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The strongest conspiracies, prayers to win a lot of money in a lottery: ceremonies and their consequences

The best time to conduct rituals and conspiracy to win the lottery — Wednesday or Sunday. The sacraments (with rare exceptions) are carried out on the growing moon. Rites are performed alone.

Any ritual can be used only once. If during the ceremony something went wrong, then it is not recommended to continue it.

Errors or difficulties indicate that while conducting a rite of winning is not the time. After conducting a ritual or reading a conspiracy, you should read the prayer «Our Father» or «Rejoice, Virgin Mary.»

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To make the ritual effective, the following rules must be followed:

  • Keeping secrets. No one should be informed about the conduct of the magic ritual to win the lottery. Moreover, it is forbidden to talk about him after receiving the prize. This can lead to negative consequences in monetary matters.
  • Belief in the result. The effectiveness of magic directly depends on the faith invested in the sacrament.
  • Visualization. During the conduct of any ritual, it should be clear what exactly how and in what amount will be obtained as a result of magical effects. If this is a cash gain, you need to represent a specific large amount of money and how the gain occurs. If you want to win the housing lottery, you should imagine a new apartment, its furnishings, the view from the window.
  • Preselection lottery. This item follows from the previous one, since during the rites it is necessary to present the process of winning. Whether it is Gosloto, Golden Horseshoe, Russian Lotto or something else, the lottery needs to be chosen in advance. This will allow you to visualize in detail the whole process of a successful game.

The strongest conspiracies, prayers to win a lot of money in a lottery: ceremonies and their consequences

The following rites are conducted with the use of additional attributes — coins, candles, notes. Material objects help witchcraft to quickly be realized in the real world, which increases the likelihood of winning.

The strongest conspiracies, prayers to win a lot of money in a lottery: ceremonies and their consequences

Buy a lottery ticket for cash, do not take change. The ceremony is conducted using three candles of green wax.

They are put in the form of a triangle and set on fire. A lottery ticket is put in the center and a plot is read:

«The seller sold the ticket seller, but he winked at Aunt Luck. Aunt Luck, take your change, and give me a sum of money. To live for me, not to save, to save wealth.

Let luck find a way to me, and bring a ticket. Amen».

The strongest conspiracies, prayers to win a lot of money in a lottery: ceremonies and their consequences

For the ceremony, they take a bill, which later will need to pay for a lottery ticket. Then light a candle of golden or yellow color.

A banknote is neatly brought to it in such a way that the light falls on it. At the same time, the words are read: «I’m completely excommunicating the coin, but I’ll get many others.»

After the ceremony, you should immediately go for a lottery ticket. You should buy one ticket that will attract attention first.

The sacrament allows you to get quick results and win a huge amount. Conducted using several coins of the same value. You can take 3, 5, 7 coins.

The words of the conspiracy are pronounced on them: «As the river swiftly rushes toward the shore, so does money strive for money.»

Then they must be left in one of the everyday wear items. The following places will do:

  • chest pocket;
  • trouser pocket;
  • pocket coat or jacket.

When buying a ticket, charged coins should be close to the conspicuously. After receiving the winning ticket can not be thrown.

Coins must be kept in a secret place for several years.

The most effective such a ritual will be on Easter Sunday. They take a chicken egg and gently smash one end of it so as not to damage the yolk. Then put inside a gold or silver ring.

It is important that the decoration belonged to the conducting rite. If there is no ring, it is allowed to use an earring instead.

Egg is placed in a bowl or bowl. With him it is necessary to bypass all the rooms of the dwelling, stopping in each for a few moments.

At this time one should imagine a big win in the lottery, try to live the emotions connected with it.

After that, it is worth frying an egg without getting any decoration from it. Then take the ring and put it on. Egg must be eaten.

When eating scrambled eggs look at the ticket. At the end of the meal, the words are pronounced on him: «I ate, the servant of the Lord (name), a dish made of gilded egg.

Let the winnings come to me, bring luck and money to the house. They never run out of me, waiting for me to prosperity all the days of my belly.

On the lock the plot was closed, and the key was lost. Amen».

The rite operates instantly. Immediately after the event, you can purchase a ticket that will bring a win.

The sacrament from the Siberian healer Natalia Stepanova is carried out on the growing moon. For the ceremony will need 12 different coins. Their total amount should be equal to the number of full years of the one who conducts the ceremony.

With coins should go out into a deserted place. Coins «show» the moon so that they hit the light. They read the words: «Everything in the world is growing and multiplying from the light of the red Sun, and money — from the month of the clear.

Bring fruit, grow, bring me a win! Amen».

Then the coins are clenched into a fist and are sent home in complete silence. Houses put them on a lottery ticket for charging money.

