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How to meet the new 2019 year so that it goes very well

On the eve of the New Year, we are all in a state of waiting for miracles and magic. Indeed, the New Year’s Eve is wrapped up in the atmosphere of mystery, I want to believe that it will help to fulfill the most secret desire to the chiming clock. But to make it happen, you need to carefully prepare for this event.

And therefore, in the next article, I suggest you find out what animal will be the year, what it is recommended to meet, how to celebrate and what to put on the holiday table.

How to meet the new 2019 year so that it goes very well

What animal will be the master of the year?

The 2018th year of the Yellow Earthen Dog gradually comes to an end and it will soon be replaced by the year of the Yellow Earthen Pig. What are the characteristics of this animal?

About this, let’s find out further.

According to the Eastern calendar, Pig is the most family animal. And although pigs may disappear from work for days and nights, be actively engaged in the creation of their careers, but their main goal also concerns the well-being of loved ones.

The pig understands the proverb very well: “My home is my fortress” and, for its part, it is ready to make every effort so that it is comfortable in the dwelling, and the wards are always well fed, happy and enjoying life.

In addition, Gilt is a very creative creature, which means that representatives of any creative professions (writers, poets, painters, dancers, and so on) may rejoice — the year promises to appreciate your abilities. Truth always remember about two «but»: do not demand too much and do not brag about the achieved success.

As for the general situation in the world, in the year we can hope for relative stability. Of course, to avoid the crisis does not work out at all, but despite this there is a prospect of gradually getting out of the financial abyss.

Many astrologers talk about the likelihood of a cultural revolution inside the country — its results will not be instantaneous, but still active spiritual improvement of people will begin.

Wherein The most valuable quality of the year — honesty. Mumps ready to help us solely on the conditions that we will not show hypocrisy and will not use others for their own selfish purposes.

In the political world, we can talk about a rather ambiguous situation — the powerful people of the world, as before, will compete for “tidbits”, however, serious military conflicts are not foretold.

Do you know what? The meeting of the New Year can take place not once, but at once three times.

Traditionally, this is the first, then the fourteenth, and then — the fifth of the year, when according to the Eastern calendar the power of the Yellow Dog is transferred to the Yellow Earth Gilt.

How to meet the new 2019 year so that it goes very well

What character is different Yellow Earth Pig

Sometimes an illusion is created that Piggy is very naive, trusting and defenseless, but do not be in a hurry to flatter yourself — it is almost impossible to deceive her.

The Earth Pig always adheres to traditions, and also remembers about the duties. Thanks to the yellow color, it becomes even more interesting — it develops sense of purpose, courage and endurance, although on the other hand these qualities are somewhat neutralized by the presence of the Earth element.

And then the Pig will first think about its actions well, and only then it will start them.

Gilt can not boast of a large number of friends, but this is due to the fact that it is very selective in contacts and is ready to communicate only with those who are really interested in it.

My friends are always ready to help, both morally and financially, if necessary.

With regards to the theme of money — practically all professions are suitable for Piggy, but they need finances only to secure themselves (and your neighbor) comfortable life. For them, uncharacteristic is the craving for excesses or false bravado with its wealth (if any) to others.

Those lucky ones who were born in the Year of the Pig are incredibly clean by nature and not at all like real pigs. A matter of cleanliness is a matter of honor for them., therefore, they are ready to clean and improve their homes to infinity.

In this matter, the Pigs are terrible perfectionists.

Where and how should the meeting of the year of the Yellow Earth Hog be held

Certainly, you can celebrate New Year anywhere: on a tropical island, in a remote village, or just in your apartment — it is important that on this day close friends and people who are dear to your heart gather to help you create a comfortable and soulful holiday atmosphere. .

But given that the nature of the Yellow Earth Pig is more a couch potato than a party-goer, the right place to meet for the year is home.

Therefore, in advance, take care to create a festive atmosphere in your home: set up and decorate a Christmas tree, decorate the house with colorful garlands, get delicious food and, of course, do not forget to call everyone who is really dear to you.

How to meet the new 2019 year so that it goes very well

Before the holiday, it would not hurt to make peace with your neighbors if you had any conflicts or at least take a step towards establishing relations. Even if you plan to move soon — heartily congratulate them on the upcoming and wish for happiness.

After all, there is absolutely no need to pull old grudges, quarrels or lack of agreement behind you in the New Year — leave them all behind the door closed in the past.

What outfit to wear on New Year’s Eve?

If you want to cajole his mistress from the very beginning of the year, then you should be puzzled beforehand with a competent selection of your New Year’s wardrobe. Of course, the most popular color of a festive dress for New Year will be yellow.

In addition to it, you can opt for all shades included in a warm yellow-orange range, namely:

  • light sand;
  • saturated yellow;
  • poisonous lemon;
  • juicy orange;
  • muffled terracotta;
  • delicate coffee;
  • deep brown.

Prefer elegant restraint? Then it is permissible to consider dresses of white and black colors.

