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How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

The creation and use of a voodoo doll is the darkest and most mysterious ritual of black magic. With the help of such a doll you can influence a person in various fields.

Holding a properly made voodoo doll in your hands, you have enormous power over the person for whom the doll was created.

With the help of a voodoo doll, you can both bewitch and heal a person, and cause him harm, even death. This is a huge responsibility and mistakes in the manufacturing process or ritual can lead to an unexpected outcome.

Be careful and extremely attentive. This article provides instructions for making a voodoo doll, as well as some of the rituals associated with it.

With inaccurate performance, black magic can cause irreparable harm not only to your ward, but also to himself.

What it is?

Classic doll

One of the essential elements of each ritual is a voodoo doll. This is a small schematic model of a person serving as a vessel for a “guest” (a messenger from other dimensions or otherwise “loa”).

  • Loa called in order to solve any problems and questions. It was believed that these spirits, who had become captives of the doll, for some time were enslaved by the priest and forced to carry out his orders.

If the loa does not want to obey, his physical incarnation can be punished with pain (piercing the doll with needles).

  • After the death of the priest, his subordinate spirit, along with the doll, is transferred to other hands.. In order for a ship to obey a new owner, a special ritual is necessary.

How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

Modern Voodoo Dolls

When creating a Voodoo doll, a person can pursue several goals. Sa common of them — causing harm to a particular person.

The impact on the doll is a projection of the impact on the person.

Thus, the rituals performed on a small copy can undermine health or even lead to the death of the prototype. Dolls created for the purpose of revenge also interact with spirits (not to be confused with Volts, which work at the level of aura).

Their relationship with the victim is due to the presence in the body of the doll of personal belongings of a human prototype.

Dolls can also serve as an amulet that attracts money, luck, or love. In this case, the owner’s personal belongings are sewn into the voodoo manipulator’s body, and the ward is hidden from prying eyes. How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

Preparing for creation and behavior in the process

  1. Before you make a Voodoo doll with your own hands, you need to undergo a training ceremony. And first of all you need to remove the basic energy from those items and materials that you will use when creating your «dark assistant». Before the dolls were created from natural materials with «zero» energy. Now, when creating this magical attribute, glue, threads, fabric, beads and other items made in the factory are used. Naturally, the materials absorb the aura of other people’s touch. You can remove someone else’s energy with salt, sandalwood, incense, and earth.
  2. After the materials have been committed to purification, you can start modeling dolls. But the ritual of creation is not just entertainment with crafts. It is necessary to tune in, create an atmosphere and catch the “dark” energy (in the case of a doll with a charm of “light” energy). In the process of making a doll, imagine the image you want to influence, or the goal you want to achieve.
  3. The consecration of the doll is the final stage of the ritual action. This will require a church candle and fragrant herbs of sage, which should be lit over the doll (in some sources it is advised to keep the doll itself above the smoke). As for the words of baptism, there is no single formula here. The doll is conjured by the forces of four elements, after which it calls for the life and faithful service of the master. The interpretation of baptismal words can be free.
  4. To make a voodoo doll to “work”, you need to give it a name. Own, if you do protect someone else, if you create a Voltaire or a doll for revenge. Naming is done in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

How to make a voodoo doll per person?

First of all, a cruciform base is created for the doll (from twigs or sticks). Bind the junction with coarse thread.

The twigs, from which the base is assembled, must be half alive (not fresh, but not dried as well).

The body of the doll «layered» on the base. It can be modeled with flaps of cloth or flexible straw. It is very good if you know where the birthmarks or moles are located in a person of the prototype.

They can be labeled with beads or beans.

On the body of the doll, it is not necessary to designate the distinctive features of a person acquired in the process of life, such as tattoos and body modifications.

In order to tie the Voodoo doll and the victim with the strongest ties, you need to get biological material: hair, nails, the blood of a person who serves as the prototype of the doll.

In some cases, use photographs and personal belongings of the victim, which are attached to Wood’s thumbnail. However, the most accurate and effective way is blood.

All the time while you are making a doll, mentally associate it with the image of the victim.

