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How to make a homunculus from an egg and is it really possible

The egg homunculus is a mythical creature created by medieval alchemists. On the subject of this legend filmed a huge number of videos with a repetition of the medieval experiment.

However, who is such a homunculus?

Homunculus from the egg — how did such an idea

Growing idea homunculus as a small person, who is born in an unconventional way, has stirred people since ancient times because of the desire to avoid complications during pregnancy and childbirth, to get rid of infertility, or to provide an opportunity for single people to have a child. In a sense, modern tools and techniques for artificial insemination arose ideologically from similar experiments.

Of course, in comparison with modern science, many ancient ideas and practices seem to be wild and meaningless, but in those times theories were created by long thoughts and experiments, often occurring on a whim.

How to make a homunculus from an egg and is it really possible

Arnold from Villanova

The first documented experiments on the creation of a homunculus were carried out by a Spanish doctor. By Arnoldus de Villanove back in the 13th century.

Considering that the legendary alchemist was the author of several reputable scientific books, it is silly to consider the possibility of creating a homunculus as idle fiction and simple legends.

It was a real experiment, crowned with relative success. However, medieval scholars carefully kept secrets, so there is no detail regarding the first human-grown homunculus.

The records of the alchemist Paracelsus, who lived in the 16th century in Switzerland, are most famous for homunculi. Paracelsus remained in history not as a mystic and soothsayer, but as a medical practitioner who laid the foundations of modern medicine and gave impetus to its development in the Renaissance. Before him, most doctors in universities and academies studied the works of ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, and their teachers ignored everything new.

It is not surprising that the inquisitive mind of a young doctor was open to the most unusual experiments.

How to make a homunculus from an egg and is it really possible

One of them was the creation of homunculi by Paracelsus. The alchemist described recipes that require different ingredients and actions.

Now the most famous option to create a fruit with the help of eggs. However, Paracelsus considered the egg just a breeding ground. According to his records, homunculi could be grown not only in eggs, but also in specially prepared substrates, for example, a mixture of manure, compost and sawdust.

In addition to Paracelsus, in his research the attention of the homunculi was paid to Count Saint-Germain, and even the famous soothsayer Nostradamus.

The doctrine of homunculi suggested that the basis of life and the human embryo is contained in sperm. The discovery of them by Leeuwenhoek as separate living cells capable of independent movement allowed the scientists of the 17th century to take seriously the information that Paracelsus tried to convey to the medical and scientific community more than a hundred years ago.

And although most of the individual claims of the famous alchemist were later corrected or even refuted, the scientist was ahead of his time.

How to make a homunculus — classic medieval recipes

How to make a homunculus from an egg and is it really possibleThe most well-known surviving recipe for the authorship of Paracelsus involves the immersion of male seed in horse manure for several weeks, followed by its «magnetisation.»

The alchemist did not give an exact explanation of the essence of this process, so it is difficult to repeat the experiment. Paracelsus mentioned that the resulting homunculus looks like an ordinary baby, only of a smaller size.

It is necessary to feed him with blood until maturity. An adult homunculus, according to the experiments of the alchemist, looks like an ordinary man of 10–12-inch height.

Of course, we do not have the documented facts that this very recipe for putting into practice the homunculus from Paracelsus was a success.

The most important work Paracelsus kept in encrypted form. One of the modern interpretations of his records allowed to recreate information on how to create a homunculus.

To do this, three servings of sperm, harvested from one person within an hour, are placed inside a black chicken’s egg. The seed is injected with a syringe. Pre-pierce the egg and get rid of a small amount of protein so that the shell does not crack during the injection.

After that, the egg is buried in the aforementioned pile of manure. There are no exact dates — some researchers mention 30 days, others 40, and others 28.

Therefore, modern creators of homunculi try different ways in the hope of obtaining the expected result.

You yourself can join the experimenters. Men are easy to get the seed by masturbation. Women ask friends for help — contrary to popular belief, donor centers and sperm banks do not sell the male seed for any purpose.

Turning to other ingredients and taking into account existing experiments, it can be argued that there is no need to use an egg from black chicken. As well as there are no restrictions on the type of bird in whose egg the future homunculus will develop.

The main thing is that it was a farmer, fertilized.

You can not bury the egg in the manure — any dark warm place with a temperature in the range from 26 to 30 degrees will do. This is a common mistake novice manufacturers of homunculi.

They do not take into account that a hat or scarf does not give heat, but only protects from cold. Therefore, the resulting creatures are not full-fledged homunculi, but non-viable freaks.

Why do you need a homunculus?

How to make a homunculus from an egg and is it really possibleAccording to medieval treatises, a properly created homunculus from the moment of birth possesses the gift of speech and a deep understanding of the principles of the work of the Universe. He can thank his creator by sharing with him the most intimate secrets of the universe.

It was believed that the recipe of the philosopher’s stone, capable of bestowing immortality and turning lead into gold, can be obtained precisely from the homunculus.

If you are able to properly create and grow such a little man, he will certainly thank you for longevity, wealth and good health. However, remember that the homunculus, as an artificial being, is devoid of moral principles.

Therefore, treat the education responsibly, otherwise it will harm the creator.

Cultivation of such creatures attracts men who are unable to achieve female attention, or fruitless people. They have no alternative options for obtaining offspring and realization of parental instincts.

A properly trained homunculus can replace a child.

Opinion skeptics about the homunculus — truth or fiction

The history of alchemical studies of doctors and medieval scientists raises doubts among modern people.

And they are not always baseless. So, bloodletting is recognized as harmful and not giving a positive effect procedure only by the end of the 19th century.

The same applies to practices that cause doubt and mistrust, even among most scholars of antiquity.

How to make a homunculus from an egg and is it really possibleGiven the immense popularity of self-creating a homunculus in our time, as well as a large number of experiments aimed at cultivating a living creature from a chicken egg, it is not surprising that now there are many revelations. Thus, more than half of the video clips that show the appearance of various scary creatures, worms and other pseudo-munkules from an egg make it possible to uniquely identify them as a fake.

How to make a homunculus from an egg and is it really possible

How to make a homunculus from an egg and is it really possible

But what about the video recordings, where the birth of a strange living creature is uniquely captured? This question is easily answered by practicing veterinarians. If a fertilized egg was used for the birth of a homunculus, it contained a bird embryo.

However, due to the violation of the integrity of the shell, the wrong temperature regime, its development slows down, stops or goes the wrong way.

Chimeras are born — mutilated chicken embryos that have miraculously saved their lives.

However, a considerable number of records remain, which depict living for a long time and already grown up homunculi. Regarding them, skeptics and followers of this idea could not come to a consensus — evidence of homunculi that corresponded to the ideas of medieval alchemists and could devote the creator to mystical secrets, no. But there is no denial of the possibility of creating such creatures.

Moreover, it is unlikely that a person who has gained access to the most secret secrets of the Universe would have to share such valuable information in order to show his homunculus to the whole world. So feel free to start experimenting — suddenly you will be able to grow the most real homunculus from an ostrich egg or another substrate.

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