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Red thread on the wrist: what for and how to wear

The red thread on the wrist is not an ordinary trinket or a fashion accessory that can be seen more and more often on celebrity hands. It is a strong amulet, protects against the evil eye, the influence of negative energy, protects against many troubles. Most often, this amulet is associated with Kabbalah. But similar talismans are found in other religions. The ancient Slavs knew about them, Indian girls wear a red thread, Buddhist monks tie it to pilgrims. You can see the charm on the wrist of Christians and Muslims.

Red thread on the wrist

It is believed that the most powerful has a red thread from Israel. It should be made of natural wool and illuminated at the tomb of Rachel. According to Jewish tradition, Rachel is the mother of the world, she protects all people, especially children. She died to give life to her child. Since that time, it is considered a symbol of sacrifice, of true maternal love. The grave of Rachel was girded with a red wool thread. That is why she became a talisman, and everything connected with her is considered holy.

Kabbalistic tradition and ritual assert that the places where the righteous are buried have special energy. They are portals to the other world, which the saints have built in their lives. Therefore the thread of red from Jerusalem, consecrated at the grave of Rachel, has the greatest strength. Initially, it should be long, then it is cut and divided between loved ones. That is how the ancient thread was divided in this place.

Red thread of Jerusalem on which hand should dress? Followers of Kabbalah advise wearing it on the left wrist. It is this side of the body that is the entrance portal for both positive and negative influences. The red thread on your right hand will not bring any benefit, as the right side only releases energy from the body. Moreover, this amulet will act negatively, depriving a person of strength.

The red thread from Jerusalem has great power. After all, the Holy Land is the center of the world, in which powerful energy is concentrated. In order for the amulet to operate, you must follow the rules of wearing a red thread. Knit it, as already mentioned, on the left wrist. The red thread on your right wrist is useless and even harmful. Energy goes through it, depriving a person of strength. How to tie an amulet, you can see on the video.

A close person (mother, sister, husband, wife or good friend) should tie the Israeli thread. It is impossible to tie a thread to yourself, it will not act. The person to whom you have entrusted this business must have pure thoughts, sincerely to love you. The red wool thread is knotted at seven knots. At the same time you need to read a prayer, the text says the one who knits a thread on the wrist. The spoken words must be understandable, therefore they must be spoken in their native language. A person who is tied can make a wish. In addition, he must make a promise to the Lord to live righteously, purify his thoughts, and avoid sin.

At the grave of Rachel, the red thread is charged with maternal love. And what could be stronger than this feeling? Therefore, the Kabbalists consider it a powerful talisman that can protect against any evil. That is why the red thread is needed on the wrist, according to the teachings of Kabbalah:

  • Brings success, material wealth, happiness.
  • Strengthens health, heals joints, heart problems, protects against excessive weight loss and many diseases.
  • It helps people to find their true path in life.
  • Protects against bad thoughts.
  • Brings good luck if the person’s initiatives are good.
  • Helps to solve complex problems, break the deadlock, deal with troubles.
  • It does not allow a person to enter into negative energy.
  • Protects you from evil looks, evil eye, libel, conspiracy and dark magic.

To wear the thread is not recommended for more than 40 days, it accumulates negative, and it ceases to act. If the thread is torn and lost, then it has fulfilled its role and is no longer needed. When the amulet is torn, but not lost, it must be burned. If the thread is stretched, you can not remove it, you need to wait until it falls off by itself. When the thread flew off, it can not be tied back, it is best to throw into the fire.

When there is no opportunity to bring a red thread from Israel, you can buy it at home (in Moscow, Ufa, Rostov or any other city). Be sure to take the yarn from natural wool, a whole ball. It is necessary to tie her wrist according to the rules described above. This talisman protects no worse than the Jerusalem one. You can not use the thread that you found or received as a gift. It must be bought. Even if you brought a souvenir from Jerusalem, you have to pay for it. First you need to ask how much it costs, and not to bargain.

Many religions know why to wear a red thread on the wrist. Christianity, Islam, like Judaism, connect it with righteous Rachel. In addition, a legend appeared in the Middle Ages, linking the amulet with the devil Lilith. According to this legend, Lilith was the first wife of Adam. But she was expelled from paradise for wanting equality with God. On the way to hell, she promised to destroy all newborn children. Then an angel met her, who said that she had no right to kill babies bearing angelic names or signs. Also, the ban extended to those who have one of the names of Lilith. That name was Red. Since that time, each mother began to dress her wrist with a red thread so that the devil would not kill her.