How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

In order to make a Voodoo doll that will bring death to a person, two elements will be needed:

The blood must be sewn into the body of the puppet, and the photo cut and attached to the head, or tied with a mourning ribbon attached to the body of the doll.

After the auras of the Voodoo doll and the person are connected, you will have to bury the puppet. This will act as a curse (the doll will pull the person behind him, to the grave). How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

In order to make a spell on the doll, sew a red heart on the left side of the puppet’s chest. Next, light two black candles by placing them on both sides of the table on which the ceremony is held.

Give your loved one sleeping and mentally associate his image with the image of the doll. After the mental connection is established, make a puncture with a needle on the thumb of the right hand.

When a drop of blood comes through, press your finger to the heart of the voodoo puppet. Your blood should be completely absorbed.

How to destroy it?

When you have performed the ritual and achieved your goals, do not rush to throw out the doll.

It is especially dangerous to bury, burn, disassemble the body of Voodoo puppets.

The spirits that you have called for can harm the prototype person in the same way that you got rid of the doll.

If you want to break the connection between the Voodoo puppets and the person with whom she is connected, you need to sprinkle the doll with spring water, then clearly say three times: Over (name) she has no more power! ”

After the burst of auras, the magic item must be given to earth or fire.

We recommend to watch the video — “How to make a Voodoo doll at home?”: How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

Making a ritual doll

Dolls can be made at home from a variety of materials: wooden, rag, wool, wax. But all varieties of Voodoo dolls have something in common, all of them must be made using human particles, with which the doll identifies.

These are nails, hair, secretions (saliva, blood, semen), as well as particles from clothes that the object of identification has long worn. Very often, in addition to a Voodoo doll, a photo of a person is attached to the face of a ritual lalke.

Since there is no fundamental difference in action depending on the type of doll, it is easiest to make a doll from wax, as an option it is also possible from plasticine, but there is no reliable information about how it will work, unfortunately, and since plasticine is not a natural material it is better to use wax.

To make a Voodoo doll from melted wax, you need to make a similarity of a human figure, so that you can clearly distinguish the head, arms, legs and torso. Nails, blood and secretions are added to the wax, depending on what you were able to get.

Hair implanted in the head of the doll, creating a semblance of hair. After the figure is molded, you can still dust it with the shoes of your witchcraft object and wrap it in a piece of fabric from its clothes.

But the most important thing in making a real Voodoo doll is to give her a name. Or to put it another way — to christen.

During the manufacture itself, you need not only to sculpt a doll, you need to remember that you are doing the semblance of a certain person and invest in this process all efforts to saturate the doll with the necessary energy.

After that, give her a name, saying:

«From now your name (man’s name), with this doll you are one,
As with the doll, so with you. Let it be so! Ago, Ago, Ago! ”

Do not forget that the doll is a strong energy channel connecting you with the object of witchcraft, so you need to take care of it and do not trust anyone, only you have to carry out rituals over it, those that you need, for good or for evil! Otherwise, the consequences can be tragic, even to the death of a person.

If you have questions on the topic how to make a voodoo doll, leave comments and we will answer you! How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

Due to the fact that the comments ask a lot of recurring questions, and answer them a hundred times, there is neither time nor desire, we have collected the most necessary, important and popular questions and formed FAQ on them! Repetitive questions in the comments, or simply stupid questions that are of no benefit to any of the users, by the administration will be ignored!

Read on health.

  1. 1. Is it possible to make a Voodoo Doll out of straw, from a rag, from clay, etc.?
    A voodoo doll can be made with your own hands from anything, the main thing is that it contains particles carrying the energy of the person in whose likeness you are making a doll. (nails, hair, clothes, blood, etc.)
  2. 2. I have nothing from the object on which I want to make a doll, no hair, no nails, no more secretions, what should I do?
    If you have nothing that carries the energy of the object, then the Voodoo doll can not be done! Forget about this idea and look for other solutions to your problem.
  3. 3. I made (made) a voodoo doll, and what to do with it I don’t know?
    On our site there is a description of how to make a voodoo spell, other rituals are looking on the Internet, about how to do good with the help of a voodoo doll in paragraph number 8.
  4. 4. Is it dangerous to deal with a voodoo doll? Would it hurt me?
    Yes it is dangerous! Any magic is dangerous if you treat it like a toy! Magic is a serious tool and you can only use it as a last resort and it’s better to turn to a professional, but you don’t repair the TV yourself if it breaks, but call the master! Although on the Internet you can also find information on how to fix the TV! How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home


