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What does a real brownie look like?

What does a real brownie look like? Virtually every home has a magical host that helps protect the home from negative impact.

A person can make contact with the brownie and see him.

What does a real brownie look like

In fairy tales and cartoons, the brownie is presented as a little old man in a shabby shirt, grumbling and helping the owners of the dwelling. This image is one of several incarnations of the essence.

What does a real brownie look like?Most of the drummers are wicked, awesome creatures that spoil and hide things. This brownie willingly makes contact and does not interfere with a quiet life.

A person who decides to make friends with the owner of the dwelling, before calling the brownie, learns more about the essence. In different tales and legends the house keepers are described in various ways.

After analyzing the myths, we can distinguish three types of brownies.

Good home assistant

What does a real brownie look like?The classic image of the brownie — a creature that came from a parallel world. There is a debate whether there is a brownie, but the guardian’s presence is impossible to deny.

The essence lives in houses and protects the dwelling of the person.

Brownies of the first group feed on surplus human power (not to be confused with energy vampirism). The drummers are kind, ready to make contact, play with animals and protect small children. They look like small people, gray-haired old men with a fluffy beard.

They can make some noise, rattle dishes, when they don’t like the way people behave in the house. The owner reminds a small fluffy ball.

They walk quietly, but sometimes the sound of their steps is like moving a dog or cat.

People see good creatures as small fluffy animals, but it is impossible to get a photo or video of the appearance of the magic helper: house shy and hiding at the sight of a person.

In the legends there is information that home-grown people have families and small housekeepers. You can take an assistant with you to a new place, if you manage to get used to the owner and establish good relations.

Souls performing a karmic task

What does a real brownie look like?Sometimes there is an explanation that the brownies are the souls of the dead who have not fulfilled the karmic task during their lifetime. Peace lovers, dutifully guarding the trusted home.

Most often negligent hostesses and landlords who have not given enough time to home and family become homemade.

The souls need to work out the main task — to take care of the owners of the house. Barabashki are different from the classical image of the brownie: tall, reminiscent of disembodied spirits of dark gray or black.

They prefer entities not to impersonate themselves and not to show presence, as opposed to classic brownies. Creatures do not feed on the remnants of human energy, but receive it sufficiently from higher powers.

Esoteric people compare the classical essence and soul in strength, disagreeing. The first type of drummers is able to protect the house from any misfortune, and the second one is more useful.

Souls retain the skills acquired during mortality, using them to help people.

Is there an evil brownie

What does a real brownie look like?Many have heard horror stories, causing chilling horror, about evil brownies. Creatures can not only scare people, but also cause significant damage.

Brownie described in the book Paradise O’Neal «My children were killed by a brownie.» The man claimed that the story is based on real events.

How can a good brownie cruelly deal with children?

The writer had to deal with the third type of entities living in houses. These are dangerous monsters disguised as goblins who took advantage of the fact that the house was empty or that the legitimate Master survived.

Monsters not only feed on the energy of the people living in their territory, but can also cause real harm. Their goal is to do everything so that people live as badly as possible, forever in fear.

Ca nourishing emotion — fear. Most often, the monster is hard to see: it is more of a shadow than a physical being.

In the legends, evil brownies are described as black silhouettes. People attribute burning eyes, hands with long claws, and bulky jaws with large teeth.

Monsters are not considered to be the keepers of the hearth, when they appear a person experiences panic: it seems that he is closely watched.

When an evil entity is detected in the house, measures are urgently taken to eliminate it. Appeal for help to an experienced psychic expelling entities into their world.

Monsters have nothing to do with good-natured housemates, but successfully disguised as them.

If a person understands that he is not alone at home, but is a magical neighbor, then an entity should be defined. If a drum is wound up in the house, they always leave delicacies, talk to the brownie so that an atmosphere of understanding and comfort reigns in the house.

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