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How to fall in love with a guy?

Love is very rarely given to us ready. In order to achieve a dear person’s deep affection, one usually has to work hard.

There are several sure ways to fall in love with a guy. Tell about them.

How do you like a guy?

The main mistake of many girls in love is intrusiveness. Having become stupid with the overwhelming feeling, they begin to frankly run after their beloved, almost daily send him passionate sms, either with pleas for forgiveness, or with desperate swearing.

Such actions look very pitiful and, in principle, cannot favor the emergence of reciprocal sympathy.

Girls, do not impose! At the first stage of the relationship, your task is to show ingenuity and create such circumstances that will allow the guy to see your character.

Suppose a guy is going on a trip with a group of friends and girlfriends. Make friends with one of his partners in the roundabout ways and take part in the journey as if for company with her.

Or — a loved one travels from the institute to practice in some other city.

Secretly ask to be assigned to the same city and to the same enterprise.

Think of your relatives or friends living there.

Supposedly a chance meeting and the subsequent constant communication will give you a great opportunity to prove yourself, to like a guy in no non-binding circumstances.

How to fall in love with a guy?

Can not subordinate the circumstances of their own will? There is a simpler solution.

Try to do any light spell to attract the attention of a potential partner. Here are the options for a weak white voorozhby you note:

See also other methods on the site (pages can be scrolled using the yellow menu on the right). Weak love magic is harmless.

The worst thing it can cause is a slight headache for a couple of hours.

Consolidation of interest

Do not lose your head. Try to use against the male male weapons as rational mind.

Analyze the behavior and habits of a loved one and try to understand what kind of woman seems ideal to him.

And, of course, try to match this image as much as you can.

In any case, you will not hurt:

  • it is better to take care of yourself (take care of your body shape, work with makeup more carefully, dress sexier);
  • become a more interesting companion (to do this, read those books and watch those films that are fashionable to discuss at the moment, get for yourself some kind of original hobby);
  • more often call him to frank conversations of various kinds (frankness always brings together);
  • allow him to help you (people love not those who help them, but those who somehow helped themselves);
  • demonstrate your respect for him (but — without gross flattery).

In no case do not get carried away with all sorts of female things like late on dates, spontaneous whims, begging for gifts. Learn to show your independence (and financial — also) and adequacy.

I must admit that sometimes all attempts to please the guy turn out to be in vain. His interest in you may be chilling due to the fact that his heart is already occupied or, say, due to the fact that at the moment his thoughts are busy with serious domestic problems and are far from romance.

In difficult situations, there is only one way out — to seek help from the sorcerers and bewitch the beloved with strong charms.

However, remember: a real long-term love spell is a very serious measure. It is advisable to resort to it only after carefully weighing all the pros and cons.

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