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How to make a voodoo doll

How to make a voodoo doll

Starting to make figurines voodoo dolls, Remember the basic rule: you should not just sculpt a figure, but have an internal setting that you make a semblance of a certain person — the object of your impact, to keep his image in your head.

A voodoo doll must be outwardly similar to the person to whom you will direct your magic. However, the similarity is not referring to the photographic, but rather conditional, the main thing is to introduce some characteristic features into the doll that can remind you of this particular person.

Remember that the better you can mentally identify an object with a given person, the less real similarity is required. It is enough for an experienced mage to create a very approximate figure at all, because identification voodoo dolls with the object of impact occurs mainly in the mind, not in the real world.

To make voodoo doll preferably at one time without interrupting.

A voodoo doll will act as an intermediary between you and the energy of the object of witchcraft. It is through her that you can influence the energy field of another.

Any material will be suitable for making a doll; it can be made from wood, metal, wax or from cloths. All of them can be completely different, with only one similarity — in every voodoo figure made there should be a piece of the person whose prototype it is.

How exactly will you manage to get these particles is another question. These can be either hairs or pieces of nails, or secretions (for example, saliva, blood or semen).

If it is hard to get the bodily particles, then some piece of clothing that has long belonged to this person will also work. By the way, it is better to prepare such figures from natural materials, therefore the most common and simple material for cooking is wax.

We will tell you how to make a voodoo doll It is from the usual wax, bought in a honey store. The doll must be carefully fashioned, paying special attention to such parts of the body as the head, arms, legs and sexual characteristics. The figure should be like a human.

Do not forget that before you sculpt a doll, you need to add the particles that you were able to get into the melted wax. Without this, witchcraft will not take place, and the doll will have no power.

If you could find hairs, then stick them on the head of the doll. If you managed to get some thing of the person on whom you make a figure, then add to it and her too. It will not be superfluous.

Therefore, always try to get as many details and particles as possible — it will only benefit.

An equally important step is the fact that the figure requires a name. You must name it as the name of the object of magical action. In the process of making a doll, do not forget that your figure is the prototype of a particular person.

So try to invest in it all the energy and strength. To baptize the figure, read the special spell:

«From now on they call you (the name of the person who is the prototype of the doll),

With a doll you are united

Everything that happens to her and happen to you. Ago!

Ago! Ago! ”

By the way, you can make a voodoo figure not only for another person, but also for yourself.

Then you can perform a variety of actions on it, and the same will happen to you.

Do not give anyone the figure you made. Use it yourself, only for your own purposes, as careless handling of it by another can lead to disastrous consequences.

Take care and keep it.

If you suddenly decide to get rid of the doll, then there is a magic spell for this. You will need holy water that you sprinkle on the figure, while pronouncing the following lines:

«Holy water will wash the doll

and you (the name of the prototype of the doll) to release.

She is no longer domineering over you.

And your name does not carry. Amen»

Such simple actions will forever destroy the Voodoo doll and any actions on it will now be harmless.

And finally, we once again list the main nuances, how to make a voodoo doll right:

1. Use only natural materials;

2. If you could not get anything that belongs to the prototype of your doll, then nothing will come of it. Use other methods;

3. The belief of a person does not affect the process of cooking figures;

4. Using this figure it is possible to inflict harm, harm and benefit to a person.

5. Do not try to talk a voodoo doll to kill. This is terrible and dark magic. Probably, you will not even have enough strength and energy for it and as a result, it can cause you irreparable harm;

6. You can make a doll, a prototype of which you yourself will be;

7. Do not pass the doll to anyone in order to avoid unpleasant situations;

8. Making witchcraft — you sin. So if you are a Christian and believe in God, forget about magic;

9. And remember, all magic carries many dangers, and Voodoo magic is no exception.

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