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How to remember a past life

In the modern world, the word “reincarnation” is increasingly heard. It translates as past life. What is it and how is it possible?

Have we ever once lived on this earth at other times? I was interested in this question from adolescence, because the battle of the tower clock on the Town Hall caused such trepidation that the back was covered with sticky sweat.

At that time I did not understand why I was afraid of the battle of the tower clock, and tried not to walk across the square. In the article I want to tell you whether it is possible to remember a past life, and how to do it correctly.

How to remember a past life

Why do we need memories

What made humanity think about past lives? Strange memories and events contributed to this. For example, it seems to you that you have already been to this place once, but don’t remember exactly when.

Either a smell suddenly seems so familiar, but you do not know where you got these memories from. And there are a lot of such memories.

Note! You need to know that past lives are not connected with the current personality of a person — they are connected with the soul.

Memories can occur in dreams or with a strong emotional shock.

But sometimes the memories of past lives visit a person with a loss of consciousness or in a coma.

What gives the memory of past lives? Obtaining such an experience contributes to the expansion of consciousness, increases awareness and can even change the outlook.

But the most pleasant thing is the realization that the human soul is immortal. If there were past lives, it means there will be future ones.

Therefore, a person ceases to fear death, and his quality of life is markedly improved. If life is eternal, then you do not need to get depressed or to give in to sadness.

Sometimes the memory of a past life drastically changes a person’s behavior and attitude towards real life. For example, if in a past life a person has committed unseemly deeds, then in the present life he will not do this anymore.

Memories from the past life help to understand the actions in the present life, as well as the causes of some events. It becomes clear why there are difficulties with this or that person.

Also, memories help to understand why a person has uncontrollable addictions and has special character traits.

Many are beginning to understand why they have chosen a certain direction in their life path. It often happens that a person has been on this path for several consecutive lives.

Therefore, by itself there is no question of choosing a destination.

How to remember a past life

Preparing for the memories

There are several ways to remember past lives. Among them are:

  • regressive hypnosis;
  • retreat;
  • astrology;
  • tarot cards.

For a regressive hypnosis session you need a highly qualified specialist. A stranger to trust his subconscious is very dangerous. Consultation with an astrologer is safe, as with Tarolog.

However, it is not always possible to trust the skill of a specialist, and mistakes in the interpretation of the alignment are not excluded. Therefore, it is best to trust your own memories and your own subconscious (retreat).

Before you begin to dive into the memories must be well prepared. First of all, you should learn to concentrate on the processes occurring inside.

This should be done very intently and for quite a long time. It seems simple, but in practice not everyone can sit still for a few minutes.

Therefore, training is needed.

For some people, sitting with a straight back or in a lotus position is very difficult to avoid.

Why is it recommended to sit with your back straight motionless? Because even a small movement of the body provokes a surge of brain activity, which negatively affects the picture of memories — they disappear.

Therefore, you need to learn to sit still for a long time if you want to receive information from a thin plan.

In addition to the ability to sit still, you need to keep a visual picture in your mind. This also requires a certain skill and concentration.

The attention is worked out separately for a certain time.

Note! To calm the mind and focus on the object of attention, you need to learn to breathe slowly.

Many people are helped by the experience of hatha yoga, which teaches concentration on the inner object of attention and stillness of the body. For training it is also useful to always sit with your back straight, and not just in meditation or in other spiritual practice.

Exercise to calm the mind and thought process:

  • Sit with a straight back on a chair or in a half-lotus pose (with legs crossed).
  • Focus your attention on the breathing process — inhaling and exhaling.
  • Feel how cool air enters your nose and warm air comes back.
  • Gradually deepen breathing.
  • Keep your inhale and exhale deep and even.

Important! To get information about past life, you need to be able to stop the broadcast of the current life and the lives of other people — friends, relatives and acquaintances.

This practice teaches concentration and concentration well. A modern person is used to being constantly in the information flow — communication in social networks, phone calls, and other communications.

Sometimes it is very difficult to go beyond the infinite connection with the whole society at once, just to stop the flow of information and to feel the inner silence. But this is necessary for obtaining inner knowledge of past lives.

How to remember a past life

Past life tips

The key to unraveling the past life is in your hands — it is a careful attention to detail.

Analyze all your preferences and characteristics of character:

  • what era you are most interested in;
  • what books do you like to read (genre, certain era);
  • what do you like most to do;
  • what admires / annoys you in other people;
  • which countries would you like to visit;
  • phobias and fears that haunt since childhood;
  • chronic diseases and unexpected injuries.

What needs to be done next? Just think about some feature of real life, and spontaneous memories of a past life can come unexpectedly.

You will see the story that plays out in the present life through a book or a dream, and maybe through a smell / sound / sensation.

Important! If you inexorably pulls to visit any country, be sure to take a trip there.

Perhaps this is related to your past life, and you will get spontaneous memories.

For example, you can reflect on the era that attracts you, and suddenly remember the events of bygone days with you in the lead role. Either you are reading a book / watching a movie and unexpectedly for yourself receive information about your past life.

The main thing is to form a certain attitude that will open all channels of perception.

Work with dreams

Through dreams, we can receive a large amount of information associated with both the future and the past. Therefore, dreams should be treated very responsibly if you want to know about yourself and your past.

The mechanism of working with dreams is very simple: if you ponder a question during the day, the subconscious mind continues to process this request even in a dream. That is, you can see pictures of your past life in a dream.

How to distinguish a dream from a dream-memories? If you see pictures of your past life in a dream, then you feel the reality of what is happening.

If fantastic things (a talking coffee pot or a dog) can be present in a dream, the plots will be very realistic in a dream-memory, and you will take part in them.

Psychologists say that deja vu is a mistake in brain activity. Regressologists believe that this is nothing more than the memory of past lives.

Deja vu translated from French — “already was.”

That is, your subconscious mind recalls a similar situation that has already occurred in a past life. Why does this happen?

There is no answer to this question yet.

Strong fears and related emotions can be a clue about past lives. This is especially true if in this life there is no reason to be afraid of anything, especially as far as the state of panic fear.

Claustrophobia or another phobia is a direct evidence that unpleasant events happened to you in your past life. Perhaps some of the events were the cause of death.

Before you start practicing past life viewing, answer yourself the question: are you ready to see the whole truth about yourself? After all, information can be very negative or traumatic.

If you are ready to see any unattractive or unpleasant fragments, then write down everything seen in a notebook. You may have to dive into the depths of the subconscious several times to get a more or less complete picture of some fragment from the past life.

Do not try to rush things and by all means see the whole picture at once. Excessive zeal and haste will have the opposite effect.

You must learn to enter a meditative attitude, which does not involve any rush and force majeure.

If you can’t see past life, maybe it’s time to try a different viewing technique?

Guess today using the map of the tarot «Map of the Day»!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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