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How to return youth with magic?


How to return youth with magic?

How to return youth with magic?How to restore youth with the help of magic and find the old forms, health and young face? Today I will tell you about one interesting method that really allows time to be reversed. But there is one thing!

You should not be less than 25 and more than 40 years old, this is the condition. It was checked repeatedly that after you went to the fifth decade — the result is zero.

Although what the hell is not joking?
Try and believe, there will be no harm!

In principle, the operation of this technique can be justified both from a scientific point of view and from a witchcraft one. Judge for yourself.

Preparing for the rite of rejuvenation with magic

The whole ceremony is built on the transfer of information through the water. As you know, water has a molecular memory and is able to structure, absorb and transfer the energy we need.

In our case, the energy of youth, beauty and health. So.

In order to regain youth with magic you will need:

  • Glass jar transparent 3 liters
  • Food foil
  • Silent water
  • Scotch transparent
  • Your photo

A photo for a magical ritual should be:

  • Colored
  • Clear
  • Single
  • In full growth (ideally naked or in a bathing suit)
  • With positive energy (smile, happiness, fun)
  • Size approximately: 9×12
  • In the photo you should not be younger than 20-25 years (pick up intuitively, to which one will pull)

Living water: The rite of cooking the rejuvenating water

Wait for the seventh lunar day and in the evening after sunset, take the silent water and pour it into the jar to the top. Then with adhesive tape on one side of the picture, stick your photo to the water, on the contrary — on the opposite side, glue the foil so that it reflects the image in which you are young and happy. Put the jar on the east side of your bedroom, no need to close it.

Water should be charged within 12 hours.

The next day your photo elixir is ready. The water absorbed information about your youth and is ready to transfer it to each of your cells. Rejuvenating water you should drink during the day.

Naturally, not everyone will be able to overpower three liters of water, so all that remains is that we pour into the bath, diluting it with ordinary water, and let stand 2 hours for structuring.

Then take a bath and thank the water in your own words.

Every evening we repeat the manipulations with water (we fill it and put it overnight).

I recommend this ceremony every day until the full moon, during the year on the seventh lunar day of each month. That is: the day came, and you charged water for the first time in a month and so on.

I advise you to capture yourself before the beginning of the ceremony and then after about 2-3 months or for the full effect in a year. The results will amaze you.

Another little tip: if they ask you why you are so prettier, answer that you fell in love or went on a diet, but about rejuvenating water do not tell.

Remember the mystery of magic. No one can tell how you achieved the result!

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