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How to fall in love with yourself through magic: rituals for a girl and a guy

Very often, people are looking for a specialist who would explain to them how to fall in love with magic. Moreover, such «nonsense» are engaged not only the representatives of the weaker sex. Men are also interested in all sorts of non-traditional ways of influencing loved ones.

It is believed that the magic tools are addressed only when traditional courtship did not have success. By no means. Rites and rituals were traditional at all times.

They were considered akin to the blessing of the Higher Forces, a sign of the correctness of the choice made.

Man decides how to fall in love with magic with the help of magic. It’s all about the forces that he calls for help. They, as you understand, are completely different from the devil to the divine.

And to consult a magician is recommended with your own heart. What is good for one thing is death to another.

This rule cannot be undone.

How to fall in love with yourself using magic at home

You know, anyone has magical abilities. People are born with them.

And it was already initially determined who exactly of the higher entities will accompany this person.

Therefore, trying to attract the opposing side into your life is an unconstructive matter, even an extremely harmful one.

And the tips in each fate are many. For example, did you notice that all your wishes for other people are being fulfilled?

Angry, so the person immediately happen innocence? So you can safely be bewitched. If others embody in life what you desire for yourself, then follow white rituals.

You with black magic out of the way.

These arguments are intended so that a person who tries to find out how to fall in love with himself by means of magic does not make mistakes. In fact, mutual romantic affection is of great value in all worlds. In this area you can not be frivolous, careless or short-sighted.

The forces react to errors extremely sensitively. Begin to punish not only for deeds, but also for intentions.

I thought badly, got dislocated, sore throat, loss of money and so on.

Therefore, do not just carefully read how to fall in love with yourself with the help of magic, but also responsibly approach the decision made.

One awkward fate ritual breaks down.

For example, we give how punished «jokers.» The girl decided to prove her superiority to her friends.

She took advantage of the rite below and gained the sincere love of all the guys with whom the company communicated. They, of course, competed, fought, arranged intrigues. The girl had no intention of establishing a serious relationship with one of them.

She after some time married a loved one, had children. Payback came after years.

Her son died, and her daughter could not make a living, became addicted to alcohol. Grandchildren, our «joker» did not wait. Children buried.

And for a long time I did not understand why she did all this.

Such scary stories, of course, are rare in practice. And this is good. Beginners magicians protect the guardians, so that nothing like this happened.

If in the depths of the soul there is no understanding of what the person is doing, then nothing will come of it. By the way, the opposite is true. If they chose the wrong object, that fate put it, then the ritual also does not bring effect.

For such signs mage need to learn to closely monitor, identify and use.

There is a wonderful ritual of human exposure. His beauty is safe. In the worst case, the connection will not be established and the result will not be.

But the payback will remain only a terrible assumption, non-embodied reality. You will need a photo of the victim.

It is advisable to look at you from his paper on his (her) eyes.

In the evening in a relaxed atmosphere, focus on the victim. Imagine this person. Try to imagine what he does, where he is.

Mentally create a corridor that connects you through space. It is much easier for many to imagine a rope (thread) emanating from the magician’s forehead and entering the area of ​​the victim’s third eye.

Feel that this corridor is real. Say so:

“The bridge stretched across the sky, a rainbow of joy, he turned around. Love was brought across the bridge by Elijah the prophet. At the top he stumbled, spilled a wonderful feeling.

It rolled along the rainbow and moved into our (names) hearts. Now go one way.

Let’s go through the rainbow together! Amen!»

How to fall in love with a guy with magic

The rite given above is suitable for wizards of both sexes. Girls should also practice an old ritual. He has never let anyone down.

You need to buy a red ribbon and tie it on your waist. This is done on Sunday.

Until Friday, do not remove it for a second. And as the end of the week comes, go to the park or the forest.

Find a lonely tree with a female name.

Tie a ribbon to its branches and cast a spell on love. It is:

“I leave the tree loneliness. To myself, happiness — I invoke love. As the moon illuminates my ribbon, so love into the soul (the name of a young man) will fly!

There you nest, never leave, never leave! Amen!»

How to fall in love with a girl with magic

Men are encouraged to talk flowers. Just buy such that your darling like.

You will be guided by your own taste, you will be misled. You will not have a ritual.

Bouquets should not be worn every day, but only in men.

For example, on Monday or Thursday.

Before you give flowers, say to them:

“The flower to the sun stretches, darkness avoids. So the Lord’s servant (name) seeks me, is afraid to lose, turns away from others.

Flowers to the heart — love the door. Amen!»

With a bunch of little things happen. It is recommended to perform at least three rituals with a break of one week. Then proceed to more active courtship.

They will love the girl. And if not, then do not insist. To know, not your fate.

This also happens.

We add that the above rituals are based on light forces. They are, by and large, no one even considers love spells.

The basis of these rites is the transfer of the energy of love to another person, a sincere desire to make happy those who are dear.

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