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How to communicate with a guy so that he becomes your

“How to communicate with a guy in order to arouse his sympathy and attract him?” — such a question is always relevant for the fair sex. So what kind of rules should be followed so that your communication with the MCH you like continues and does not disappear?

Let’s find out!

How to communicate with a guy so that he becomes your

Features of male psychology

Before you understand: “How to communicate with a guy correctly?” It will not be superfluous to learn a little about the psychology of men. After all, it is here and in them noticeably different.

What we are girls for, we can even ignore, the male gender notices very precisely and draws its own conclusions.

Therefore, I advise you to take into account the following features of a male nature:

  • The role of the conqueror. She is prepared for representatives of the stronger sex from nature. Men (meaning real men, rather than degraded similarities) always tend to dominate. It is vital for them to feel like a winner, a conqueror, and most of all — just in the amorous sphere of life.

Accordingly, if you started to communicate with a guy, then do not strive to be in the position of leader.

Do not call him many times a day, refuse to write flattering messages and even more so — do not invite him first to the meeting.

By such actions you will suppress the masculinity of your chosen one and prevent him from doing all of the above on his own.

The best decision: give the MCH a maximum of positive emotions when meeting, so that he wants to call you on many more dates.

  • Men’s logic. The stronger sex has a completely different type of thinking — in which logic is preferred by the senses. So, communicating with men, it is worth refusing excessive emotionality. But at the same time it is not necessary to strive to imitate his manner of speech, otherwise you risk turning into “your boyfriend.” He will be able to discuss men’s issues with his friends as well, and in his eyes you should remain sweet, feminine and romantic.
  • «No» multitasking. According to recent studies of the neural structure of the brain, it became clear that men are easier to perform step-by-step tasks. Be sure to consider this in the process of communication. So, if the MCH is busy with something, he is not likely to hear your appeal to him.
  • Great hearing. The male half of the population perceives intonation much brighter than the female. That is why men do not like women screaming and heightened intonation. Accordingly, communicating with the guys, control the timbre of your speech: the softer it will be, the better it will be heard.

Being lost in conjectures: “How to communicate with a man?”, You should not forget that if your interlocutor is silent — this does not always mean antipathy towards you. It may well be that he simply does not know what to talk with you, because you are not yet a close person for him.

In this case, it would be nice to take the initiative and raise some interesting topic that will captivate the interlocutor.

How to communicate with a guy so that he becomes your

Psychology of communication with men

It is not enough to know the psychology of the stronger sex, it is also necessary to be able to maintain pleasant communication. How to do it? I advise you to use the tips listed below:

  • Do not ship your interlocutor unnecessary information. Very often in communication with guys, girls start to tell everything in great detail. In fact, this is completely wrong, since men prefer to discuss really important information, which has some value. Just gab for hours — it’s not about them.

Therefore, try to think in advance about the topics of conversation that will cause your young man interest and not make him bored.

Otherwise, most likely, he will find a more interesting interlocutor.

The conversation should be easy, but not give the opportunity to «go into yourself.»

  • Optimism. No one likes whiners and crying, who always have everything bad and life is a solid black stripe. Girls should understand that a man is absolutely not obliged to amuse his girlfriend all the time. In particular, if their relationship is not too long and deep. And vice versa — eternal pessimism will only alienate from itself, motivating less to come into contact with a depressive person.
  • «Meet on clothes.» To argue with this famous saying is really difficult. And in fact — we all turn our attention to what is put on people with whom we communicate. What can we say about romantic communication! Therefore, urgently study fashion trends, make up the right wardrobe and dress accordingly to a date (it is clear that you should not dress up in an evening dress and wear heels for a walk in the park).
  • Grammatically correct speech. The first impression about a person is formed in just a few minutes of communication with him. And a lot here depends on his speech. Guys (cultural, of course) pay attention to the literacy of his girlfriend, then, as far as she is cultured and educated.

How to communicate with a guy so that he becomes your

If you have difficulties with the above, improve yourself. Pay attention to your diction, correct formulation of sentences, clarity of pronunciation of words, and so on.

It is clear that obscene language is under strict prohibition, you can not even talk about it separately. It is important that your voice does not irritate the interlocutor. To this end, it is recommended to slightly reduce it, because the sound of a ringing high voice, as a rule, is perceived negatively.

In addition, eliminate the word parasites from your speech. And do not abuse slang — not everyone likes incomprehensible «fashionable» words.

Other tips

How to talk with a man and make a good impression on him? I continue to share useful tips.

  1. Refuse to be shy. Although it is believed that “modesty decorates a girl,” you will only make yourself worse with excessive closeness. Optimism, joy and openness will help to position the chosen one.
  2. Know your own worth. Even if you yourself long ago fascinated MCH, remember about self-esteem. Do not forget about your pride (of course, in moderation).
  3. Love yourself. Low self-esteem and complexes — this is what will only repel the representatives of the stronger sex from you. Work on yourself.
  4. Keep femininity. While communicating closely, people often copy the behavioral patterns and speech patterns of their interlocutor, thus making it easier to find common ground. In part, this is true, but if your chosen one’s speech is replete with swear words, slang — do not repeat after him, because it is unnatural for female nature and causes antipathy in the majority of men.
  5. Be natural. In an effort to get reciprocal feelings, many girls forget about their own individuality. However, trying to impersonate someone else, putting on masks, you risk only later to be disappointed and disappoint your boyfriend.
  6. Be independent. Of course, it is quite normal when a man is the main earner of the family and provides his woman. But this is all in the future, and at the initial stages of communication it should, on the contrary, demonstrate its independence and self-sufficiency. Otherwise, the MCH may find that you need not him, but his finances.

I hope, now you understand how to properly communicate with a man and what mistakes can not be made.

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