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Is it possible to cut hair during pregnancy

One of the most popular questions that worry future mothers, especially those who are inclined to believe in signs and superstitions, is whether it is possible to cut hair during pregnancy. In our article we will figure out whether it is possible to go to a hairdresser or not during the period of childbearing, as well as how it threatens a pregnant woman.

Hike to the hairdresser while pregnant

Unconventional point of view: «hair stores energy»

The sign that it is impossible to cut hair during pregnancy is also popular as signs about a black cat, spilled salt and donations of watches. This statement dates back hundreds of years ago, from the time when it was believed that hair brings vitality and gives beauty to a girl, the whole life of a person is concentrated in them. Recall at least the parable of Samson from the Bible, whose power was hidden in the long hair. People firmly believed in this, endowing hair with energetic force. In addition, our ancestors associated with hair many superstitions, sometimes — not the most pleasant. That is why, a few hundred years ago, a lady during pregnancy could not change her hairstyle.

There was a belief that a lot of negativity was waiting for her and the child:

  • the forces that will be needed in childbirth will disappear;
  • cutting off the scythe, the future mother loses contact with the highest protective forces;
  • after childbirth a woman will lose her attractiveness and beauty;
  • short hair — a sign of miscarriage or premature birth;
  • cutting off hair, the future mother shortens the life of her child;
  • if the hair is cut off just before the birth, the baby will be born dead.

Naturally, many years ago, hearing such signs, future moms didn’t hurry to cut their hair. Even at that time, short hair for a girl was akin to shame. By the way, for example, in China, a woman, upon learning about pregnancy, immediately cuts off her hair, and this is absolutely normal for them. No beliefs on this score exist.

But do the superstition forces that existed in past centuries in Russia have? If you look, today, when medicine has taken a long way, there are no prohibitions on changing the hairstyle or creating a new haircut. However, despite this, even now there are three points of view on this matter. On each of them, we now tell.

If we consider this issue from the point of view of the energy force, then the hair really “stores” a lot of energy, both positive and negative. That is why, in order to change their lives for the better, women are recommended to change their hairstyle or simply cut the ends.

As for pregnant women, experts recommend not to do a short haircut during gestation, but trimming the tips is not only possible, but necessary. This will help attract new, positive energy, which the future mom is especially needed.

Modern point of view: “being a fashionable mommy is much more pleasant”

A pregnant woman also wants to be well-groomed.

If all 9 months do not update the haircut, then the hair will not look neat. Especially when it comes to cascading hairstyles, «hedgehogs» and other unusual options. Therefore, the modern point of view denies all the signs, saying that even at 9 months of pregnancy, a woman needs to look fashionable and beautiful.

But the fact is that without a hairdresser you can hardly manage here. Moreover, during pregnancy and after it, the body is rebuilt: for someone, hair (as well as skin and nails) becomes healthier, and for someone, on the contrary, they turn into fragile “straw”. Who wants to go with this hairdo? Only the skilled hands of a hairdresser, who will create a fashionable haircut on his head, can rectify the situation.

Professional point of view: “you shouldn’t change your hairstyle abruptly”

According to the medical indicators of the ban on changing the hair in a pregnant woman does not exist. Doctors only confirm that during pregnancy hormonal changes can affect not only the condition of the skin, but also the hair. Both in a positive and in a negative direction. In some cases, a beautiful long braid loses its attractiveness, and the previously thick volumetric haircut now «refuses» to fit beautifully. If this option is the place to be, then you can not do without the professional hands of a stylist or hairdresser.

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