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How to clean the house of negative energy yourself

A person always returns home to his native walls. Going from work, every time we dream to quickly get to our room and lie down in bed, relieve ourselves of the tension and relax. But, it so happens that the native walls cease to please, all the time it seems that someone wanders around, things disappear, then appear, constant quarrels in the family. All these are symptoms of the fact that the energy of your home is spoiled. In this case, the logical question is how to clean the house of negative energy.

How to clean the house of negative energy

How to clean the house of negative energy, everyone should know. The walls of the house and things are able to absorb information and then reproduce it. It is very important to lay the right information to feel comfortable. You can invite a priest to sanctify the walls and give recommendations on how to protect yourself from the negative.

Another simple method of cleansing is cleaning. It is necessary to remove all old things from your home. Everything that was broken or was presented once by people with whom at the moment you are not in touch or in a quarrel. It should clean the house from things that are not used for six months.

It is recommended to purchase plants that are able to clean the aura of the house and become a reliable protection from the negative. Best of all cope with this task ficuses, aloe, prickly cacti. Moreover, ficuses can perfectly clean the air, and aloe can be used as a medicine.

Clear the apartment from the negative energy can be with the help of essential oils. Get an aroma lamp or incense sticks. Perfectly suitable oil of tea tree, orange, lemon balm, lavender. Incense is not only clear of negativity, but also have a beneficial effect on the human body: they calm the nervous system and increase the overall resistance of the body.

In addition to house cleansing activities, you need to independently analyze who comes to you. It happens that the neighbor will come for sugar or salt, and even pour on the sly ground from the churchyard to the threshold. When there is no opportunity to refuse to meet with a person who is always negatively disposed, it is necessary not to let him into your home by any means, but to communicate with him in a neutral territory.

How to clean the house from the negative? The Orthodox prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker will help clean the house of the negative. Before performing a ritual of purification, you must bypass every corner in the house with a candle. Then put the face of the saint in front of you, so that you, standing opposite the icon, face the front door and proceed to the reading of the prayer:

“Saint Nicholas, you are the Lord omnipotent right hand. With your help I will get rid of damage in my house. May peace reign in him. Amen».

For a complete «healing» at home, you will need to perform several such rituals. If, after reading the prayer, the light of the candle begins to burn clearly, and it does not crackle and smoke, then the house is completely clean and there is protection on it.

One of the most popular ways to clean the room from damage is a salt ritual. This ritual is simple to perform, but at the same time, one of the most effective. Far from being the last place in the magic circles of salt, it acts as a kind of sorbent that is capable of absorbing clots of negative energy. Raw materials can be used unchanged or make saline. There are several ways to protect and clean your own house with salt.

  1. In every corner of their homes put out cups of salt. This method helps to protect against the penetration of dark forces into the house. Change the salt is necessary every two months.
  2. You can sprinkle salt all over the floor and leave to lie down for a few hours, then collect with a vacuum cleaner and throw it away with the garbage bag.
  3. A common method of cleaning the home of bad energy is cleaning with saline. 4-5 tablespoons of salt are added to a bucket of water.

You can remove the damage from the premises of the usual table salt or sea. It is also necessary to carry out the rite of purification for yourself To do this, before taking a shower, rub the whole body with salt, and then rinse thoroughly.

Methods of cleansing the aura of the house with the help of sounds and mandala

Music of the winds is one of the methods to clean your home of negative energy and put the protection for the future. Various sounds accompany a person throughout life. The bells are able to act cleansingly on the energy of the room. A loud sound can transform a dead place into a living, and fill it with invisible light.

The mantra and mandalas that have come to us from Tibet project a positive installation for the walls, programming the room to perform certain functions. The most commonly used mantras are:

In the cleansing activities also use the ringing of the bell. When high-frequency vibration occurs, a stream of positive energy is released that heals space and a person. You can use the recording of the battle of church bells.

If your apartment needs cleaning from a bad impact, you can use natural gifts. How to protect the house from the negative? You will need a whisk from Hypericum. This plant has long been used by healers to scare away the dark forces.

Herbal cleansing is similar to a candle-cleansing ritual. Whisk set on fire and fumigate the whole space, without missing a single corner. Before the ritual, you must read «Our Father». During the passage through the rooms read these words:

“I will exterminate the roots, I will sprinkle the herbs with fragrant mackerel, I will sprinkle it with holy water. Let all dark power go from under the floors, from the corners, from the darkest corners. Freeing my home from evil shackles. Let all that is slandered, bestowed, come back, beaten out to the one who wishes us mercy. Amen».

The aura of the room should be cleaned once a year with a candle as a preventive measure. Throughout the year, various bad and good events take place in the family, which are imprinted in the memory of your walls, so energy cleaning should be carried out. Ways of protection:

  • positive mantras;
  • embroidered or hand made charms;
  • You can attach an inconspicuously spoken pin above the entrance door.

To protect the house from the dark forces use nodular magic — nauzy. To carry out these talismans, they take tapes or threads from natural material and tie knots. Tying each knot, you need to think about what you want to protect your apartment. In this case, the main role is played by the ability to clearly visualize a goal. Nauzi hang on the window and attached above the entrance door.

Cleaning home energy includes many different methods. All of them are simple in execution and can be performed by any person on their own. Any room is capable of absorbing negative energy and accumulating it over the years, and then reproducing it; therefore, purification rites should be carried out once a year. Purification of the energy field is a compulsory procedure before moving into a new home, especially if the person who lived in it was sick for a long time and died in this room. To protect your home from negative impact, you must follow a few simple rules:

  • to cross the threshold of your home you need to be in a good mood, all negative feelings should be left outside the door;
  • do not let people who are trying to annoy you;
  • do not hold cracked dishes, mirrors;
  • Get potted plants.

Purification of the energy aura of the home is an important move that is the key to the happiness and well-being of your family. To learn more about the rituals of cleansing the premises with a candle and other methods, you can use the video clip. Performing any action, you must clearly follow the instructions and know all the words of the conspiracy by heart.

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