And if you want to attract attention to yourself at the New Year’s party and stand out from the crowd, then stop at the colors included in the Panton palette:

  • mysterious ultraviolet;
  • delicate shade of crocus petals;
  • ripe lime color;
  • or explosive and passionate poppy.

According to the tradition, on the night of the New Year they wear dresses of silver, gold, platinum or bronze fabrics. As additional accessories it is worth stocking up with brilliant details of red, green, blue and other bright tones.

How to meet the new 2019 year so that it goes very well

Ideas for the holiday menu

Pigs love tasty food and do not show too much intelligibility in this matter. Therefore, there are no special requirements for the New Year’s table in the year.

On the other hand, spare Pry’s feelings and do not use pork as meat for festive dishes. Choose your alternative and cook:

Make sure that there are no preservatives on the table for the New Year — for this purpose, visit relatives in the village and stock up cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms and other pickles with your own hands before the holiday.

Of course, the good old tradition on the table should be salads. Therefore, be sure to cook classic Olivier, traditional herring under a fur coat, you can also opt for a variety of cuts, which use exotic fruits.

And do not forget about the salads, the recipes of which are stored in the grandmother’s piggy bank.

You can not keep silent about the love of pigs for sweets — they like chocolate cakes, and any candy, and halvah with dried fruit. So, in the New Year, something sweet is required on the table.

Do not give up this rule, even if you are on a diet — use low-calorie marshmallows, marmalade or nuts.

Home decoration for the New Year

Home decor before the celebration deserves special attention. It helps to create a festive atmosphere and a truly New Year mood.

So, how to decorate your house this year?

  1. Gilt prefers natural decor, which uses fresh spruce or fir twigs. Therefore, be sure to stock up with a couple or two, and you can put a big fir tree (or pine) in the middle of the living room at all in the middle of the living room. But at the same time do not hang on the branches too many different tinsel, rain and serpentine — Pig has a tendency to minimalism and she does not like any excesses at all.
  2. As a decoration, you can take non-iridescent balls and bells, and replace them with natural cones, rowan tassels. It will look very nice if you put snow on the whole thing from the top of foam plastic or just scatter pieces of white cotton wool over the top.
  3. Before the New Year it is worth getting rid of any rubbish and unnecessary things from your home. Show mercy and do not throw them in the trash — they will bring much more benefit if you take them to an orphanage or simply distribute them to those in need.
  4. New Year’s table this time with a tablecloth of yellow, soft blue and purple for bringing good luck into your life. Try to reliably hide in the closet sets of old dishes, replacing them with new sets, crystal bowls and elegant goblets — Gilt is a very picky animal and will appreciate if it will have a truly royal reception.
  5. Do not forget about the bright solar tangerines, which will be appropriate to look at the festive table, and hanging on the Christmas tree, and even on the boxes with gifts. Also use other fruits according to your preferences — Pig will not refuse to devour a juicy pear, a tasty apple or a banana.
  6. In the central part of the table, put a piggy bank in the form of a pig. You can not even doubt that it will surely bring you wealth in the New Year. It is recommended to throw bills there on New Year’s Eve, and then extract the largest money, wrap it with yellow foil and hide it under the Piggy Bank. From that moment on, it will begin to actively attract a stream of financial energy into your life, abundance and money fortune.

Options for New Year’s Presents

Gifts are a very significant part of the celebration. We experience positive emotions and when we receive them as a gift, and when we present them ourselves. Think over not only the gift itself, but also what its packaging will be.

In the process of its design, stop on the shades that are relevant in the upcoming season: yellow, gold, bright red, purple, any variations of green.

How to meet the new 2019 year so that it goes very well

And what is best to present as a gift? Earthen Pig prefers practical, luxurious, as well as beautiful and fun gifts. It is not necessary to give gold jewelry, although she will certainly appreciate their true worth.

Among the acceptable gifts you can call everything that the symbol of the coming year is depicted: starting from paintings, various souvenirs and finishing with bed linen items, soft toys, pajamas and so on.

Of the successful gifts, stand out those that will later be used for cozy get-togethers at home with friends: dinner sets, tea tables, mini-bar. If you want to make a more expensive gift — then you can consider antique luxury items and interior design or modern technology.

You yourself have to decide which presentations you want to stay at, the most important condition is that the gift be from the heart and made sincerely.

For a snack

At the end of the topic let us summarize its results:

  • The 2019 year of the Eastern calendar will be the year of the Yellow Earth Pig.
  • Pig in the New Year will focus on sincerity and honesty, she can not tolerate hypocrisy and self-interest.
  • It is best to celebrate New Year at home, as Pig is a family animal.
  • From the appropriate colors of the New Year’s dress, all shades of yellow, gold, as well as sand, orange, terracotta and brown motifs can be called.
  • Decorating the home, stop at the natural decor.

And according to tradition, finally watch the thematic video:

Guess today using the map of the tarot «Map of the Day»!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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