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How to improve the relations with the wife, the husband, the guy and the girl

From time to time, each family faces certain difficulties that are an integral part of our life. If they are temporary, they do not cause us significant inconvenience. When a guy with a girl or spouse starts to quarrel too often — something wrong happens.

How to improve relations with the wife and husband, and in general in a couple — that is what we will discuss in this article.

How to improve the relations with the wife, the husband, the guy and the girl

Causes of conflict between the sexes

Now we often hear that real men are «extinct.» And women from lovely and fragile creatures are transformed into “iron” business women, who are more interested in creating their careers than in their families. “Weak” sex shows more independence, and “strong” — seeks to avoid responsibility.

What is the root of this problem? Why everything happens this way and not vice versa. Indeed, by nature, a man is supposed to be courageous, to take responsibility for his wife and children, to bring finances into the house.

And the person of the fair sex on her part should be enveloping her faithful with the soft, gentle energy of love, inspiring him for new feats.

In our world, lately everything has turned upside down. AND men with ladies often change roles.

But this is one of the main causes of problems in the relationship! Like it or not, but you will not trample against Nature.

And if the woman was originally laid the role of the keeper of the home, and in the man — the breadwinner, then it should be so.

And what happens when partners switch roles? Instead of soft, kind and smooth energy, she begins to develop a sharp, energetic, aggressive male, she works hard and takes responsibility for herself (for reference, responsibility is an absolutely masculine quality of character.

She adds inner strength to a man, and acts destructively on women).

What, then, does her MCH? He, on the contrary, becomes more passive, spends more time lying on the sofa or drinking beer with his friends.

And ceases to take responsibility.

Can we talk about happiness in such a union? Will people be satisfied with life when they perform functions atypical for themselves?

Hardly. Consciously or unconsciously, they will be gnawed by a feeling of inner dissatisfaction that will come out sooner or later.

As a result, many of these couples decide to run up. And most often on the initiative of a woman who is bored with pulling everything on herself and she goes in search of a more courageous partner.

Please note that we are not talking about the fact that the girl should not develop as a person or work in principle. Not at all, if there is a desire — why not, but the main thing is that it should be done for personal pleasure, and not with tension, only for earning money.

Hence the main advice for any relationship between the sexes — never try to go against your nature. Then in relationships (and in life in general) everything will be much more balanced.

Recognize that there is a big difference between male and female responsibilities. The fact that men are given with ease, women take too much energy. Just like the other way around.

Keeping this in mind and properly distributing roles, one can avoid many conflicts in a relationship.

How to improve the relations with the wife, the husband, the guy and the girl

And then I offer you interesting information, on the basis of which, you will understand how to improve relations and to quarrel less.

How to improve family relations

  • Both man and woman, in a relationship important attention to yourself. Any conflicts always arise due to the lack of one side of attention and energy.

Although it seems that bad character is to blame for everything, bad deeds, but if people fill each other with energy enough, then the gap is excluded. Otherwise, the real “battle for survival” begins and the separation is very close.

  • A man, before getting married, should «divorce» with his mother. The first woman in a man’s life is his mother. He retains a strong emotional attachment to her for the first 12 years of her life. Then connections tend to weaken, although this does not always happen.

Very often these days it happens to observe situations when a mother does not want to let an adult son go, does not give him freedom, makes decisions for him. And thus turns him into a loser!

Is it possible under such conditions to create a happy and harmonious relationship?

Of course not. Therefore, it is so important for a man to first «divorce» with his parent, and only then go in search of the second half.

  • A man will grow in status only thanks to the love of his woman (either mother or wife). No growth? So love is not enough.

Let’s try to deal with this situation. What is necessary for growth in status?

That’s right, energy (expressed in support). Who can I get it from?

From a person who loves and believes in you.

In the case when there is no growth in a pair for a long time, for example, it is not possible to gather for a long time to an apartment, it means that a man, as a breadwinner and a hunter, needs strength. He is only able to take them from his woman, who will give him faith that he is the best.

It is thanks to female love that male power increases, social growth begins.

How to improve the relations with the wife, the husband, the guy and the girl

  • When there is true love — partners are interested in the development of each other. Otherwise, we are not talking about a big and bright feeling.

It often happens that a man forbids his wife to work, as well as to get involved in something that is not connected with the house. What does it mean?

Perhaps he lacks the attention of his faithful, and so he tries to point it out to her.
When the MCH does not need attention, but it also keeps the partner «in custody» — he deliberately impedes its development.

Such relationships evolve according to the victim-executioner model. In them, a man experiences a sense of superiority over his woman, since he does not really want to admit his weakness.

And just asserting itself at her expense.

Everything ends, as a rule, by the fact that the lady is bored with the role of an eternal hostage, and she escapes from her tyrant.

The situation may be the opposite, when the lady prevents the spouse from developing, communicating with friends, trying to make him not a courageous hunter and earner, but her own pet. But it is also necessary for him to sometimes spend time in a male company; one should not prohibit doing this.

  • Men dream of making their woman the Queen. A woman needs a ready-made King. A person of the weaker sex is always interested in finding a Male Teacher who will help her know better, above all, herself. A woman needs a person who can uncover and accept her various incarnations: Girls, Hostesses, Mistresses, and the Queen.

To do such a thing exclusively to the King. Therefore, women are looking for strong men who have overcome their own fears and complexes and have enough faith in their abilities.

The man on his part wants to “create” a woman, he readily makes her the Queen and does not want her to learn from someone else.

How can a woman make her man a king? He needs to pay enough royal attention and respectfully acknowledge his merits, which he does for her.

If a lady manages to create in her favorite feeling of being a successful King, she will always feel happy and live in a state of harmony and abundance.

How to improve the relations with the wife, the husband, the guy and the girl

  • It is very important for men to watch their intonation., as she is thinly read by his beloved woman. No wonder they say that «women love with their ears.» Therefore, it is important that the stronger sex can express love with a voice, controlling their intonations.

Women are gentle creatures, their feelings are like leaflets in the wind. A strong wind makes them tremble.

It is just such a wind that the raised intonations act, the cry from the man to his woman.

Even loud intonation can scare a woman so much that she goes into herself and stops giving her MCH enough attention.

But, as we already know, it is responsible for its growth in society.

But, of course, the lady, for her part, does not have the right to switch to cries in communication with her husband. It will also negatively influence the faithful by its heightened intonation.

It is important for both partners to learn to control emotions and communicate with each other constructively, without mutual insults and disrespect.

In conclusion

  • That everything is good in a family or relationship — it is important to play the right roles
  • you need to give each other enough attention, love, support mutual development and then the union of two hearts will be joyful and harmonious!

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