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How to punish the offender with magic, an enemy or a group of enemies

Malice, of course, bad feeling. You yourself understand this.

But there are situations in life when one cannot get away from it. Injustice people endure with difficulty, especially when it goes unpunished.

Believers believe that the Lord will put everything in its place, will distribute everything deserved to everyone.

Let’s see how to punish the offender, the enemy with the help of magic.

Such a way is good because it gives the opportunity to manage the situation, without waiting for the mercy of the universe. Moreover, the latter has its own logic, which does not coincide with the one used by the offended person.

How to punish the offender with magic, an enemy or a group of enemies

The similar variant is bad because the magician risks to commit an even greater injustice, relying on his own emotions, which, as is well known, will stagnate his eyes.

Therefore, seek out a way to punish the offender, the enemy with the help of magic, preferably with a cool head. Emotions set aside.

There will be more time and try to enjoy, cry, and then enjoy the victory.

Revenge should be in the state of a fighter: prudent and detached. Then avoid the likelihood of getting even more trouble.

Rites and Rituals

On Monday, go to the market and buy one onion there. So calculate the money to get change on the change.

You need to choose the smallest coin obtained with the bulb. She will participate in the ritual.

Onions do not eat too. Let him lie down next to the photo of the offender or the sheet on which his name is written.

Carry the same coin with you, but do not confuse it with others like it.

You should be looking for an encounter with the offender.

  1. Try to stand behind him.
  2. Get a coin, take it in your left hand.
  3. Cross the offender six times, saying:

“I baptize the devil, never forgive you. Offense to you I give back, thank you for that. I do not bless, but I send offense and tears! ”

Immediately go to the crossroads. Only not to the first one.

You should go through three roads, only then look for a crossroads.

Only there should be free from the coin. Throw it without looking and leave.

On the way home, buy sweets or cakes. Treat children with sweets about the yard, old women or neighbors.

This is a ritual payment.

On the other day, take care of the onion. Remember, she lies near the photo of the offender?

It is necessary to cut it in half, and hide the image in the middle.

Tie the onion with black thread and carry it to the garbage. There it is attached so that it lies in the sun and rot.

From this the offender will be even worse.

And do not try to no longer contact with this person in the near future. There is a risk of pity (if it appears in you) to change the course of magical forces, to take the offense back.

How to punish the enemy Magei

You know that the damage is removed with fresh eggs? This magic attribute is also used to punish the enemy. Only the egg must be rotten.

We’ll have to look for one.

If, however, everywhere only fresh offer, then hold it next to the heating for three days. They will spoil and be ready for use in the ritual.

  1. Pour water into the pan and place the prepared egg there.
  2. Put everything on a hot fire.
  3. Take a wooden spoon in your left hand and stir the water in a saucepan.
  4. Speak like this:

“I’m trouble and pain I cook, I convey the Lord to the unfit servant (the name of the enemy). To grow into it and remain forever.

I throw it up with a tree, I upset my happiness. I will return my, your egg wraps. Amen!»

The plot should be read thirteen times.

After removing the brew from the heat and cool the egg. It is necessary on the same day (night) to throw it under the threshold of the enemy.

All his bad deeds will return to him. And your soul will be cleansed of hatred and resentment, new beautiful roads will be opened.

How to punish multiple enemies

Sometimes it is necessary to struggle not with one, but with a whole crowd of ill-wishers. For this there is a special ritual.

It, as already described, should be used with caution. After all, the magician has to deal with the energy of many people who, of course, will not sit idly by.

They will resist, albeit unconsciously. Do not share your plans for magical revenge with others.

Do everything in secret. Then success will be more likely.

Buy a black rooster (live). This ritual uses such a sacrifice.

Bring it home.

How to punish the offender with magic, an enemy or a group of enemies

At dawn, cut his throat above the pelvis and release blood. Put the bird carcass in the bag immediately.

Take care not to spill blood on the floor.

You need to moisten a cotton swab in the blood and put it in a bag so that it does not dry out.

Go to church with him. There, put a funeral candle for each of the enemies, after having anointed them with blood.

In fact, this is done symbolically. Do not worry, nothing from the notice will not be.

How will you light a candle from the lampada, say:

“For the rest of my enemy (name)! May evil remain with him from now on!

Take, Lord! Amen!»

And thus it is necessary to designate each.

Then go home again. Take the package with the bird carcass and carry it to the river (water).

It is necessary to throw an untied bag into the river so that the fish eat the meat. Say so:

“Feast a mountain of enemies, I will not give up. Drink and eat plenty, take the bitter part from me! ”

In principle, the rite on this can be considered complete. But, if you want him to work faster, then treat these people (or one of them) with a dish that uses meat.

Or do something else. Buy some chicken fillet and throw a bit at the door of the enemies.

With meat, energy revenge will go to the victims faster.

How to protect yourself from the revenge of enemies

It is no secret that those people whom the magician chooses as a victim can take retroactive action. That is, use the same magic to strike back.

From this it is recommended to put protection.

Stay away from the victim for the first three days after the rituals.

If this is impossible, then carry a miniature mirror with you. You can buy such a special magic pendant and hang it under your clothes.

Make sure that the eyes or the words of the enemy come across reflective surfaces. Even a mirror that is not visible acts as a shield.

It brings back his negative thoughts and words to the villain.

The enemy will certainly try within three days to cause your anger, to hurt or hurt.

Do not allow this. All work will go down the drain.

Do not engage in quarrels or squabbles with these people. Hold on for three days, and then they will no longer be up to you.

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