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How to ward off her husband from his mistress

How to quickly discourage her husband from his mistress with the help of magic

The scariest word for a married woman is “lover”. And the point is not that it brings problems into family life. And the fact that most men leave their families for the sake of this ruler. Do not be upset. It is possible that with this you will only improve your personal life. Although most women start to panic and look for an opportunity to return everything to their places. In frequent cases, such care does not end with anything good, and the man is left alone.

How to ward off her husband from his mistress

In such cases, all women act differently: some of them forget their ex-husband, and begin to rebuild their personal life. But, another part, during sleepless nights, is looking for an opportunity to return everything to its place. Psychology says that everything can be solved through negotiations. If a rational approach, that is, heart-to-heart talk, does not find a result, then one has to resort to radical methods of struggle. In this you will contribute folk remedies. If you need to find an answer to how to discourage her husband from his mistress at home, then use the conspiracy. Also you will help daily prayer.

The presence of a mistress does not always mean the departure of the husband from the family. Quite often, he does not leave his wife, but he spends all his finances on a separated woman. Determining which option is more difficult is impossible. In any case, the wife will suffer. Therefore, in order to ward off the spouse from his mistress, it is better to resort to the help of magic.

It will be great if you personally know your mistress. In that case, it’s easier for you to punish her. There are a large number of methods. You just need to choose the option that best suits you. It all depends how strong your anger is, and how badly you need to punish your mistress. You can use one of the following methods, without scandal.

  1. Swivel a cuff from a foreign woman, and love spell. This case is quite popular, only not the best. You need to understand that the lover also does not wait for the moment when you return the husband. If you use the cuff, there is no guarantee that she will not. As a result of such wars, a man will be between the two camps. The consequences of such actions may adversely affect his physical and moral health. In frequent cases, a man loses masculinity. And it should be noted that no one will need impotent it.
  2. Read the plot to destroy the beauty of his mistress. This method is not the safest. Literally in a matter of days, her beauty will fade away, and the man will leave her. That’s only if the lover decides to remove the damage, then she will return to you. This is the risk of this ritual.
  3. Spend an independent conspiracy against his mistress. This option is the safest.

You can put off your husband from your mistress in the following way: when you leave the moon, go out into the street and face east. You need to cross three times, and read the following conspiracy:

“Where in a faraway city, in a dark and damp soil the dead person rests. As you know, he was not engaged. No wedding rings. He died, that’s just no one misses him and does not hurt. I wish that my legal (name) also belonged to a separation (name). In relation to her, he never uses sweet words. Hugs should not be with them, I’m not talking about kisses. Never let her kiss. Let the blood together they do not share. His thoughts let everyone lead from her to me. Let her become uninteresting, unforgiving, and not beautiful. How not to reconcile a dog and a cat, let them quarrel too. Let him run away from her, but to my arms. Prayer will help me. Give me my lover back. Amen».

If a love spell was sent to your husband, after which he left the family, you must quickly think about how to discourage your husband from his mistress, and remove the love spell. Thanks to this, you will not only achieve the return of your husband, but also minimizes the damage from the love spell, because, in most cases, the love spell negatively affects the overall health of the victim.

In order to perform a ritual, you need to take the thing that belongs to the spouse. Put it on the bed and put a pillow on top. It is desirable that this was your pillow for sleeping. Now you need an ancient prayer:

“Neo Bao Tru Kovoz. Deo Mal Pimen Tsiloz.

After the ceremony, take a shower, and wipe yourself off with a pillow from a pillow. This ceremony helps a woman to lure a man, so he forgets about his mistress.

How to ward off her husband from his mistress? Yes Easy. You need the usual paper sheet, a pencil for drawing and hawthorn fruits. The only difficulty is that for this ceremony you need to know the name of the opponent. If you know him, then you can proceed with implementation with confidence. First of all, write the name on paper, and then tear it into small pieces. Scatter pieces of paper on the floor, and scatter hawthorn from above. Here are the fruits beforehand grind into powder.

After performing all the actions, the fun begins. It is necessary with great hatred and anger to tread on these ingredients. In this case, you will not need to read the plot. Due to the fact that your anger overwhelms you, this force will be more than enough. After the work done, just sweep up the garbage, and wait for the result. Your husband will soon return to you.

How to ward off her husband from his mistress with the help of a quarrel? You just need to independently speak a conspiracy, which is called «rassorka.» To perform a ritual is necessary during the waning moon. Do not forget to take care that no one is in the house. You must be alone in the house.

Spread black fabric on the floor and place a basin or bucket on it. Put shallow glass, cat’s coat, dog’s coat, salt and earthen soil into the vessel. Optionally, you can add a little vinegar. Write the following plot in advance:

“I thought for a long time how to keep my husband from my lover and found a way out. A cat and a dog can never be in peace and harmony. I ask that my husband have a similar relationship with a spouse. Let their whole life together resembles walking on broken glass. Let this woman (the name of the woman apart) seem to my spouse as tasty as salt. I wish their relationship was as fresh as earth. They will never live together, raise children, do not share a bed, and do not know happiness. Only with me, a legitimate wife, his life is calm and peaceful. Only I should be in his life forever. Let all the envious, malevolent, and separated women disappear. Pray, act, fulfill my words. Amen».

Read the plot three times, throw the paper in the bucket, and set it on fire. After these actions, place the bucket on the windowsill. Put several church candles around it. They must be completely burned out. Otherwise, the plot will not work. Early in the morning, collect all the ashes and put your mistress under the porch. This is if your husband still lives with you. If the family idyll was completed, then leave a bundle of ash at the crossroads.

Sometimes there are situations when the insult to the husband does not pass. But, here is the punishment for the girlfriend who does not give you rest. Such actions completely justify you, because it was she who destroyed the family idyll. For revenge, you need a photo of this woman to read the plot.

During the week you need to read a plot in the photo. Be sure to do it at twelve o’clock at night. In the process of performing the rite, burn some church candles every day. There is no definite plot. You can simply articulate all your resentment, hatred and negative wishes addressed to her. Most importantly, do not wish for death or serious illness. This is not worth anyone. It is best to pronounce the words that will be aimed at the loss of beauty, deterioration of financial position or misfortune in personal life. Returning a loved one is impossible, but it is quite possible to punish a mistress.

If you are wondering how to discourage a mistress from her husband, then this method is perfect for you. Write on the pieces of paper the names of the spouse and mistress. Put them in a jar and pour vinegar. You can add other hot spices like pepper, mustard or ginger. Close the jar and read the prayer:

“The bank will be closed for many centuries. Your connection will be a bitter taste all this time. Love in your life will never happen. Without happiness always be. Favorite please return to his legitimate wife. In the name of the Father and the Son. Amen».

Throw the jar in a deep pond. If you do not want to harm the husband, and write his name, then you can specify only the name of the wedgard on ten pieces of paper. Actions in the process are similar.

First of all, conduct ceremonies at the moment when you have the most resentment in your heart. Thus, your energy will be so strong that the rite will work very quickly. In moments of rituals, you must be in complete silence and solitude. No other sounds should distract you from the process. Studying the plot is not necessary.

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