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What to do if jinxed

People are envious. Sometimes envy of others overcomes them so much that they are ready to ruin the life of someone to whom they are jealous and it does not matter whether it is a child or an adult. To do this, often used such magical methods as the evil eye or love spell. What to do if jinxed, how to get rid of this bad energy?

What to do if jinxed

First of all, let’s understand the concepts. What, in principle, in itself means the evil eye or damage, and what is the symptom of this action. These are the rituals of black magic that work to destroy the integrity of the victim’s energy.

But the one who decides on the evil eye, must understand that at the same time he makes his own energy more vulnerable. It’s unavoidable. When a person decides to impose an evil eye on someone, he makes knots and chains for karma and thinks that this will not affect me. And if not the customer himself will then unravel these karmic knots, then this will have to be done by future generations.

And what happens to the victim, who was jinxed? She has a disturbed energy body. Such a person is a little more difficult than usually to attract positive events into his life and discourage negative events from himself. What if jinxed? It is necessary to conduct a ritual to remove the evil eye and damage. This can be easily done at home.

People who are distinguished by trust and openness in relationships especially need to protect themselves from envy. Of course, this does not mean that you need to intentionally narrow the circle of contacts, no. Here it will be more appropriate to periodically carry out defensive conspiracies so that the evil eye cannot be fixed on you. It is worth, of course, to look more closely at the people who surround you. Do not enter into too close relationships with all people in a row, first take a closer look at the person.

It is also important to be able to understand when you have exposed yourself to a bad eye or damage. By what signs do you feel that they have jinxed you?

  • Damage can appear even a bad mood. Here you know to yourself that you are a cheerful person who reacts relatively easily and calmly to various events in his life. And here you have noticed that the events seem to be the same, but your character is very spoiled. Damage is manifested in the fact that you are often angry and sad over trifles. You may have a feeling that it is spoiling, as if you have stolen good luck from life.
  • If the damage was imposed specifically on your family, then it is there that problems will appear. Here the character deteriorate not only among you, but also among those close to you. Your family can now quarrel over trivia. You seem to be trying to agree from a cold mind and a warm heart, but all the same, everything goes to misunderstanding and scandal. This may also mean that someone has jinxed you.
  • Those who are jealous could have caused damage or the evil eye specifically on your home. Then the house will feel unhealthy heavy energy. If a house is damaged, then you can see that outside it seems your family speaks more or less normally, but as soon as it gets into the walls of the house, everyone immediately starts to quarrel. Trace your feeling in the house and behind its walls, it will tell you a lot if the house is damaged or not.
  • Of course, the hand of a magician can impose a strong evil eye on the material well-being, as a particular person, and, in general, the family. Just the right magic plot can ruin your personal or family income for a whole year. Financial well-being may fall in order.

In all these cases, a properly chosen magic plot with protective properties is required. It is also desirable to know who exactly caused the damage. When reading the plot, you will represent a specific pest, the ritual will work harder.

It is very good to carry out energy cleansing at home, if you have your own feeling that some person brought the evil eye. It is very easy to know there is damage on the house. Take the church candle. Highlight the moment when only you will be in the house and walk around this house in this candle. Mark the way it burns. If the light burns evenly, directly, does not smoke, then, most likely, the energy of your home is clean. If the candle is black, cracks, the light breaks all the time to go out, this may be evidence of the evil eye. The question arises what to do when the evil eye how to neutralize it? If this is the case, then it is easy to clean the house with dried herbs. You will need wormwood and nettle in dried form. Such a ritual must be performed in the period of the waning moon. So also the moon will try to save your home from evil. During the cleaning of the dwelling, no one else should be there except you.

Set fire to dried herbs, walk around the house with them and at the same time speak such a magical conspiracy:

“I have to defend my house, I stand on it. The man that slanders him will let the smell of grass hears, that man may rebel, ours, he will hear my conversation. His eyes turn into fear, all his words against my house lose their strength. You will no longer negotiate with us, you will no longer be with us. The grass is dried, the evil eye is dead. «

It is necessary to read this magic text with confidence, feeling the strength in oneself, feeling oneself the master of the house. It is your strong energy and will help get rid of the evil actions of the magic ritual. So you can return good luck in the house. Then read your favorite prayer. After such a ritual, it will have an even stronger effect.

Somewhere, in a week you can repeat the diagnosis at home with candles. You may be surprised that the candle does not smoke at all and burns evenly. But it may be such that a little more candle smokes. Then you need to repeat the cleaning of the house with the help of herbs in the next arriving moon.

Previously, when people mostly lived in villages and fed mainly from the land and from domestic animals, they caused damage to cattle. And that meant spoiling a person’s financial well-being. After all, if damage was caused to a goat, and she got sick, then the family was left without milk, which could be sold, and from which it was possible to make cheese. Could also bring damage to the dog, as a defender of the house, to weaken the energy of the house and the adult owner.

Today, if they want a person to suffer from a lack of money, they direct the evil eye to banknotes. Remove the evil eye from the money, too, can, if you use this coin. On the day of the advancing moon, you need to go to the market and find a penny on the floor. Take this penny home with you.

In the evening, when it will be completely dark, you need to go with this kopeck at the first intersection, which is located in your house. Put a penny on the ground, stand yourself in the middle of the intersection and you need to read such a magic conspiracy:

“Someone decided that a penny is all my money now. With a pure heart, with a soul, I give that conspiratorial coin who threw it at me. Found not his own, give someone else to another. Find your master, let him earn his pennies. You stay with yours, I still have my own and earn more. Leave me, do not touch me, do not take me. I leave here all your black forces, let them go on all four sides. I no longer collude with you. I pay you yours. Whose damage, let him take, and I earn. As it is said, so it will be, but it cannot be otherwise. ”

After that, without turning around, go home. This conspiracy must be pronounced with confidence, with enthusiasm, as if knowing exactly that the very next day your luck in financial matters will return to you. After such a ritual, you can also keep track of who of your adult surroundings suddenly have worse money matters. This may be just the person who caused damage to you.

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