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How to repay a debt with magic, Make the debtor pay

Even kind and open people often get in trouble. Have you noticed?

Such a person will give some rogue money, but he does not think to return. As they say, forgives everyone he owes.

This situation should not be tolerated. And not everyone is capable.

People are nervous, worried. And you need to act differently.

Read below how to repay a debt with the help of magic and perform one — another rite.

Well, the conscience of the insolent will appear and the money will come back! Yes, and get rid of debt themselves, if any. (Read the article — How to get rid of debt with magic)

How to repay a debt with magic, Make the debtor pay

But studying the question of the return of debt magical rites, pay attention to the recommendations of experts.

They are not that complicated.

Starting a magical practice should be with the weak rites. After all, the stronger the ritual, the more black energy in it.

The most faithful rituals will not just make the debtor fork, they will take away the opportunity to earn income.

And why do you need this? Let your give and walk as he wants.

What to do to get money back

Let’s start with the process philosophy.

By the way, if you follow the recommendations exactly, you may not need any magic.

You see, the fact that your debtor refuses to repay the loan is your share of the fault.

Money is essentially energy.

The matter is very thin and sensitive. It does not flow where there are obstacles.

Look for them in your soul.

It may be:

  • greed or envy
  • resentment and jealousy
  • contempt for the rich and the poor
  • and so on.

How to repay a debt with magic, Make the debtor pay

There are a lot of traffic jams. Knock them out with one energy strike. For this:

  1. Imagine yourself a big silver vessel.
  2. Check for holes in it.
  3. Now fill it with golden water from heaven.
  4. Concentrate very carefully and intently.

You should imagine the process in its entirety and detail.

  • As the first drops fall to the bottom.
  • How are they going to puddle.
  • Then a golden liquid fills a quarter of a jug and so on.

You can stop only when gold pours through the top.

You should fix in memory the state of a full jug.

This will require several visualizations during the week.

If by the end of the classes the debtor did not bring money, then proceed to the next stage.

Very often, his own purge is enough for the memory to return to the rascal, and he fulfills his obligations.

How to repay a debt with magic

Start with a simple ritual.

You will need:

  • New handkerchief green.
  • Five yellow coins in the currency in which they borrowed funds.
  • Buy candles in church. (Read the article — Candlestick)

How to repay a debt with magic, Make the debtor pay

On Thursday, on a rising moon, perform such a rite.

It is necessary to turn off all electrical appliances in the house. They squeeze energy, take it away from the magician.

  1. Light a pair of candles.
  2. Spread a handkerchief on the table.
  3. In it, fold the cooked coins.
  4. Write the following words on a piece of paper:

“I call upon the holy lights. All of them open the way to yourself. Who should return, who borrowed, will understand that everyone needs money.

They will come to me! Amen!»

  1. This plot should be read six times.
  2. Then write on the same piece of paper in words the amount that you owe a person (or several) by adding their names.
  3. Light this candle paper.
  4. Collect the ashes and add them to the coins. Make a bundle of it and hide away.
  5. It should be stored until the debts return. But not longer than a month.

Since during this time the conspiracy is weakened.

And if there is no result, you will have to perform a more serious ceremony.

How to make the debtor to return the debt

To influence the insolent person to return the debt, go to the churchyard.

The ritual itself is performed at night during the full moon. (Read the article — Plots for money in the full moon)

How to repay a debt with magic, Make the debtor pay

Look for the grave where you will be seduced, so as not to stray. It should not be very old.

And the dead man during his life, so that was your debtor’s namesake.

With a grab for the ritual grab:

  • aspen amount (small size)
  • hammer,
  • mention it.
    • but do not carry alcohol in the cemetery. It is better to take sweets, baking and other goodies.

As you come to the grave, bow three times into the ground, accompanying your actions with these words:

“God rest your soul (name) soul. Let his namesake not break the word!

Debts will return! Amen!»

Stand in the place where the legs of the deceased (at the cross, the monument).

Drive a peg into the ground, repeating these words:

“I drive an aspen stake into the ground. Dead wake.

To go to the Lord slave (name) debt knocked out. Sit at his feet, soul of the front.

Make the money back, hearth in a coffin, keep the path! As long as a stake in the ground sticks out, the dead man is sharpening the health and strength of the Lord’s slave (name). Amen!»

This ritual also does not have one hundred percent effectiveness.

However, a person who does not return the money loses forever the opportunity to earn a little.

And to stop its impact can only he who drove it. You should remember this.

How to get the money back, go to the grave, remove the peg and burn it.

How to recover your debt with the help of magic

Let’s look at the situation from the other side.

After all, when magic is performed against the debtor, charging devils to him, this is one thing.

But to hold a ceremony in order to get rid of debts yourself is quite another.

How to repay a debt with magic, Make the debtor pay

There are rituals that help get rid of debt. But not from lenders!

That is, the result of the ritual will be the complete resolution of the question to the universal satisfaction.

And should do so.

  1. Buy a brand new lock. If several keys are attached to it, leave only one. Dispose of the rest in water.
  2. On Saturday at sunset, hang a lock near the front door.
  3. Close it on the key.
  4. Go to the crossroads. Just choose a small cross road or path. You will have to go around this place seven times.
  5. Right in the middle of the intersection put the key.
  6. Say so:

“What came is gone. I have only mine left! Amen!»

  1. Go around the intersection counterclockwise and return to the starting position.
  2. Repeat the plot again. So you need to do seven times.
  3. After turn and go.
  4. The key is no longer touch.

And let the lock hangs near the door.

He will serve as a talisman from material problems for the future.

And yet, it should be understood: debts may be the result of damage or other energy impact.

Before the ritual is recommended to clean the aura. Then problems will be solved much faster.

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