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Red thread from the evil eye: how to tie their own hands

How to tie a red thread against the evil eye with your own hands

The world is filled with dangers, both visible and invisible: the evil eye, damage, curses. All this scares, but only because we do not know the means of protection against them. One of the best talismans from such horrors is the red thread from the evil eye.

Red thread against the evil eye

The red thread as a remedy for the evil eye comes from the Kabbalistic tradition. According to this teaching, if a loved or loved one is knitted on a red thread made of wool, then it will turn into a strong amulet that can protect against many curses. With the proper performance of the rite, the amulet becomes so powerful that, in addition to protecting its master from evil, he also adds good luck.

In the West and in Russia, the custom of wearing a red thread came into vogue thanks to famous pop stars. The first known star, who decided to support this tradition and protect herself from the evil eye, was Madonna. Now the red thread can be seen on the hand of people of different ages, including children and the elderly.

The red thread as a talisman against the evil eye can be worn by any person, no matter what faith he may follow. It is a harmless talisman, which is especially useful to those who are in the center of attention and often fall victim to evil gossip. People who wear it only as a fashionable thing and do not know about its purpose will not harm the guard.

The strongest threads are those brought from Jerusalem, but you can make charms with your own hands. How to do it right can be seen, for example on video.

For the ceremony necessarily need a woolen red thread. It is interesting that wool itself has healing properties:

  1. It speeds up healing after injuries, especially after sprains;
  2. Wool products help relieve inflammation;
  3. Positive effect on blood circulation in the capillaries;
  4. Soothes the pain.

Since antiquity, people understood how miraculous a woolen thing was and used them widely to treat people. Scientists have long found the properties of wool:

  1. Wool is a source of weak static electricity. Due to this property, it affects the blood circulation, accelerating it;
  2. The fibers of raw wool are coated with a substance called linolin, which pharmacists use to prepare medicinal ointments and other medical products. Linoleum enters the body through the skin and has a beneficial effect on it.

The reasons for which the thread from the evil eye should be red can be found a bottomless amount. Which of the legends to believe is your business. Red is associated with blood, and blood with life and health. Red is still a sign of sincerity and beauty.

In antiquity in Russia, beautiful girls were called «the maiden is red» as in the proverb: «The red girl in the dance, that the poppies are the color in the garden.» In China, red is associated with the male principle — with determination and endurance.

Since ancient times it was believed that this color is a barrier against evil intentions, the evil eye and damage. The tradition of tying a red thread on the wrist was common in China, where it was tied up in the hands of children, and in other countries. In the Middle Ages, seriously ill people could put on red sheets, as it was believed that the red color has healing properties. Legends about gods and saints who treated people by tying red threads on the patient’s hand are in many cultures.

The thread must be made of wool. At the expense of color, there are discrepancies and some believe that it is possible to tie threads on the wrist in other colors, not only red. It is better to dwell on the red color, since it is the most suitable for such a talisman.

The knots are tied on the left wrist because happiness and luck come from the right side, but misfortunes and misfortunes come from the left side, therefore, the guardian for protection must be kept on the left. In order to protect «earned», you need to properly conduct the ceremony. It is desirable that the thread is tied to a loved one or relative, the protection will be especially strong if mom takes the thread.

The rite consists of tying knots and reading a prayer or a conspiracy over it. It’s easy to do it yourself, the main thing is to learn the words and not to be mistaken with the number of knots. Prayer must come from the «heart.» How many tie knots depend on the version of the ceremony:

  1. Take the red wool thread and tie exactly nine knots on it — a sacred number. Above each knot read a suitable plot asking for protection;
  2. Another version of the ritual includes in addition to the thread, holy water and a candle. It consists of two stages. First, before a lit candle you need to read over the thread «Our Father»: «Our Father, who is in heaven! hallowed be thy name; Thy kingdom come! Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven; Give us this day our daily bread. and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. ”
  3. Prayer is in itself a strong defense, but it will increase the power of the amulet if you lower it into holy water;
  4. There is another option in which you need to tie seven knots on your own — also a sacred number. At the same time, you should read the Ben Porat prayer, which sounds like this:

“As the fish on the earth are covered with water, and the evil eye has no power over them, so the evil eye has no power over the descendants of Joseph. An eye that does not look at something that does not belong to it is not subject to the evil eye. ”

Now, how to tie a thread from the evil eye with your own hands — it’s time to get to work. The main thing is that the desire to protect was sincere, then half the work will be done. But what if the thread on the wrist is suddenly torn or frayed? This means that the ceremony was not in vain.

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