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How to find a man of harmonious and happy relationships

In our time, the trend suggests that a very large number of girls and women are alone. Some resigned to such a situation, preferring fleeting intrigues, while others are active in trying to understand: “How to find a man for a happy relationship?”.

If you are in the second category, then I advise you to refer to the recommendations listed below.

How to find a man of harmonious and happy relationships

How to find your man: tips

So let’s get started. What you need to do to quickly get rid of the hated loneliness?

First of all — find yourself

It’s impossible to find someone if you haven’t found yourself yet. What is meant by the concept of «find yourself»? It means to realize and accept your personality as it is.

Learn more about your character, temperament, your interests, choose a hobby for you.

After all, how can you understand whether a specific MCH is right for you if you yourself do not know what you want? Only when you come to who you really are, how do you perceive relationships in principle, what role do you want to take in them — will the situation move from the dead point.

Think what kind of man you need

It is absolutely pointless to search, if you do not know who to look for. Do you agree?

So, your goal at this stage is to determine which MCH suits you best, who would you like to see next to you? Some girls prefer pumped-up bodybuilders, others are seduced by a developed intellect, others are crazy about romantic ballads under the windows …

Also think about common goals and interests — because they are incredibly important in a relationship. Purpose — provides an answer to the question: “Where are we moving as a couple?”.

For example, imagine a union in which a man wants to make a successful career, be realized in a profession, “see the world”, and a woman wants to quickly get married, have children and become a housewife. How long can they survive as a couple?

The answer is obvious.

Therefore, think, a partner with what life goals really harmoniously fit into your life? Also stock up on a piece of paper on which you list all the character traits of the desired MCH, its appearance (although this is not necessary, the personality description will suffice), its positive qualities, all those little things that are important to you.

How to find a man of harmonious and happy relationships

It is necessary to write “from the heart”, taking as a guide only your own wishes, and not the fashion or opinion of other people. Having compiled the “characteristic” of the MCH, it should be placed in a prominent place so that your eyes would fall on it as often as possible during the day.

Please note that you can not change your desires! It is more correct to devote a couple of weeks to careful consideration of this issue than to correct the list daily.

So you just confuse the universe and can not get the desired result.


If you want something to quickly become a part of your life — you need to learn the art of visualization. This visualization allows you to attract the right things or people.

It is based on the principle that the human brain does not discriminate whether your imagination is real or whether it is invented only by you and in both cases perceives it as reality.

So, if you languish in search of your second half — make an image of the MCH and begin to imagine how the dream became a reality. Think about how you will spend time with your man, what feelings and emotions you will experience.

Visualize regularly, every day in your free time!

In this process it is also very important to express only your personal desires, think about what is important in the relationship for you. Do not look at your friends, acquaintances, do not try to learn from their experience, because they are not you, you are a unique person with your own world view, dreams and “Wishlocks.”

How to find a man of harmonious and happy relationships

Try to find a man like you

If you are a smart, beautiful, educated young lady who practices self-development, a healthy lifestyle and confidently leads to success, then you should look for a decent MCH who can harmoniously complement you.

A healthy relationship is when both partners are approximately equal in their internal resources, have similar goals, about the same intelligence. Only then can they be «on equal rights», harmoniously exchanging energy with each other.

It makes no sense to start a relationship otherwise, because you will not feel complete internal moral satisfaction from them. Why, then, waste your precious time and energy on finding out the relationship, blaming the partner, that he is “not like that”, a gap, if such consequences can be prevented in advance?

It is better to start looking for such a man who can fill you with something, complement your positive qualities with her own, fill the shortage of those in whom you are experiencing a shortage. In such relationships, you will open up, unite into one, they will fill you with harmony and happiness every day, giving you undisturbed joy from the fact that you have found your soul mate.

I hope you have become a little clearer how to find the man of your dreams. I recommend watching an interesting video on the subject of the article:

Guess today using the map of the tarot «Map of the Day»!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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