This rite from Vanga is held at home. This ritual requires maximum concentration of attention, the ability to visualize the desired.

Before the ritual should be taken out of the closet your most favorite thing, which has a pocket. Next, take a thread with a needle, begin to read the words, stitching a coin in your pocket:

«Thread and needle — girlfriends are old, bosom. They always walk side by side. So let the coin make friends with me.»

As the needle follows the needle, so let me win a major one. Dresses favorite hem zashivayu, pocket zashtopayu, so that wealth does not squander how much in vain.

Let the money come to me different — and gold, and iron, and paper, and large, and small. Amen».

After this thing again put in the closet. You can get it only after a day.

In the morning they wear it and wear it for several days, during which it is necessary to purchase one or several lottery tickets, make a bet or take part in contests where cash prizes are played.

Psychic and magician Daria Mironova recommends that before buying a ticket, put a small note in your left pocket: «Luck, win, money.»

The ticket should be bought on Wednesday from noon to three in the afternoon. The rite allows you to quickly win a large sum.

They take an odd number of coins and lay out the pockets of clothes they wear every day, and utter the words of the conspiracy: «Happiness has come to me, and I brought another happiness and fortune with me. I put coins in my pockets, I will bring luck to myself.

I close the conspiracy tightly, invoking good luck to myself. Amen».

In this clothes go to buy a lottery ticket.

During the use of the tram should save tickets. When they meet seven pieces, you can hold a ceremony. For the sacrament will require:

  • 7 tram tickets;
  • candle of orange or brown wax;
  • own photo;
  • green sheet of paper;
  • the envelope.

The photograph is put on green paper. A stack of tickets is placed on top and all this is placed in an envelope.

With a drop of wax you should seal it and say a conspiracy three times: «Fortune leads, luck brings my hand. The lottery brings me income and joy.

I kindle a candle with fire, wax it with a hot plot. Amen».

The plotted envelope is placed in the left pocket and goes to buy a ticket.

For the ceremony will require:

  • green wax candle;
  • mirror;
  • gold coin.

The ritual is performed in good weather, on the growing moon. Candle light and set on the windowsill. Nearby they put a mirror so that both the flame of the candle and the moon are reflected in its surface.

They take a coin into a fist and begin to read a conspiracy on it: “A noble merchant paced under the moonlight. The product offered everything and everyone, but refused to pay.

The merchant is cunning, he attracts honest people, and takes them away for free. That merchant is my own brother. As I see the moon, I will ask my brother for help.

Take luck from others who have a lot of it. And help me to talk the ticket, but to get the money.


Coin must be spent on the purchase of a ticket.

To attract luck in the lottery, you can use the following rite:

  1. 1. In a prominent place at home put a small pot.
  2. 2. Within seven days in a row it is necessary to lower one coin of silver color into it.
  3. 3. At the end of the week there should be seven coins. After that, you can proceed to buying a ticket.

But first you should imagine yourself a rich man who won a million. To do this, they put a pot with coins in it, light candles.

In one hand, take a candle, and begin to meditate.

After visualizing the gain and subsequent wealth, pour the coin into the left palm. Then from them in a clockwise position they spread a circle around the pot. Putting each of the coins, utter the words: «Flow, money, river to me.

Shine like a clear fire. Burn and shine, win to get help.


Candle must burn to the end. After that, all the coins are put back in the pot.

For some time (the term is chosen arbitrarily) the pot must be “fed up” with several silver coins. And then you can purchase a lottery ticket.

This ritual is laborious, but effective. You must first purchase a ticket. The rite is conducted as follows:

  1. 1. On the day of the ritual before sunset you need to find a clover with four petals.
  2. 2. He is brought home in a new handkerchief.
  3. 3. When midnight comes, a cross is drawn on each of the clover petals. The prayer «Our Father» is read seven times.
  4. 4. Then you should ask the Lord God in your own words so that you are lucky in the lottery.
  5. 5. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the words “El agios, Ishiros, Atanatos” are pronounced.
  6. 6. Then the lottery ticket and clover are put on the window sill so that the moonlight falls on them.
  7. 7. The next day, you should wrap the clover and ticket in a handkerchief and carry with you until the lottery results are announced.

Before holding this proven rite, you should warm your hands «for good luck.» You can do this by rubbing your palms or substituting them to the rays of the sun.

For the sacrament, you will need 7 photos of those people who won the lottery, gambling or competition. It may be clippings from newspapers or magazines, but at least one person must be known by sight.

You will also need 7 candles of various colors, 1 white candle and your own photo.

Colored candles are lit. Between them in the center have their photos, put a white candle on it.

The rest of the cards are laid out like sunshine. Then they read the conspiracy: “Your big luck is my zeal for Fortune. You are very lucky, and I am even luckier.