  1. Is it possible with the help of a voodoo doll to cause harm specifically, or kill a person?
    It is possible, in order to kill, you hardly have enough energy, but you will be able to cause harm, only now look, as it were, then you don’t have to repent for your deeds! Voodoo Magic to destroy a person is very dangerous, and we do not give a technician how to harm anyone and do not advise you to do it!
  2. I am a Christian, is it a sin to engage in magic and make a Voodoo doll in particular?
    Sinful, Christianity does not recognize magic! Pray and God will help you, and forget about magic!
  3. I am a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Catholic, etc., can this somehow influence the success of the ritual?
    Neither! Religion has nothing to do with it!
  4. Can I make a doll for myself? And then what to do with it?
    You can make a doll in your own likeness! Pay attention to the conspiracy in the ritual, it says: «As with the doll, it is with you» — therefore, if you simulate certain circumstances for the doll, they will be attracted to you!

Here is an example from the comments of one user about what to do with your doll (you can do the same with dolls for people you want to do well):

I tied a doll, about 15 cm, the doll personifies me, spat a little, added some hair, put it in a box, covered it with money that wasn’t real, I did it myself. She wore a crown on her head, put on her jewelry, which she used to wear, and what do you think? I now have my own business, not long ago I bought a brand new Lacetti, and before that I was unemployed, I could not find a normal job, I was interrupted for a penny.

So people make dolls for the benefit, let them help you in life. How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

How to get rid of a voodoo doll?

To destroy the Voodoo doll, it is enough to sprinkle it with holy water, saying:

“I clean the doll with holy water
I release you (your name),
no more its power over you
and now your name is not given to her. Amen».

The plot is repeated three times, after that you can do anything with a doll without causing any harm to the person.

When will the rituals that I do with the Voodoo doll work and will it work at all?

The time and power of any magical ritual depends primarily on the person who conducted it!

Or rather from his energy and magic abilities! Therefore, to answer the question: when exactly will the ritual begin to operate, where was the Voodoo doll used? — You can not anyone!

If there were no results for a month, then everything was wasted, the ritual did not work.

Why create a voodoo doll?

As a rule, a person who decides to create such a doll has a firm intention to physically and psychologically influence another person. A doll can be created from any materials, but at the same time it will be a prototype of a real person whom she symbolizes.

Only a professional should be engaged in creating a doll, because in the hands of an amateur such a “toy” will be able to mess things up a lot. In order for the doll to be effective and effective, in the process of its creation it is necessary to use a part of the human biological material that is planned to be affected.

Most often use a strand of hair or nails. How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

Facial features

Additionally, after finishing the doll with the facial features of the selected person, the magician gains almost unlimited power over the object.

In order to firmly link the created figure with the prototype of a real person, the sorcerer additionally pronounces the necessary spells.

  • After the ritual, the magician has unlimited power over the person identified by the “toy”.
  • The followers of such a magical teaching believe that if a voodoo doll is pierced with needles, then the person-victim will feel a strong stabbing pain in the same places.
  • Sometimes a doll is burned in a fire, and then a person can simply burn from the temperature for a couple of days.
  • Cuddle the doll’s head in his hand, the magician provokes severe headaches in the victim.

You can often hear voodoo magic called idolatrous. It is easy to explain.

In many films and books, voodoo followers are shown in a negative light. In fact, not all woods choose to serve the dark side.

Though it is difficult to argue with the fact that most of them serve the forces of evil. How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

History of voodoo magic

A girl in a voodoo costume. Many will be surprised, but true voodoo magic has never been dark. This is a relatively young religion, which originated about 1000 years ago on the territory of the African continent.

Locals safely practiced their magic until it was time for colonial wars.

Some time on their continent dominated the French, who forbade the Wooddist to practice magic.

