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Machine number numerology: meaning

Only those who do not have a car do not understand that a car is not a piece of metal. Each car has its own character, habits, problems, which are similar to each other in character. When a driver with one car has a relationship for a long time, then he himself knows when and what to expect from his transport. But it happens that the “friendship” between the owner and the machine does not work. And only the numerology of the car number will help to figure out what the matter is, what features the transport has.

Numerology machine numbers

Numerology of car plates is one of the branches of the science of numbers. Through various experiments and long-term experiments, scientists in this field have found a relationship between the numbers of license plates and the nature of the transport to which they belong. Angelic numerology allows you to calculate the number of the license plate, and tell you which direction to go in order to improve relations with the car.

You can calculate the car’s mark using the car’s numerology table (it will not be difficult to find it on the Internet). It is necessary to find all correspondences of letters and numbers in the table. Write them on a piece of paper. Important! When counting, the zeros and numbers of the region of the car are not involved. Now you need to add all the numbers, and letters, in digital accordance. The amount is the number of the car. If you get a two-digit number, except 11 and 22, the numbers need to be separated and folded to make a one-digit number.

Angelic numerology will put everything on the shelves, explain how to behave with the machine, what needs to be done so that everything works without problems. This is a kind of textbook on feng shui. After calculating the numerical value of your car, you can begin to characterize the number, and understand the lucky numbers on your car or not. 11 and 22 — these magic numbers are considered higher to the level of simple monosyllabic characters. The strength of these numbers affects the car, if it has been in operation for more than 10 years. These values ​​are very rare, about 3% worldwide.

  1. A car with such a numerical value is very hard. Mood shifts are a common auto condition. Today, the car can drive like clockwork — without a hitch, tomorrow everything can change — the car can wag, stumble, refuse to start a motor for no apparent reason. But, on the third day, all the symptoms can change for the better. Such a car can constantly break down, tormenting its owner, with constant visits to the service station. But, the car behaves not just like that, but because of the insufficiently good attitude of the driver to it. The machine feels when it is treated like a soulless heap of iron, which is needed only for carrying cargo or passengers. Changing the attitude to the car, if you respect him, treat him like a family member, give him a nickname, carefully exploit and keep clean, then the car changes drastically. The car becomes flexible, breakage will be minimal. Transportation will become a loyal friend and helper, not a burden. The machine with the number 11 is suitable for a person who is fighting for justice in this world, who is concerned about the ecology, living world. Humaneness, understanding — should be revealed in large quantities in the character of the person who decided to get a car with this numerical value.
  2. The car with the number of angels 22 will play an important role in the life of the owner. The car acts as the spiritual mentor of the person, influences his enlightenment. The owner in ignorance, can not understand the signs that gives him his car, and the forces of the car will be wasted, and the chances that she throws the owner, can be lost. On such a vehicle can not stick advertising services or products. You can hang pictures, slogans that do not have a commercial basis. These can be calls for improving the quality of life, spiritual development. In this car, people who graduated from universities, having a goal of self-development and improvement of the world, will feel good about themselves. Altruism, care for others — traits of the ideal driver of a car with the number 22.

Angelic numerology includes numbers from 1 to 5 to more earthly cars, of which more than 95% are in the world. For a start, let’s look at the values ​​of these figures in more detail.

  1. A unit — a car with such a Number of Angels demands a permanent owner from itself, from whom it waits for attention and an individual approach. When these needs are fulfilled, the machine serves the owner with full dedication. When the owner is constantly changing, it offends the subtle temper of the car, which begins to show its character. A car with a unit is very pedantic. She does not tolerate negligence. If cars are rarely taken to the car wash, then there may be problems with the normal operation of transport. The motor does not start the first time, unexpected failures occur. So that the friendship between the driver and the car is not clouded, you need to treat with love, keep it clean, and it will pay back with the same coin.
  2. Two. This issue hides a wayward character that is hard to please. It’s like a naughty girl who can substitute the bandwagon at a time when everything seems to be going great. For example, a car with the number 2 can stall when behind a train of dozens of hurrying cars. Frequent minor breakdowns appearing from scratch can drive even the most patient host to mind. This car suits a tough person with iron nerves. The imperious character of the owner will calm the car, and she will obey.
  3. Troika. Auto with the number of Angels 3 — a great companion, will try to please in everything. A distinctive feature of this car — perseverance in achieving the intended path of the owner. Assistance to the owner in the fulfillment of their plans is provided. This car will reach the destination, even if there is any damage. It is good that the car is trying so hard to serve the owner, but you need to be careful and conduct a technical inspection in a timely manner so as not to detect a breakdown at the moment when it is too late.
  4. Four. The number four is a sign of sociable transport. This number is perfect for buses, minibuses, in extreme cases — it should be a taxi. This is a friendly car that does not tolerate loneliness. The number means that when there is a lack of communication, it replenishes it with the fact that it attracts uninvited companions, DPS inspectors or other authorities, thereby causing trouble for the person. Cars with four — lovers to stand in traffic jams in order to «communicate» with other vehicles. It is difficult to have a host with such a car, if it is intended for personal purposes.
  5. Five. The number of Angels 5, means that the iron horse is a lover of fashion. It is important for him to feel that he is stepping into the future, and not in the past, so the owner needs to worry about the appearance of the car and the availability of modern gadgets. It can be tuning, fashionable new seat covers, navigator, recorder, etc. With due respect, the car will show its best qualities.

Six — this is a calm vehicle with a measured character. Auto obedient, but all commands filter. This is a wise, not tolerating stupid owners, transport. With such a car a person with the same disposition gets along well. The relationships of such personalities are wonderful. They understand each other with a half-turn. To be able to make a person happy is an important characteristic of the six.

Seven is a vehicle with Number of Angels 7, an exemplary example. This is an «excellent student», among machines with other Numbers. But not everyone can cope with it. The car is waiting for an experienced driver who will not panic in case of unforeseen circumstances, will be able to maneuver along any roads with composure and composure. Auto suitable for important persons. And the best option to become a police car.

Eight also has its own characteristic. 8 — the number of executive cars. This should be a business class. Fine, if it’s a limousine, retro car. The main thing here is not speed or ultramodern gadgets. Synonyms with a car — the eight, it is chic, gloss, delight. This car is created for the upper class. He considers himself so important that he thinks, has the right to choose the owner. Buyers who are not suitable for him, feel hostility, and bypass. But, when that future owner meets, the car attracts him with its energy. The eight is suitable for deputies, wealthy entrepreneurs, businessmen and celebrities.

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