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Is it possible to give a watch for a wedding

On the eve of the holiday, all the guests are concerned with the main question: what to present to the newlyweds. Someone decides to buy an inexpensive trinket, someone is easier to give money than to choose a gift, and someone thinks about whether it is possible to give a watch for a wedding? It would seem that this thing is always useful in the house and will bring practical benefits. But is it?

Watches as a wedding gift

Why donate a clockwork to a wedding

A clock is an eternal time counter, so many people are afraid to take on the things that are associated with them. Presumably, beliefs about the chronometer originate from China, where, in ancient times, the walkers were donated to report a funeral. In Japan, wall clocks or wristwatches had their negative meaning — if they were given to someone, it was something like a “black mark”. The donor seemed to warn: «Wait for trouble and trouble!». Oriental wise men also treated the watch with caution, considering that they possess magical power and are able to take away the life of the one to whom they were given.

The Slavs have their own no less famous beliefs. It is believed that the donated watches can symbolize the countdown of life and its stopping in the event that the walk suddenly broke. Hours as a gift for the wedding can be considered a bad omen, which can destroy family life, bring into the house of the newlyweds discord and conflict. A gift chronometer can also:

  • foreshadow the separation;
  • “Steal” health from someone from the newlyweds;
  • lead to adultery in a young family;
  • to destroy the well-being and to «hit» financial failures.

In addition, it is believed that if you give a wall or wrist walk to the young, and they stop, it could lead to the death of someone from the newlyweds. Understanding the depth and bad meaning of the majority will, you can easily answer the question of why you can not give a watch to the wedding.

Can the groom give the chronometer to the bride as a wedding gift

Many girls love expensive jewelry, and men are not against making it pleasant. In some cases, they choose a necklace or a graceful bracelet as a gift, but sometimes it also happens that the future spouse wants to give the beloved a practical thing. It can be a wrist gold watch, however, how correct can such a choice be?

Hours symbolize parting

If you believe the national signs, then donate a clock to the wedding of the newlywed is not worth it. As a rule, such a gift symbolizes separation, failures and difficulties in family life. It is especially dangerous if the donated walkers suddenly stop. This may be a harbinger of the imminent demise of the one who made this gift.

Meanwhile, as practice shows, a person who does not believe in superstition often chooses such a surprise as a watch for his beloved. There are cases when the donated accessory broke and stopped, and the couple continued to live happily, not thinking about signs and omens. Believing in superstitions or not is a personal matter for everyone, but if you have even the slightest doubt, it is better to choose another gift for your future spouse.

When can I present a clock for a wedding celebration?

Despite the strict prohibition on giving a chronometer to a wedding, there are some mitigating factors. For example, if you have conceived to give the young watch, then you need to choose a durable mechanism that almost never fails. In addition, you need to choose a double version of the gift — that is, so that the groom and the bride get the same walk. Such a thing, according to signs, is designed to strengthen the relationship between lovers and prevent discord between them.

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