • copper lamp (can be found in the gift shop, the lamp is not so necessary to be old);
  • the tail of any animal, harvested without the help of violence (you can buy or find);
  • a lid, you can from the usual banks;
  • pitch;
  • indigo paint.

You should lower the tail into the container of your choice and pour some paint on top. If the tail is still useful to you, take a paint that can be washed, for example, watercolor or gouache.

Then zazhmurites, imagine in front of a gin, which will appear in the lamp.

Remember, the vessel must be placed in a protective circle of crystals. As already described above, there should be five of them. For the call you need exactly 33 times to say:

The creature will appear before you for 33 times. Now you need to cover the pot with a lid and loudly read out your desire (from 1 to 3).

After you say your wish, say:

And if you do not fulfill my wish, I will fill you with a boiling resin!

When the genie hears this phrase, he will be frightened and will not want to argue, but simply will quickly accomplish everything you want. If lamp searches are not possible, below you will find rites for calling a genie without a lamp.

How can you call a good gin?

To summon a magical creature, use its house-lamp; you will need an old vessel that has not been used by anyone for a long time. Do not forget about the crystals for protection, the importance of which is described above.

How to cause a genie to fulfill desires?First of all, it is necessary to materialize the gin in this vessel. This can be done with thought.

An experienced magician will succeed in doing this at one time, while a newbie will have to try hard.

To begin, take the lamp with both hands (if it is in dust, then you can not clean it) and imagine that energy begins to ooze from the air in a thin stream.

The energy flow should have the form of a funnel (narrow at the point of contact with the lamp and gradually expand to the top).

You can even imagine the color, density and saturation of the energy flow.

You need to imagine that this energy is gin. When the lamp is filled to the top, say:

When these words are spoken, leave the lamp alone. Give gin at least for one day to get used to a new home.

Then you can proceed to the call of the creature.

You should put your hand on the lamp, think about what you would like and say:

Jin, I urge you! Fulfill my desire (now clearly read your desire with a leaflet.

From one to three).

Be sure that it will come true. No one can say exactly at what time you get what you want. It depends on your own strength and on what kind of gin you have found.

Remember, if you need to make more than three requests, you will have to turn to two genies.

When you exhaust your three desires, be sure to send the magic helper back. Do not hold it. Take the lamp with two hands and say:

Imagine that energy is moving again like a thin trickle.

Only now, not into the lamp, but from it.

After that, thank the gin for the work and wait for the fulfillment of desires.

How to cause a genie without a lamp?

How to cause a genie to fulfill desires?How to invoke an entity using a magic house is understandable. But what if it is not at hand? You can then use the call of the spirit or ghost to fulfill desires.

Or ask for help to any other evil.

But if such a disposition does not suit you, and you want to appeal specifically to gin, then conduct such a rite. It is necessary to place in advance prepared crystals and say above them:

Do not let anyone in and do not let anyone out. May that which is in front of me, not be able to escape into the human world.

After that, stand at a distance of one meter from the place of summoning a gin and say:

Jin, powerful spirit, the performer of desires and assistant, come to me!

Say the phrase should be five times. For the fifth time, you will feel that, besides you, there is someone else in the room.

If at the time of the call of the spirit you have already learned to distinguish and define the energy flows, you will see that an energy ball begins to form in front of you.

In order to make contact with him, you will have to wait until he reaches an impressive size. Then contact the creature:

Jin, I called you. Fulfill my wish! (Now you need to voice all that you want to get from this magical creature.)

Remember that gin is not a ghost. He can not refuse, but absolutely he cannot fulfill any desire either.

Therefore, if you put an incorrect target in front of him, he will become angry and will try to attack, because if you are dead, then your desire will no longer be necessary for him. We have already described the ways to protect against this entity, do not forget about security measures.

After you voice your desire, you need to thank the genie and let him go. To do this, say:

And move one of the crystals of the magic circle.

A simple way to fulfill desires

In order to quickly fulfill your desires, you need to call a gin and ask him to fulfill all that you want. For this you can conduct a ceremony on the street.

It is necessary to find a clearing in the park or forest in advance where you will perform the ritual. With you need to take:

  • copper pot;
  • magic crystals;
  • bell.

Come to the designated place, put a pot in the middle of the glade and surround it with magic crystals. You should say:

Gina to execute conceived urge. Do not let him, protect me, hold him.

After that, throw a bell into a copper pot and say:

If you hear this ringing, come to me!

You need to repeat the phrase five times. Now you can be sure that if the bell tinkles when you drop the pot, the gin will definitely come.

After the magical essence is in front of you, you need to clearly and quickly read all three wishes that are written on a piece of paper.

After that, roll it several times, set it on fire and throw it in the pot. As soon as the leaf burns out, you can thank the gin and complete the ritual.

Be sure that your wish will be fulfilled within 3 days.

Call with fire

How to cause a genie to fulfill desires?You can summon a gin using fire magic.

It will be necessary to make a big fire.

For him, it is desirable to use the branches of the trees, which fell lightning. But if you do not have the opportunity to find such a tree, then you can use ordinary dry material.

If other rituals at the call of a gin can be performed at any time of the day, then in order to conduct this rite it is necessary to wait until the night falls. You should be late, when it is already dark, to come to a wasteland (no one should see you, and no one can say that you are going to hold a ceremony).

In the middle of a wasteland make a fire, and around it spread out magic crystals in a circle. When the fire is good, say:

Flame, blaze, blaze. Gina call me, call.

After that, it is necessary to clearly read your desire from the sheet three times. Now say:

Gin, did you hear? I command, fulfill my request!

How to cause a genie to fulfill desires?

How to cause a genie to fulfill desires?

When you say this, you can throw a note with the desire to the fire. You definitely need to wait until it burns to the end.

If something is left of her, it means that your wish will not come true.

This is not the fault of the gin, but the Higher Forces have ordered, over which neither you nor he have power.

Trying to make this wish again, invoking gin or any other magical creatures, is undesirable. Most likely, your request will remain unfulfilled.

If you really need to fulfill this request, you can turn to the supreme demons or Satan. But the consequences of such rituals can be very serious and do not recommend calling the Lord of Darkness over trifles.

Calling a gin is very simple. Remember that disturbing any magical creature from the other world is dangerous for humans.

Therefore, try to use such rituals of appeal extremely rarely and do not make evil evil.

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