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What do mermaids look like

What do mermaids look like? Mystical creatures are familiar to everyone since childhood, but which in reality and whether they actually exist?

What do mermaids look like

The famous image of mermaids from myths, legends, films and books. This is a beautiful young lady, very attractive, with a fish tail.

Corresponds to the image of reality? What do mermaids look like
Considered a mermaid as a mystical creature from different points of view.

Taking advantage of the ritual of calling for mermaids, they encounter an essence — a clot of energy. This is one of the spirits of water, able to come to the aid of a person, to appear on a call or cause damage.

It is assumed that mermaids exist as creatures from the underworld, like brownies, aquatic, frightened and other energetic magical beings.

Seeing the spirit of the water is hard. Only experienced sorcerers and psychics can see the shape of a mermaid, and not just feel its presence. The water spirit is a substance, an energy flow that is not visible to the human eye.

Energy entities from the other world are addressed in most rites.

What real mermaids look like in reality

What do mermaids look likeWhat kind of amazing creatures found in reservoirs in different parts of the world? These are real creatures that resemble human and fish.

The origin of creatures is unknown to science, but they are described in ancient legends. Sailors call them sirens, luring the beautiful voice of people into the depths of the sea.

The image, sung in cartoons, films and legends, is incorrect. The mermaid is not a beautiful girl with a fish tail. The specimens found in 1679, 1737, 1982 and 1992 resemble real women, but they did not differ in beauty.

These are creatures that vaguely resemble a person with the upper part of the body with round eyes, a regular neck, shoulders, ears, hands, and well developed ribs.

The fishermen managed to find and catch not only the females in the net. In 1837, fishermen caught a copy of a male.

The upper part of the body is much like a human, but more flattened nose.

A creature with white skin, silky hair, delicate facial features is the result of imagination.

Caught individuals had green hair, their faces and bodies were completely covered with a strange substance, vaguely reminiscent of corals. The creatures found gills, starting at the lower lip and then to the throat.

On the tail found strange vile growths.

In our time not a single living mermaid has been caught and explored. Each instance was found dead or was not caught.

To find out whether sirens really have a beautiful voice and are able to lure people fails.

There is a mention that previously it was possible to catch them alive. Creatures made strange sounds, like a growl of an animal, but did not speak.

It was not possible to achieve and display of intelligence.

Living specimens were caught in the era of exorcism, subjected to torture and torture, but did not enter into normal contact with a person.

What a mermaid’s tail looks like

What do mermaids look likeMermaid tail is similar to fish. It has not been proven that the tail comes in different colors. This is a common fish tail, gray or dark green, covered with scales, powerful.

The scales from the tail go to the back and abdomen.

The photo of captured creatures shows that the tails come in various sizes. Length may vary.

What do mermaids look like

What do mermaids look like

The tail serves as an ingredient for various magical potions. Sometimes witches use the whole tail, sometimes only scales.

This mermaid does not look like the character of the favorite Disney cartoon series and not as the heroine of the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen. The existence of an energy entity or a physical object is not denied.

Humanity will one day find a way to get in touch with ancient amazing creatures, having learned about mermaids much more.

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