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How to know love?

Dare to love spell can only be when you are one hundred percent sure of the authenticity of feelings. It is always difficult to understand the feelings — try to be objective when the soul is on fire and your thoughts are soft-boiled.

It is especially difficult for those people who experience deep affection for the first time.

Let’s try to help you. To begin, talk about the signs of love, and then recommend a test spell.

Characteristic symptoms

Sure sign — desire to see a dear person happy by all means. If you are ready to take on his burdens and sorrows, then the motives of selfishness, envy, revenge, resentment and other engines of surface passion are excluded.

Other sign: you do not dear attention of other men. Random courtesy on the part of someone unfamiliar, easy flirting causes you more bitterness of despair than gloating.

Finally, third symptom: appearance lover does not play a decisive role for you. Imagine that he — God forbid — became disabled.

For example, lost a leg and was confined to a wheelchair.

Will you roll it on the stroller around the city?

If yes, you love.

Be honest with yourself!

Consider whether you are ready to listen to his opinion.

It is best to conduct a small impromptu test — to organize some kind of common cause, in which you will need to consult with each other.

This is very easy to do if you are classmates, friends in high school, colleagues. Ask for public figures and ask the love object to help you.

Magical love test

In the evening, you need to pour a basin of warm water and rinse your hair in it — without shampoo.

Water should be put on the street (attention — the method is good only for the warm season).

If you live in a big city, do not take out the whole basin to the entrance. Just slip a small bottle of water drained behind the house.

In the morning, go outside, approach the water and whisper over it the words of the magic plot given below. Try to memorize them beforehand, and not read the text on a piece of paper.

Only in this way will it be possible to feel the spell, to let it through.

Over the sea-okayan,How to know love?

On the island of Buyan,

There is a mighty tree

Underneath the chest is golden.

Tell the servant (s) of the Lord (s) (your name)

Was it written to me

To be the sweetheart slave (e) of the Lord (s) (object name).

Then you need to throw out the water over your left shoulder. The main thing remains. Go randomly down the street and turn to the third passer-by with a question suggesting an affirmative or negative answer.

Do not be scared, nothing complicated.

How to ask a question?

You can come up with quite an ordinary reason. For example, in a big city: Sorry, you live in this neighborhood? (the necessary answer, yes or no, will definitely follow). Tell me how to get there somewhere? ”

When a town is small or you live in a village, not everyone remembers each other’s faces, asking a question is even easier. Just do not play along, do not use the knowledge of other people’s habits or obvious observations.

Just in case, think over convenient questions in advance.

If the answer is yes, you can safely apply conspiracies to marry. Do not delay the time, and then, you see, will lead away your happiness right from under your nose.

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