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Voodoo doll: how to make at home

Many of you have probably heard of such a phenomenon in the world of magic, like a voodoo doll. It is believed that with its help you can control a person like a plastic doll, that is, to completely subordinate her mind and consciousness to your will. There is evidence that black magic can even kill a person with the help of the same voodoo doll that accumulates tens of volts of negative energy. Before proceeding with the story about this subject, it is worth saying that it will take time and some restraint to do it yourself, as this is not an easy process.

The difficulty lies in the fact that you are faced with the task of recreating the semblance of a human sacrifice, both externally and internally, in other words, you can say that you create a double of a person who, at its sight, could say that I am a voodoo doll who is going to annoy or take revenge , because it is for these purposes that the doll is most often used.

A voodoo doll takes its roots in faraway America, where thousands, and perhaps tens of thousands of rituals were performed with its help. The dolls at that time were used exclusively for black magic, which often provided for sacrifices, and these were not always animals. For some rituals, blood, nails of a person were needed, sometimes hair or even sweat in such conditions sorcerers worked. Now, when the development of humanity stepped forward, the genetic code of a person can be introduced into the rite with the help of a personal thing that was in direct physical contact with the victim. It may be:

  • T-shirt
  • Underpants
  • Socks
  • Favorite thing that a person does not part with and so on

In addition, the very direction of work with the doll has changed. Earlier, the only purpose of its use was evil, but now the doll is also being made for good purposes, for example, if you desperately want to help a loved one to overcome some kind of life test, for example, to get rid of the disease. The influence has become softer, does not interfere globally with the fate of a person. If you want a larger scale effect from the ritual with a voodoo doll, it will be extremely difficult and dangerous to hold it yourself because it can feed on your energy. Therefore, it is recommended to use the help of professionals who know a lot about this business, then there will be no terrible side effects.

As for modern voodoo dolls, which can be made at home by yourself, they can be made from a variety of materials, which will partly depend on what goal you have. We learn in more detail how to make a voodoo doll at home and whether you choose the right ritual.

How can you make a voodoo doll out of thread? A voodoo doll made of woolen threads more resembles our Slavic motanka doll and is considered to be the simplest and most primitive man-made version of a magic item. Drawings, photos and videos with her image can be considered in more detail. For reference, we say that previously, Icelandic moss, which grows rapidly in South America, was taken as the basis.

It is worth saying that even the most primitive version of making a voodoo doll will require some skills from you, because do not forget, you are going to interfere with someone’s fate and history, to mystically change the course of events that have been programmed by someone from above.

Despite the fact that the resemblance with the Old Slavic toy makes the magic object look like a toy, its effect can be stunning, so do not underestimate its power. The fact is that all other materials remain the same that were used several centuries ago by man, and the words and texts of conspiracies and spells that are read during the ceremony are also identical. Most often, currently, a thread doll is used for love spells.

As mentioned earlier, you can make a wooded voodoo with your own hands at home, without having any experience with witchcraft and otherworldly power, without being able to work with spells. For making you need these items:

  • A thread made of natural wool (do not use synthetics, it will not let the energy out of the magic item)
  • Pre-cut rectangle of cardboard, the approximate size of 20×10 cm
  • Cardboard Hand

Begin to tie a rectangle, so you form the future body of a magical voodoo doll connecting it with a person. It is believed that a greater number of turns will contribute to the fact that the ceremony will be stronger and more spectacular. After the rectangle is tightly and tightly tied, it is necessary to carefully remove the resulting thing from the cardboard and put it aside for a while, tie the loose end so that the threads are not untied.

Now it’s time to tackle the head. To do this, you need the same threads that were used to create the trunk. Using a short cut of the thread, wind the head of the future doll and attach to the body. Let’s start making hands, for this you already have a template made of cardboard. As with the body, you need to tightly tie up the billet with a thread, about 50-60 turns are considered sufficient. After that, all the thread is also removed from the cardboard, hands are ready. Next, you have to attach your hands to the body, doing it with a thread.

To make the doll look as realistic as possible, a small length of thread can be tied in the middle of the body, this will mark the position of the waist. As for the color of the threads, it should be one color, that is, the head and body should not differ from each other. If the victim of the ceremony is blond, then it is necessary to give preference to the light color of the thread, if the brunette is darker. The same applies to special differences, such as moles, tattoos, and so on, you must try to portray them on the doll.

A fabric doll is also not considered difficult to make, it will take only 30-40 minutes to make it. From the materials you need to prepare 2 pieces of fabric, each measuring 20 by 20 centimeters, these will be two half of your future bird. With the help of a sewing machine or manually, in its absence, you need to sew two pieces so that the two corners form a hole, it will be necessary so that in the future you can fill the bag with filling, usually dry grass or moss.

The legs of the hand are made by analogy, that is, two identical pieces of fabric are sewn together for one hand and for the other, the same is done with the legs. The head is not made separately, in order for it to appear, you just need to tie up the upper part of the body with a thread. Next, select the material that will be inside the doll, fill it with all the holes, that is, the torso, head and limbs. After that, all parts are stitched together. In this case, the product is recruited by the energy of negative volts, which will also be present in magic.

If you want to make an additional similarity with the sacrifice of the rite, you can add a rag doll hair. To do this, use all the same thread that is sewn to the improvised head. Facial features can also be embroidered with threads to give an additional resemblance.

If you managed to get pieces of human biomaterial, they need to be properly placed in the doll. For example, hair is sewn into the head, nails into the legs or hands, tissue can be soaked with blood, and so on. Similarly, the doll is made of paper.

If you prefer sculpting, you can make a voodoo doll using this method, in this case, you take clay. An important feature of this material is that the clay is influenced by the external environment, that is, heat, which does not allow it to keep its shape for a long time. For example, if you hold a plasticine doll of voodoo over a fire, after what time it turns into a shapeless mass, the same can be done with a person, that is, you can destroy it as a person. Thus, we can conclude that the clay voodoo should be used only in black magic and nothing else.

As in previous cases, for a successful ritual, you need to have at your disposal the biomaterial of the victim, that is, blood, saliva, husband’s sperm, nails or hair, only this way you can cause a subtle energetic connection with the victim, creating a spell, urging to change the course of events. In addition, the body itself will be made of plasticine mass, clothing must also be made independently, however, from the fabric, sewn independently. Only in this way you will be sure that everything is done correctly, following the instructions for the ceremony.

It is important to show maximum artistic qualities so that the doll’s face looks as close to human as possible, the same goes for body structure, this will mean maximum similarity.

If your abilities do not allow you to achieve the desired similarity, that is, you cannot draw and fashion a face, you can attach it to the place where the face should be, a photo of the victim. Now these photos can be easily found on social networks on the Internet. It is very important not only to draw similar features, but also to clearly identify the sex of the victim; for this, men need to mold the penis from the clay mass, for women — the breast.

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