The dark-skinned slaves were forced to obey the invaders, but the secret magical knowledge did not disappear. Magical rites and rituals were carried out in secret from the colonialists.

But the long-term stay of Europeans among African tribes could not help but leave its mark.

  • Over time, the magic of voodoo mixed with European traditions, forming a new religious trend.
  • The followers of this trend views on the magical postulates were already distorted.
  • Another, more popular branch of voodoo beliefs has spread from Latin America.
  • This religious movement became known there after the colonialists began to settle their possessions with dark-skinned slaves.
  • It is noteworthy that the very first version of voodoo religion had nothing to do with black magic and practiced exclusively as white witchcraft for healing and attracting wealth.
  • Voodoo magic also took over some of the features of Catholicism.
  • The final touches in the transformation of this magical direction made the yellow press and cinema.

How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

The ritual of creating a voodoo doll

A person who decides to create such a doll needs to know some features of such a procedure. The product can be made only from energy-friendly objects. That is, all the threads, fabrics, dyes and buttons first need to be cleaned and removed from them the remnants of foreign energy.

In the production process, all textile materials and plastic pass through a huge number of hands. Objects can be cleaned with incense, earth, salt or sandalwood oil.

  • If you decide to use a voodoo doll, it is better to do it manually, rather than buying in a store.
  • Shop product does not have the necessary power and energy.
  • When creating a doll, it is important to put all your emotions into the product and concentrate on a certain person.
  • Invest in the doll all your intentions and spiritual experiences.
  • Thus, the material from which the «toy» is made, absorbs the necessary energy.

After the doll is finished, you need to paint it with the facial features of the intended person.

If you make a doll for yourself in order to attract luck and financial well-being, then during the process you need to concentrate all your thoughts on money and financial success.

Think about the fact that soon you will pay off your debts, receive a sudden salary increase, you will find a large amount of money.

How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

The final step in creating a voodoo doll is its consecration.

This is not an easy ritual to be taken seriously. It is important that no one is near you during the ritual.

Someone else’s energy can kill you and prevent you from accomplishing the intentional. To sanctify the doll, you need to light a candle brought from the church. It is desirable that the candle was white.

While it burns, raise the doll high above the fire, so that smoke comes at it. It is necessary to pronounce the spell:

“I sanctify you in long service, in the making of a share, in obedience to your master (say your name). I charge you to serve me as faithfully as the four elements serve the world.

In the name of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, I order you to obey and help me. ”

The spell must be cast exactly seven times.

After that, you should smoke the doll with needles or incense. Be sure to come up with a name for the doll.

If you do it for yourself, name yourself.

Having a name of its own, the doll will find the soul and become «alive.» Talk to her and treat with care.

It is important that no one except you saw your product. You can only communicate with a voodoo doll alone..

Hide it in a secluded place, away from prying eyes.

How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

How to make a voodoo doll

Voodoo doll with pins. To create a doll using a variety of materials.

If there is a need to make a doll urgently, you can use any available materials.

  • The main thing is to properly follow the procedure.
  • But in the classic version of creating a voodoo doll, you will need a piece of cloth, a rope or a piece of thread, buttons or beads, glue, scissors, two carved wooden sticks and moss.
  • The most important component of a voodoo doll is the human biological material — hair, nails, skin, saliva, and blood.
  • Voodoo masters create dolls using moss, in our latitudes moss is easily replaced with cotton.

Before you begin to create a doll, think about your state of mind. It is very important that you do not experience hatred and aggression.

You can start the ritual only if you are sure that you are able to control your thoughts and emotions.

In no case can not curse someone at this moment or desire evil. It is also important to clean the materials not only on the energy level, but also on the physical level, that is, to remove all the dirt from them and the smallest foreign objects.

How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

Robust construction

  1. To create a doll, you need to fasten two wooden sticks with a rope.
  2. To make the construction solid, the rope must be fixed with hot wax.
  3. After that, you need to take moss (or cotton wool) and wind the rope from the middle to the intended head.
  4. Then — from the middle to the legs.
  5. So you get a wooden cross, vertically wound with cotton.
  6. After that, it is necessary to wrap the cotton wool with cloth patches smeared with glue.
  7. Next — on the «head» to draw facial features, embroider with threads or draw a mouth.

