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How to reclaim the love of her husband?

In order to return the lost happiness to the house, it is not enough just to free the husband from the attraction to another woman. You have to do one more important thing — fully restore your spouse’s feelings towards you.

Understand that a break with his mistress — even if he was on sorcery — would be a great deal of stress for him.

In this state, the man will be very vulnerable to the new witchcraft. Many single women have a well-developed flair for such vulnerable victims.

You will not have time to look back, as the precious will be led right from under your nose.

To avoid trouble, make a husband one of the not very powerful, and therefore harmless love bindings.

Note: If you have not yet made a lapel, read this article with detailed recommendations.

How to return a husband: family bindings

All the described methods are good only when the fragile bonds between the spouses slowly began to recover naturally.

Does your loved one still behave strangely and does not at all reach for you? So, it is better not to experiment yourself, and ask for help from the healer (or, if this term seems more accurate, a parapsychologist).

You can call a person who is attached to wisdom as you please — the essence of his work will still be the same.

Divination in bed for the return of love

How to reclaim the love of a husband?You need to find a way to pleasantly surprise the faithful in bed. Do something that you never did for him.

Maybe good advice will give love a friend. Well, or just look for a good idea on the Internet.

When all thoughts of the husband will be turned on you, and you will in addition have access to his body, it will not be difficult for you to influence the karma of your loved one.

Having achieved attention, hold your breath and speak mentally: “Mine to the grave. I implore the father, and the son, and the holy spirit.


Then press your lips tightly to the left side of the spouse’s chest and exhale all your warmth to his heart.

Wash shirt

Ask your husband to take off his shirt. While the fabric still keeps body heat, take it to the bathroom and wash it by hand with a new soap.

In each basin should be added a little bit in advance of the holy water.

Perform all movements slowly. This is not a household procedure, but a ritual.

Along the way, read the plot:

«How soon the soap will wash off, so tightly you will groan on me. One soul, one family, one destiny.

From my heat to yours, Amen. «

A drop of sweat

We have already talked about the power of love drinks and food. Read the article that opens on the link, and on the basis of basic recommendations, prepare the right dish or drink.

The simplest method of the hostess is to touch your sweat with a spoon and then stir the brew with it. Sweat, like all body fluids, carries a piece of an individual biofield.

Spell is optional; it will be enough at an important moment to concentrate on the goal. Try to present as clearly as possible the return of love well-being when you interfere with food and when the husband begins to eat served.

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