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Is it possible to wear a red thread to the Orthodox

A simple red thread on the wrist has become a stylish decoration, thanks to the example of celebrities. Many foreign and domestic media people began to wear it often, and after them ordinary people adopted this fashion. But what is the meaning of this decoration and what does the red thread mean for the Orthodox, not everyone can say.

Is it possible to wear a red thread to the Orthodox

The thread of red color, tied on the arm, is treated as a charm, protecting against damage, the evil eye, evil forces and any trouble. It is often brought as a souvenir from Jerusalem, one of the most religious cities in the world.

Such a talisman is supposedly designed to purify the energy around his master, to take upon himself all the sorrows and sorrows intended for him.

However, the most curious have logical questions: why the thread, why the red, why the hand, etc.

Let’s start with the fact that the red color has long been considered to be coastal. With the help of the thread, people also have long loved to defend themselves against problems. In the popular Chinese philosophical doctrine of Feng Shui, this attribute is used as part of various coastal symbols, the Bulgarians have a tradition to tie a gift bottle of raki with red thread, etc. Yes, and our ancestors, the ancient Slavs, red color and thread were honored as powerful magical tools.

But the meaning of the particular red thread that is of interest to us can be understood if one follows who has become, so to speak, a “trendsetter”. These were famous personalities who are also famous for their unusual hobbies. For example, by following the teachings of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is a current that originates in Judaism. His fans seek to comprehend the mysteries of the universe, the purpose of human existence on earth and other undiscovered secrets. They also practice the use of occult magical rites.

How to treat Kabbalah is a personal matter. At the same time, finding out where the red thread is coming from, it is necessary to understand that this is not a toy, but a meaningful thing.

Kabbalist worshipers believe that the thread was a salvation for Rachel, the great mother who symbolizes the physical world. Praying to God for sending her the happiness of motherhood, she received a hint from an angel who advised her to wear a red thread, after which the woman was able to give birth to two sons.

Among the fans of this doctrine there is an opinion that the thread should be wrapped around the grave of Rachel in Israel, and only then be tied to your wrist. However, this is not so easy to do, so this step is simply missing and only a special prayer is given to endow the talisman with power.

Orthodox priests most often speak of the Kabbalah critically, considering it to be an esoteric teaching, which does not recognize the one Creator, uses magic, astrology, etc. for knowledge and development. It is also called an artificially created phenomenon, which appeared as a result of some people rejecting the commandments from the New Testament.

Accordingly, the church does not accept any Kabbalistic symbols, referring them to objects originating from evil forces and contrary to the concepts of Christianity.

Talismans and charms for true Christians are considered remnants of paganism. It is enough for a religious person to wear a cross around his neck, read prayers and lead a righteous life in order to hope for God’s help. Where faith is weak, there is sin, and various superstitions arise. Approximately any Orthodox priest will answer this way.

As a result, the topic “is it possible to wear the red thread to the Orthodox” and, to the extent that this is correct, can be the subject of much discussion, because for different people it has a different meaning:

  • ordinary decoration;
  • copying the style of your favorite singer, actor, model, etc .;
  • guard of unknown origin;
  • and, finally, one of the symbols of Kabbalah (provided that there is a clear understanding of the purpose and principles of this trend).

In the first two cases, it seems to be a harmless detail. The person simply decides to tie a woolen or silk thread to his hand. Without observing any rituals, without placing high hopes on her. It makes sense or not, it does not interest.

By the way, talismans and amulets rarely work if they truly don’t believe in them.

Thread can also be something special for a person. Thus, he may be trying to protect himself from problems, envy and misfortune, while not wanting to harm others. This can be interpreted as appeals to the pagan Slavic traditions, i.e. to the beliefs of their ancestors, because in the same way the ancient Slavs defended newborns from evil spirits and spoilage by tying a red woolen thread on seven knots on their left wrist.

Naturally, in Orthodoxy such use of the red thread is no longer welcome. As well as meaningful tying threads on the wrist in the form of a kabbalistic amulet. To wear it means not to believe in the great power of God and to join the ranks of people with different faith, views and principles, thereby creating an idol for themselves and trusting in magic. This is alien to true Christians and goes against the biblical commandments.

If you still have a strong desire to carry the thread on your hand without betraying your religion, you need to know what else makes this amulet into such a powerful thing from the point of view of Kabbalists. Roughly speaking, to go from the reverse, having studied what you should not do.

We have already said about the rituals performed at the grave of Rachel in Israel. However, not even every Kabbalist has the opportunity to hold it. Also, when tying the thread on the wrist, special prayers are read. It is through prayers that people cry out for the power of magic and charge the amulet with a certain energy, programming it for protection. To bind an amulet to oneself means to deprive him of his strength, usually this is done by a close person or spiritual mentor.

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