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How to find out that you were bewitched?

A stranger’s soul is dark, but its own is always in sight. With proper willpower, every bewitched person can feel the signs of witchcraft on time.

Earlier, we already talked about the external manifestations of a successful love affair, but now we will speak directly about the psycho-emotional side of the matter.

Systematic oddities

The first symptom is usually unexplained difficulties with self-control. If you have recently been doing quite stupid things often, while acting as if you are half asleep, this is not a good signal.

Illogical actions of the bewitched

How to find out that you were bewitched?You may occasionally roll a deep depression, alternating with euphoria.

Probably the desire to cross the family, undoubtedly dismiss the first interesting things and entertainment.

Bewitched constantly remembers one woman (or man).

Note: reflections will not necessarily be embellished by positive emotions.

It is not excluded that you, on the contrary, will be negatively disposed towards her (him). Hate is also a form of passion.

Another sure sign is that you are looking for any reason to meet with someone who you could have considered completely strangers, physically crave for any touch of him. Every touch causes:

  • cardiopalmus;
  • slight dizziness;
  • confusion

In the presence of the initiator of love witchcraft, the bewitched person usually feels himself to be living fully, brightly, and after parting the victim covers fear, irritation and self-doubt.

It is impossible to resist attraction for a long time — the body will almost certainly react with some serious illness. It happened that people even died due to a love spell.

How to resist influence?

Finding the characteristic symptoms of the current divination, do not panic. Soberly ponder the situation.

To begin with, try to objectively evaluate your attitude towards the person who charmed you. If he is pleasant to you without any magic, try to call him in a frank conversation.

Explain to those in love that radical methods come to nothing; much more honest to build love on equal terms.

The one who put the spell is almost always capable relatively painless remove them (except in cases of «black» magic).

If sincere conversation is not possible or the spell is imposed by a third person (say, the mother of a girl or boy), you will have to answer with witchcraft.

Looking through the pages of our site, you will find acceptable homemade ways to cool. However, we warn you: to get rid of the drying on your own is a great success.

It is more expedient to turn to sensible healers.

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