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How to clean the house of bad energy on their own

Often the dwelling in which we lodge keeps the energy of the former owners. Many people complain that when they move to a new place, their family scandals become more and more out of the blue, and when they are indoors they feel depressed and apathetic. And it also happens that a stranger came into the house and left a part of his unkind karma and a dark shadow follows you. In such cases, many people think about how to clean the house of bad energy on their own.

How to clean the house of bad energy

When a room has bad energy, it can be akin to a person’s illness. True signs that the energy of the house is damaged is:

  • things often disappear and lie in a conspicuous place, but you still cannot see them, but they are only after some time;
  • household members often become ill, including animals;
  • cats can not sit in the apartment for a minute and constantly run away;
  • in your own house, which should be like a fortress, you feel uncomfortable, often rolls of fear;
  • there is a feeling of the presence of a stranger, constantly wandering near you;
  • pieces of furniture and equipment constantly break for no apparent reason and not from old age, the flowers do not grow.

Especially bad when a state of depression comes. Constantly accompanied by the feeling that someone had died and his heart was empty and lonely. More often it is not in the human factor, but in the state of the house. If the majority of items from the list coincided, you need to think about how to clean the energy of the house.

To clean your home yourself you need to follow certain rules. The most important thing is to clean the room four times a year. This is akin to general cleaning. Before starting such procedures, it is very important to remove all negativity from yourself.

You need to take a hot shower and rub the whole body with salt. This procedure can save you from bad energy, accumulated not only for a short period of stay in a damaged house, but also for all previous years. Having carefully rubbed the body with salt, begin to wash it and sentence it:

“Water element, wash me and take off all the nasty dirt that has stuck to me. Cleanse from bad thoughts and give peace a little bit to enjoy. Salt rolls off of me and the dirt with it all takes away and the sadness after it will flow away. ”

Water at this moment should be like salvation for you, so all this time mentally thank her for cleansing. At some point a sense of purity must come, not only physical, but also spiritual. This is a sure sign that you are ready for the ceremony.

To clean the house from bad energy, you need to put on neutral clothes: spacious, comfortable, there should not be make-up on your face, and your hair is hidden under a kerchief.

It is necessary to open all windows and doors wide openly so that the draft can carry out all the negative energy. In the room itself should not be people who are not directly involved in the procedure. Energy cleansing is a rite in which all the thoughts of the participants and their actions should move in one direction.

Initially, you need to clean the house of old things, throw away everything that you have not used for more than a year. All these things need to be folded in a big bag. It is necessary to get rid of them because they have already absorbed all the negative and hold it, not letting it go. It is necessary to throw away all broken equipment that cannot be repaired, as well as dishes that are chipped or cracked. Kitchen utensils even with small chips should not be in the house.

Household items that do not serve a person for a long time are very dangerous. They must be used or discarded. Using space and things to the maximum, you deprive the evil beings of housing.

Probably, today, any hostess already knows how to clean the house with a candle. This method requires a church candle. With a lit lamp, you should go through the house, going into every corner and determine how much energy has suffered. This can be determined by the abundant black smoke, crackle or extinction of the light. When the diagnosis is over, take up the wet cleaning of the room.

It is not at all difficult to clean a house with the help of a church lamp. After reading «Our Father» stand in the center of the room and light the torch. Three times make a circle in front of you clockwise and against it. Bypassing all the rooms start to do counterclockwise. Particular attention should be paid to the places of the greatest accumulation of negative.

In the most polluted corners, read “Our Father” several times and ask God for pardon. For each room uses a separate candle, lit from the previous one. Having made a cleansing rite, the candle is placed in a glass so that it burns out and leave the room with its backside, that is, facing the fire, without taking its eyes off it. If even one candle goes out, the whole ritual is performed first.

If during the cleansing of the house the lamp shoots, smokes, black drips flow down on it, it means that it burns evil spirits. In this case, it is necessary to carry out the procedure at least twice. After cleaning all the corners, you need to take another candle and clean all the reflective surfaces and what is hanging on the walls: icons, photos of people. Approaching each item, read “Our Father” and mark it three times with the flag of the cross.

We can not allow you to prevent. People who carry a negative charge, can make a scandal and not let you finish the job. All cinder must be thrown away, they already carry only the bad and can harm those who will come into contact with them. The hand with which you held the candle was also exposed to dark forces, so you need to perform a cleaning procedure with salt. After several such cleansings, when the flow of positive energy comes back, your affairs will go smoothly, and unreasonable quarrels will stop.

A bypass with a lit candle starts from the front door. Every corner of the cross over the flag three times. Cleaned with fire mirror surfaces. Coming out of the house cross the front door. On the lintel you need to draw a cross unnoticed.

In this ritual you will need a helper who will follow you everywhere and sprinkle every corner with holy water. Not skipping cabinets and bookshelves. After this ceremony, be sure to take a shower, and a candle candle should immediately be put in the garbage.

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