The modern Orthodox Church does not really like such charms, considers them magic and witchcraft. It is advised to wear a baby not a thread, but a golden cross on the neck or pendant with the Virgin Mary. But Muslims have such a talisman is quite acceptable. It is often combined with a clasp or pendant in the form of a hand of Fatima, trimmed with silver. It symbolizes maternal patience, true faith, protects from the evil eye and other negative influences, can remove damage. They recommend bandaging her arm to a child and a young mother. In addition, the thread, consecrated at the grave of Rachel, for Muslims is also considered holy.

The ancient Slavs wearing red thread also practiced. It was used for the treatment of barley on the eye, protected from damage, conspiracy of witches, the evil eye. Also in it lurked the power that brings material well-being, the amulet was a magnet for good luck and luck in business. Everyone who wears it on the left arm or leg, according to Slavic legends, is patronized by mother earth. Therefore, wards were worn for children, pregnant women, travelers, farmers. When the thread was stretched, soiled, or darkened, it was supposed to be burned. It was believed that the charm has absorbed bad energy, protecting against the negative influence of its owner.

In Indian temples, a red thread is tied at the wrist of the girls. Such a talisman means that the young girl is already ready for marriage. After all, the wedding dress of the bride in India is red tones, it symbolizes love, passion and loyalty. In China, red strings were tied up with coins. According to ancient magic and feng shui, they serve to attract money. Red thread with fish will bring success, good earnings without any extra effort. Such talismans are hung in the corresponding energy zone of the dwelling. Without special knowledge it is difficult to find it, because you can simply attach them to the door so that the wealth does not go away at home.

According to the same Chinese tradition, it is believed that all women and men have an invisible red thread on their wrist from birth. She stretches and shrinks until she finds her twin. Then two young people fall in love and unite their destiny. The threads of both halves touch and turn into one. After all, these two parts for many years looking for each other. To enhance the attraction of invisible ties, a red wool thread is worn on the wrist.

In Buddhist temples, the red thread can be tied to the men on the wrist of the left hand, and to the women on the wrist of the right. After that, pilgrims are called moths. It is believed that they received the blessing of the monks, cleared their chakras. The aura of such people becomes light, they get rid of pain, poor health, ailments that destroy their body. In addition, they say the talisman is able to ensure the fulfillment of any desire. True, for this you need to have a favorable combination on the stars.

How to wear a red thread, we told. In addition, they talked about what the talisman means in different religions. But such a talisman can be strengthened, give it additional meaning, if weave it with threads of a different color. Such weaving was especially popular among the ancient Slavs, it was called a science. The thread was taken wool, linen or silk. Each color had its own special property:

  • The red thread had the meaning of an energy symbol, charged a person with passion, pressure and optimism, protected it from damage.
  • Dark maroon — helped to build relationships with people, to create strong ties.
  • Alai is a love spell. Unfortunately, it will be fleeting and short.
  • If with a scarlet rope it was tied pink, the love became easy and gentle, was not darkened by jealousy and suspicions.
  • The orange thread is suitable for ambitious people who are looking for fame and popularity. Solar energy, accumulated in it, gives harmony, improves health.
  • Green is a symbol of Mother Nature, it eliminates anger and envy, clears thoughts, gives strength.
  • Blue color relieved from fear and anxiety, a stone lying on the soul, protected from the influence of others.
  • Violet thread is needed for purposeful people, it develops the imagination.
  • White means wisdom, sincerity and purity; we need young girls who need true love, not momentary passion.
  • Black is a powerful talisman that gives harmony, peace, respect.

Weave a bracelet better with your own hands, the scheme of knitting can be arbitrary. It is desirable to take in the kit a red thread, it can be associated with any other, colors are added as desired. They are all combined with each other, reinforce the action of each other. Best of all, if there is a red thread on the left wrist. But in combination with other colors it can be worn on the right. Especially if it is woven with blue, which is designed to reduce anxiety, fears, bad influences.

What are people wearing red thread for? First of all, it is protection from bad influences, unkind views. It makes a person healthy, helps to cope with troubles. For many, it is a good luck talisman that can bring luck and money to life. But the main value of the thread is dedication and the trust of one’s own life to God. Only pure thoughts, righteousness, modesty can increase the influence of the amulet. He who clothed him should promise God to improve himself, to think about the soul, and not about the perishable body and worldly vanity.

You can not wear a red thread on your left hand, when you find it by accident. It can be badly charged, carry negative energy. Also, you can not wear as a guardian threads that were used in clothing. For example, an old sweater or scarf. The yarn should be new and clean. When you carry a thread, you must believe in its power. The tying ritual must be performed exactly. Only trust in God and the power of his charms compels them to act. A thin red thread on your wrist is not just a decoration. It can change you from the inside, turn your life in a completely different direction.

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