Buttons, beads, or buttons can serve as eyes. When the product is ready, it is necessary to “instill” in it the soul.

For this you need to do the rituals of consecration. After that, you can be sure that you own a real voodoo doll.

Another important feature is that if you make a doll to attract good luck, wealth and health, then it is better to make it during the growing moon. If you want to get rid of the problems, then you need to make a voodoo doll on a decreasing moon.

How it works?

The action of a voodoo doll is based on the establishment of a strong energy bond with a specific person. In Europe in the Middle Ages, this effect was called rapport.

That is, by performing certain actions during its manufacture, the effect of the “energy twin” is achieved, and any action is projected onto the person to whom they are going to influence.

Manufacturing methods

There are several ways in which a voodoo doll is made at home. Depending on the availability of materials, the doll can be made from fabric, wood, paper, clay, wax or plasticine.

Traditionally, in the Caribbean, where voodoo magic is particularly prevalent, they are made of cloth and straw. According to this technology in our country have long been doing all kinds of amulets and toys. When making a voodoo doll with your own hands, you should perform basic
requirements to achieve a positive effect.

  • In the manufacture, the material must be added pieces of nails or hair of a person who is planned to have an impact.
  • This will establish the necessary energy link.
  • In addition, it is highly recommended to sew clothes for a voodoo doll from pieces of that person’s old worn clothes.

Why worn? Because in this case, the clothes are saturated with human energy and remain for some time connected with thin energy threads. How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

From clay (clay, wax)

This is the most popular way of making dolls, given the prevalence and availability of materials. The doll must be blind, having achieved some similarity with the right person.

Pay attention that it is necessary to give similarity not only on a constitution and a figure, but also in facial features.

A paper doll is made only in the absence of other possible materials. This is the easiest way, but also with the lowest efficiency.

As a rule, when making paper, it is very difficult to give resemblance to a person; This gives the doll a kind of toy and has an impact on the power of influence.

Sewing rules

Studying how to make a voodoo doll correctly, you should turn to the thousand-year experience of pagan magicians.

  1. Traditionally, a doll made of fabric, filled with straw and grass is considered the most effective.
  2. You can make a face with the help of wax, or simply paint it with natural colors to achieve portrait similarity.
  3. Try to give it the obvious traits of a woman or a man, depending on who you are going to influence.
  4. Here, of course, can be no frills.
  5. It is enough to make a figure with broad shoulders or wide hips, to indicate belonging to a male or female gender.

How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

Voodoo Doll Ritual

Despite what is said about the application of this magic in the films, it is worth considering that in carrying out these actions the most powerful energy is involved.

Such forces are not always able to control even experienced magicians.

We recommend using a Voodoo doll for love rituals or healing. Never try to harm another person with it.

The consequences of applying a negative impact are simply frightening. When trying to hurt another person, you are very likely to

to subject yourself and your dear people to a reverse energy strike of enormous power, far superior to the one you initiated. That’s the way magic is.

In addition, no matter what religion you belong to, do not dirty your karma with bad deeds and take sin against your soul.

Whatever actions a person commits, we have no right to assume the functions of divine justice and try to change the course of events. Believe in the best, and evil will definitely be punished without your participation.

Preparation for production

Americans call a voodoo doll Voodoo Poppet, which is consonant with the translation «baby», «baby.» Having taken the African ancient religion as a basis, having given magical properties to masks, dolls and other objects, Hollywood, through the cinema, presented us with some kind of combined product, contact with which must necessarily end in disastrous for man.

And although a voodoo doll is not considered a toy, it is used for rituals related to human energies by knowledgeable people).

If you want to have your own doll with powerful energy, you need, first, to carefully prepare yourself from a psychological point of view, and secondly, to learn in detail how to make a voodoo doll. It is known that a raw chicken egg takes away negative energy, so before you start making a toy, you need to break an egg into water and put a glass at night near your head so that all negative emotions and negatives are taken by the water with the raw egg.