Fortune will find me everywhere! «

In the imagination, one should represent the gain and try to consider its outlines in the fire of candles. At the end of the ceremony, the flame of candles is extinguished by the fingers.

Blowing is prohibited, as you can blow off luck.

Ticket buying by chance. Better yet, buy it in a new, unfamiliar place where you have never been before. At the time of purchase, the following words are mentally pronounced: “To live is not to grieve, to not be in trouble.

Row a shovel silver and gold. «

Having brought the ticket home, put it in a red scarf or a piece of fabric of the same color and tied into three knots. A spell is pronounced:

«The king lived in the marble chambers, was proud of everything, did not entertain with anyone. Silver and gold collected all over the world, filled the treasury with wealth.

A miracle-maiden from the realm of the far away came to him, and she did not appreciate his gold. Woo King, but not woo. Silver and gold offered, but the miracle girl does not want.

Kamenya offered — does not want. The king lost his head, but with it good luck, but the key to the treasury to boot.

I found luck, I found the key, and my head is on my shoulders. Be now to me, as a rich king, in gold and silks.

As said, so be it. Key, lock, tongue.


The knot is not untied before the lottery.

Usually, lottery winnings are performed on the rising moon. The following rite is an exception. It is carried out on the waning moon.

In addition, for the ceremony should pick up an overcast day. These features of the sacrament are related to the fact that it is usually recommended to carry out the rituals of winning on a growing moon and on a clear day.

Since fewer people play the lottery on such days, the probability of winning with the help of the water rite rises.

Before buying a ticket, they put on plain clothes and say the words: «Wealth, come to me!».

Put any coin in your pocket. Then go to the nearest pond.

On the way, you can not talk to anyone. At the reservoir, you should get a coin from your pocket and throw it into the water, after saying: «Money in the water, and I will win.»

Then go for the ticket.

The following ritual is also an exception to the rule. It is held not on the growing moon, but on the full moon. For the ritual take:

  • 2 any coins;
  • dried orange and lemon peels;
  • several cherry pits;
  • opaque container (a coffee jar works well).

Orange peels are placed on the bottom of the container, and then cherry stones and coins are poured. From above, they are covered with lemon rinds.

The can is closed and three times the words are said on it: “The old one went over the berries and collected a whole bundle. Wherever the old one looks, there is a ripe berry everywhere.

She went on the road, found two coins. Wherever she looks, there are coins everywhere. She began to sculpt pies.

Ruddy they turned out yes delicious. Let me, as this old one, get lucky, and good luck is following me everywhere.


Material objects endowed with power during the plot attract luck in lotteries and gambling. You can use them after winning the lottery as a lucky charm.

As an amulet for winning the lottery key is well suited. To charge it for good luck, you also need a wax candle. First, the key should be cleared of accumulated energy.

To do this, you need to hold a few minutes under running water. Then they light a candle and say the words: “This key is not simple, but from the treasury of the rich sultan.

The key is mine, and the castle is obedient to him. I want to, so I come to the treasury of the Sultan, I will take all the gold. I open and close it, attracting luck and winning.

And do not let poverty on the threshold. Amen».

The candle should burn out completely. All this time, the key must lie nearby.

After completing the ceremony should go for the purchase of a ticket, taking with him the charmed amulet.

In the forest or on the banks of the river should find a smooth stone. The find is carried home without turning around and not looking around.

The houses around it are lit with several wax candles. A note of any value is put on top of the stone and the words are pronounced:

«The stone lay quietly, basking in the sun, bathed in the rain. Lay, and did not let anyone under it.

And as I take it, I will call myself luck. I, the servant of the Lord (name), found the stone, and the winnings will come to me and find me.


With this stone should go for a lottery ticket.

The following rites, unlike the others, are related to black magic. If carried out incorrectly, they can have negative consequences in the form of health problems, monetary losses and other difficulties.

But at the same time they are more powerful than the mysteries of white magic.

One of the days of the growing moon go to the churchyard. They are looking for any burial on which the cross is squinted. The following words are read above the grave: “Poverty and failure, attach to this place.

A place for luck give way. From lack of money and bad luck I no longer suffer, poverty does not know. I will get money from me seven wagons and a small trolley, counting is not counted.

No sooner said than done. Key, lock, tongue. «

The words are read thrice. Any coin is put on the burial, saying the words: «Let my word be fulfilled.

The dead man heard, it was done ahead of time, the coin was paid. So be it. «

After pronouncing the words go away without thinking. Winning the lottery will occur within a month.

For it should thank the deceased: come back to the cemetery, remove his grave and remember.

This ancient rite is done through the shadow of a grave cross, which falls in daylight. For the ritual will require:

  • coin;
  • rye bread crust;
  • dry aspen chip.

