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How to get the money back with magic, make the debtor repay

Do I need magic to get my money back?

Sometimes we have to deal with completely unscrupulous people in our lives. Surely you are familiar with them too.

They are singing affectionate nightingale, trying to pull out of the surrounding funds. And when the time comes to give, they turn into a formidable vulture — a vulture.

They are turning, excuse me, as a back seat to someone who recently swore eternal friendship or even pretend not to know at all.

In general, you have to think up how to get your money back, to scratch out the debtor’s greedy fingers.

Often the usual methods of exposure do not help. Shame one who lacks conscience is counterproductive.

How to get the money back with magic, make the debtor repay

He responds very aggressively to threats and persuasions, or he plays the fool, crying into his waistcoat, telling him how hard it is. But still they see that a person has money, just does not want to give it back.

So you have to decide how to get your money back with the help of magic.

To our joy, there are many ways. For every taste, or rather, for any situation.

After all, one debtor to another is no match.

Here the approach should be special.

Some can be influenced directly, others have to look for a special approach. It should also evaluate the energy of its debtor, the level of its resistance.

But, these are special methods. We’ll do the usual.

How to get money back with magic

First, we will try to make the client «independently» come to the idea of ​​the need to pay.

The method, let’s say, is not the toughest. But, nevertheless, he often rescues people from an unpleasant situation.

  1. You must take a photo of the debtor, or in extreme cases, write his name on a piece of paper.
  2. Light two candles and put them on the sides of yourself. Put a photo in front of you.
  3. It is necessary with two hands (symbolically) to collect the flame from the candles and send it to the image. It will turn out as if you are flapping your “wings”.
  4. In this case, say so:

“I call unearthly forces, and hell, damn. Fly from the flame into the fire, pull the Lord slave (name) to judgment for himself.

Let it burn and wander, let its blood boils and bubbles, does not give either a dream or a thought to be forgotten. Until you pay off your debts, hellfire doesn’t roll back from him!


Say the formula should be as many times as the age of this person. Then pour wax from the candles on his face (written name).

When finished, place the photo under the threshold. Let it lie there until it brings money.

This should happen within seven days.

However, not every such ritual punches. Some resist.

For them, there are other methods.

Magic in order to get the debtor to get the money back

This ritual is much heavier in its effects than the previous one. It is not advisable to start from him.

After all, the result may be damage to the debtor.

He will close all the opportunities to receive income. Someone will think that this is quite true. But still we are people, should take care of each other.

Although, everyone chooses what is closer to him in spirit.

For the ritual you need fresh butter. You should also stock up on a board of aspen or log. All this can be found in the countryside, in the countryside.

  1. On the waning moon, face west.
  2. Scoop up a fistful of oil with your left hand. Do not regret. Take as much as fit.
  3. Smear it with an aspen board and read the formula.
  4. Then the board should be taken out into the street and placed so that it falls under the sunlight.

“Oil on aspen, but not on cold ice. Bark will and spoils that you (the name of the debtor) to take care of the debt. Sob and spin, but nowhere to go.

You will be tormented by thoughts, but it will not work. Get the hell out of your money if you do not return the debt the other day! Amen!»

We have described ways of influencing the debtor without contact, remotely, so to speak. But there are other methods.

If you constantly or sometimes communicate with this person, it is recommended to invite him for a cup of coffee. Suppose you do not want to do this, but the money is necessary to lure.

How to get the money back with magic, make the debtor repay

In his drink (tea, coffee, wine is even better), say so:

“In the blue ocean, the toad lives in the fog. She crushes the throat, the one who lives meanly. I let the frog out of the mist, you (name) cling to my throat.

Let the toad twists and presses, drinks blood, does not breathe. Until you return the money, you will not remove the toad from the soul. Amen!»

So conspiratorial drink and treat the debtor. Alcohol drink will lead to faster results.

However, the ritual will certainly leave this person in the field of damage. Maybe he deserves it.

But, why should you be responsible for this before the Higher Forces? Although, sometimes your thoughts and hands are what they direct.

The strongest impact on the debtor

We give another method. He is for the most unscrupulous.

This is definitely a black magical effect. That is, a person will practically bring his last money into life.

Never again will he have any income.

The ritual is not recommended for the victim, which is not tried to influence the weaker and easier methods.

If nothing helps, then buy a bottle of vodka and go to the churchyard. This should be done on a decreasing moon.

There, find an old, but not abandoned grave. Only one in which the debtor’s namesake rests.

  1. Put the bottle on the side of the cross or monument (behind) without uncorking it.
  2. Go around the grave around six times, repeating the formula.
  3. Then turn and leave.

Try not to appear anymore. Is it dangerous.

“Rise up demons and spirits from the graves, until my debtor has cooled. Take the pain and illness with you, drink it into the bones and muscles of the needle.

Let him contort and make me feel bad, let him understand that he will not be able to live until I return my money.

Kolita, cut, eyes with sand fall asleep, just do not stop work. God rest your souls!

Don’t break my word! Amine!»

The bottle, of course, local regulars will find and drink.

The more joyful this surprise is for the homeless, the faster the ritual will work. Therefore, you should not buy the cheapest vodka.

It is clear that much too expensive is also not needed.

Second tip: do not hide the hotel in the thicket or in the most secluded corner of the churchyard. So put it so that it can be seen by every passer-by.

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