The contents of the glass in the morning need to be sent to the toilet, you can not leave the glass on the table, give the animals or pour on the ground. After the “energy cleansing” procedure, you can proceed to the direct manufacture of the doll. How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

First stage

To merge with the ancient culture of voodoo was complete, you need to light aromatic candles near the table and turn on the drum sound to maximize perception. In order for Loa (the patron saint of voodoo) to be favorable to you, you must put sweets on the table, which are destroyed after midnight at the crossroads.

  • Focus on the goal: protect yourself, bewitch your beloved, gain trust and favor, love, etc.
  • Then come up with words that you will constantly pronounce while making a toy: let there be love, let us be together — you and I, let Loa protect me from evil spirits, let me and him (name) from this day have mutual sympathy .
  • Next you need to put on the table all the components: two medium sized sticks, a piece of cloth, a rope, beads or buttons, threads, needles, glue and any filler (moss, cut pieces of cloth, cotton wool, synthetic winterizer).
  • If you want to bewitch someone, you will need to sew up hair, nails or any small object that is very expensive to this person.

It is better if no one will disturb you during sewing, and your thoughts will be occupied only with what you are trying to accomplish with all your might. Production of voodoo loves the waning moon, if you need to turn away from yourself, and growing — if you want to attract a person or a situation.

Detailed instructions for making

  1. At home, it is easy to make such a doll, the main thing is not to be distracted, listen to your inner feeling and be in a situation “here and now”, i.e. mentally focus on the product. Sa is a simple rag doll, a pattern for which you can draw and attach to the fabric so that it resembles a person with a silhouette, and then cut it out.
  2. The second pattern is a mirror reflection, approximately 5 mm more than the first, for the convenience of the seam. If you want, you can make the doll multi-colored on both sides or vertically on one side, using the symbolism of voodoo, which is painted or pasted as appliqués: a skull and bones, crosses, a black brush, a heart.
  3. Before stitching the two bases together, you need to make a padding with padding polyester or cotton, not forgetting to put inside the object for which you started such a risky venture. The bases are sewn only along the edge; in the middle, a packing or fabric cannot be tied with threads. Then you need to symbolically separate each part of the body, tightening or stitching it with threads of two colors: black and white.
  4. The final touch is a face, which must have eyes, which can replace buttons or embroidered crosses, nose and mouth — they can be drawn with ink, paint or black pencil in order to save time. How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

Classic voodoo doll

A classic voodoo doll is not sewn, the fabric is wound on a cross, which is tied with a rope before the ritual itself begins. On the one hand, the fabric should be soft, the other, on the contrary, rough and smooth.

First, the cross is wrapped with a padding, which is usually Spanish moss, which, according to ancient legend, absorbs energy better than other objects of living nature. Begin with the head and finish in the middle, in the region of the heart, then knitting threads, thin patches of fabric connected with each other, ropes are wound up.

The crown of the head is a small ball of thread, which is put on top of the cross made, you can decorate it at your discretion. In the classical sense, the doll should resemble the object of your “guardianship”: if the person has a high hairline, the doll should also have a bulging eye — mark it with large buttons, glue a piece of hair of your chosen doll to the head.

Terms of use

No matter how you treat ancient beliefs, your thoughts, even if they are evil, insidious and aimed at the destruction of another, will help to realize your plans.

Remember: in our world, the boomerang rule — evil, thrown at someone, will definitely return to you, so things like voodoo dolls can only be used for peaceful purposes and for the good of good. Energy, invested in what you did with your own hands, and even with the involvement of the ancient ritual, becomes more powerful several times. How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home


Here is a case when you can safely use ancient magic. Do not pay attention to those stories and opinions that exist in society thanks to Hollywood films.

In fact, in voodoo magic, things like the “annihilation” or “enslavement” of an individual are not often used.

  • Of course, this is the case, only everything depends on the purpose and the spirits attracted.
  • In the end, it is not necessary to call those who live «on the dark side.»
  • In any case, love magic is based on brighter and cleaner powers.
  • To attract the desired person, you need to make and properly speak a voodoo doll.
  • There are certain rules that must be followed.
  • That is, not just the composition of the material, but also the name of the Spirit that will help you.
  • How to make a voodoo doll per person for a love spell should be carefully read before the action itself.