You can perform the sacrament any day. Go to the cemetery and choose the grave, where the cross is exactly. In the middle of the shadow have a coin.

The right heel is attacked, facing the cross. In the right hand hold a crust of bread, in the left — a sliver. Then a conspiracy is pronounced:

«The human world, the grave world, and the cross over the deceased, but the deceased dead. The dead man is buried, crowned with a cross. The shadow of the cross is a powerful force, secret.

As I make a tomb through the shadow of a tomb, so the dead soul can serve me. Saying this sim is not forever, but for one term of a dead man I incite. The shadow of the cross is strong, and my pay is right.

The torch in the aspen chamber is a lamp, and the bread is its participle. So the shadow of the cross is set.

So I conjure off something, you, dead man, you will allow me to serve the service, but you will manage my request. I entrust my petition to you (to say what you wish).

So let it be done to you soon, and the shadow of the cross is fixed. The only service, my heartfelt desire for you, the dead person was fulfilled, and me, (name), was bought off.


After the words of the conspiracy bread must be eaten. Leave the cemetery silently. Coin left to lie.

As they leave the cemetery, aspen wood chips are set on fire. When it lights up, they say the words: «Aspen chip burned to the dead traveler, and this dry lamp that I was commanded, then it quickly came to me.»

The following ceremonies are held orally, they do not require any attributes. To make a conspiracy or prayer more effective, they should be memorized and pronounced without hesitation.

Pronounced before buying a ticket or directly during it:

  • «Money, come soon! Coin to the coin, and the choice will bring good luck to me.»
  • «Let the top converge, and the bottom be transferred. Everything in my opinion will be.»
  • “As soon as I get a dip in the night, this is just the way it goes. I won’t be evil, but it will bless me.”

Whispers, like other conspiracies, should be recited from memory.

Before leaving the house to buy a lottery ticket, the words of a conspiracy are pronounced three times:

«I was going on a long journey, but for buying a good one, red. Not with thoughts of profit, but with an Orthodox prayer. Not to create evil, but to assert good on earth.

Do not think about yourself alone, but help others. Help me, Lord, and give Your blessings.


To win in gambling (for example, in Russian lotto), you can also attract good luck. To do this, read the words before the game:

«A goldfish swam in the sea. It pleased the network, but did not get angry.

Gave me luck and good luck, I use them in the game. I will receive money, not shouting and squealing.


Saints cannot be turned to winnings unless they plan to spend money on good deeds. In the event that money is needed for treatment or saving lives, it is allowed to appeal to Saint Matron or Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker is one of the closest to God saints, which explains the effectiveness of appeals to the saint. You can pray for winnings on any given day.

But those prayers that are raised on December 19 or May 22, in the days of St. Nicholas, will be heard more quickly.

The prayer is as follows:

«About the most holy service of God, Nicholas! You are an early helper and protector of everyone who honors the commandments of God. I address you with a humble heart to you, I, the Lord’s servant (name).

Help me in my earthly life, beseech Jesus Christ, our Lord, to grant us salvation and absolution conscious or unconscious. Beseech the Lord to set us free, the humble servants of God, to deliver from earthly afflictions, poverty and misery. Guide my ways to salvation, so that I may not acquire the riches of the earth, but collect the treasures in Heaven.

Let my life be comfortable so that I can do good deeds. May my income be only for the good and for the glory of the Lord.

And I promise to follow the commandments of God, to give alms generous and in praise to glorify the Lord God and to thank you heartily for your help, the most holy good of God. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


It is recommended to read this prayer in complete solitude, setting the icon of the saint in front of you. To concentrate better, you should light a candle.

The conspiracy of Saint Matrona does not exist, since the Most Holy Old Man lived a holy life and was not engaged in magic. Therefore, it is simply worth asking the saint for help:

«Staritsa Matronushka! I ask you, travel and help in trouble, bring back the joy and the goodness of God.

In order to continue to live, we live, troubles, grief do not know. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Prayer can be said in the church and at home. A lottery ticket is bought without a feeling of greed and with the understanding that winning is needed for a good purpose.

Conducting the ceremony should be aware that any win is not lasting. The magical effect loses its power over time, and the money runs out.

In addition, any magic requires balance. If lucky in the lottery, there may be difficulties in other areas of life — health or personal relationships.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the protection of funds. The easiest way to do this is to give a part of the won money to charity. For example, in an orphanage or animal shelter.

In this case, the higher forces will not require an additional payment for their assistance.

When giving a part of a win, you should say: “When I receive, I give. What is not mine, I let go.

I take my own. «

Abuse conspiracy to win the lottery is not worth it. They are most effective in cases where a person has financial difficulties.

In other cases, it is recommended to abstain from this type of magic.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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