It is unacceptable to change the composition of ingredients, violate the technology. The fact is that Voodoo Spirits, which are invoked, have a slightly different, “not our” nature.

Do not try to embrace them with logic. Better act on what is written, then the result will be as intended.


A voodoo doll is a double of a beloved person. She has a complete direct connection with him, which arises at the time of performing the ritual. It must be remembered that everything that happens with the doll will necessarily affect the object of the love spell.

Not necessarily so directly, as in the movie show, but still in the field of energy will come. Therefore, a voodoo doll must be treated carefully, not subjected to unnecessary shocks or other actions that may cause aggressive consequences.

To make a voodoo doll, you must have pieces of a human body. Commonly used nails, hair, blood, and so on.

If it is not possible to get it all, then you need to collect dust on the road along which he passed, maybe — the remnants of coffee from his cup (it contains saliva), clothes, or other items with which the person has been in contact.

Without these attributes, the doll will be almost dead.

Unfortunately, these are the rules.

The basic material for making a doll is usually wax. For love spells recommend adding pollen to flowers, honey. It is advisable to walk in nature and independently collect pollen or nectar from fresh flowers.

Just do not use those that are already cut off. This is dead material, it cannot help you.

It will only interfere with the creation of the energy channel.

How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home


Studying how to make a voodoo doll for a love spell, it is worth understanding that this is not for everyone. There is such a thing as personal power. So, it should be in your presence.

Otherwise, you can not do the most important thing — to link the doll made with the object of love spell. How to determine the availability of such a possibility.

There are some simple tests that voodoo use in schools.

  1. For example, if you remember for sure that you have had a prophetic dream at least once in your life, then there are no problems, you can practice voodoo magic.
  2. If in doubt, try to “disperse” the clouds.
  3. You just need to go under the open sky on a cloudy day.
  4. Try to focus on how to «move» any (specific) cloud.
  5. No need to especially strain. Just imagine that it melts or floats beyond the horizon.
  6. Fifteen minutes later, look at the result.

Happened? Then you can start making a voodoo doll.


If you remember how to sculpt from clay, then the process itself, to make a doll, you should not cause difficulties. The doll is made in the form of a man with pronounced signs. That is, you need to fashion the head and torso, arms and legs.

Magic elements are added to the wax in the same order as in a living organism. Namely, the nails should be in the hands, hair on the head, blood in the body and so on.

When the small semblance of the victim is ready, it can be sprinkled with the material that is collected from under the victim’s feet (dust, sand, and so on). If you have elements of saliva (for example, coffee), then add it to that piece, from which you will make the head. It is necessary to sculpt the face to make it clear how to handle the doll.

Sex organs are also an important moment. It is in these parts of the doll that honey or pollen is added. How to make a voodoo doll on a man with his own hands at home

Personal thing

A voodoo doll needs to be wrapped in prepared pieces of clothing or other things that the victim has touched (as a last resort, a napkin will do).

  • Next, it is desirable to put your «creativity» in a special box.
  • Do not be lazy to cover it with a piece of beautiful fabric, lace and the like.
  • The atmosphere of external beauty only spur magical powers.
  • After production, you need to create a communication channel.
  • To do this, even in the process of work, one should try to represent the object, to associate details with real parts of the body.

When you are going to face, head, hair, imagine what he has going on in his thoughts. Imagine in detail how he (or she) will “burn” with love for you.

Now you need to cast a spell:

“I name you (the name of the victim). From now on you are with him (her) one whole!

I call in the aid of the Spirit Oshun! Connect (name) with a doll! Breathe life into it! ”

From this moment you become the owner of the most valuable energy-related subject. Before you conduct the ceremony of a love spell, it is recommended to talk with the doll for several days.

You can talk about how people will be happy to share their feelings and thoughts. At the same time, remember that the attitude towards the doll must be respectful and careful.

If you disregard it, swear, or get angry, the object can get sick, even hate you. In addition, Spirit Oshun will be offended and stop helping you.

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