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What value and mystical power does red have?

Red is the most powerful of all shades. In the old Slavic language the name of this color means “black on the new” — or “the best”.

Red color corresponds to the male energy Yang, it has many amazing properties. In more detail about the value of red in psychology, we will tell you in this material.

What value and mystical power does red have?

What did red color mean in ancient times?

Even in ancient times, mankind noticed that each color has its own specific energy. And if you use a certain color scheme, you can get both a favorable and negative effect.

Numerous myths, legends, folklore studies and manuscripts indicate that the red tint, from a long time ago, attracted particular attention. For example, experts in archeology and ethnography talk about the fairly widespread use of this shade in rock paintings of primitive people.

In addition, it was found that most of the African tribes drew red dyes on their bodies when performing various magical rituals.

It was believed that the red tint is filled with powerful mystical energy.

It is for this reason that the leaders’ clothes were of a red hue.

At the time of antiquity, red caused an association with Mars — symbolizing power, battle, military actions and the male principle. Because of its rich bloody hue, this planet was considered the divine «home».

The prototype of Mars among the ancient Greeks was a violent and aggressive Ares, and among the ancient Babylonians the god of war Negal.

The inhabitants of ancient Egypt were convinced that red is a sacred color, because the ancient legends say that the blood of Osiris was spilled on a lotus. For this reason, red shoes had the right to shoe solely the Empress.

In the famous Roman Empire and the states of Western Europe, a purple hue was also associated with imperial and royal authority.

Psychology of red

Psychologists say that purple is one of the most difficult in the perception of the human psyche. This is due to the opposite emotions that he is able to cause.

So, someone associates red with power and love, and someone else — with aggression and destruction.

Psychology offers a variety of techniques that allow you to find out how a particular hue affects the state of a person’s emotional sphere, as well as his behavior. According to studies, it was found that purple is in priority among choleric and sanguine persons — the most active and emotional personalities.

Today, the most effective technique is the “Luscher Color Test”, in which the magenta hue is associated with such characteristics of the personality:

  • the desire to achieve and conquer (i.e., win);
  • increased interest in the world;
  • insatiability;
  • increased activity and speed;
  • ambition and high self-conceit;
  • aggression and irritation;
  • nervousness and anxiety.

But this is just one of the examples, because the red tint can cause people to have completely different emotions with associations.

For example, considering the positive epithets that use the purple shade, we can distinguish the following:

  • is fiery and passionate;
  • warm and pleasing;
  • love and erotic;
  • dynamic and resolute;
  • creating and igniting.

Of the negative characteristics, red is most often associated with blood, aggression, hostility, irritability, lust, cruelty, greed, and stubbornness.

Red shade has powerful energy

Hue is related to passion: from passionate love to passionate hatred or passionate expectation. Also, this color is used as a manipulator of intimate relationships — it is able to push people towards sex, even if they lack real feelings.

The purple tint is in a constant search for justice. Persons who adore red, are accustomed to express their opinions directly, do not use hints. «Red» people become great bosses.

They are characterized by endurance, openness and courage.

In the psychology of relationships, red is also not in last place. His associations are love, real feelings, comfort, warmth, the beginning of life.

What value and mystical power does red have?

And still the red shade acts as the real «guardian angel» of all the girls.

It is used to protect against competition and hex.

And, of course, shade is associated with erotica and with everything intimate.

What is dangerous is the lack of red

If you do not have enough red things in the closet, then you run into the risk of nervous disorders, various pathologies and migraines.

Freeze up in the winter? Then buy clothes of red color — it will help you to warm up, since it radiates heat itself.

But an excessive amount of red provokes misunderstanding, quarrels, disagreements and aggression.

If there is too much red, then the person will become fussy, restless, inattentive to business, he will lose any restraint.

The fire shade is ideal for temperamental choleric individuals. He activates vital and creative energy, passion, and also courageous decisions.

What kind of person is crazy about red?

Is your favorite color purple? So you are different in love, sexuality, emotion, optimism and cheerfulness.

And you are a very courageous, hot-tempered, sociable and altruistic person.

Having a lack of attention to your person? Then you should get a red bag or shoes — and you will certainly get into the center of attention.

How red affects the body

Red shade has an active, offensive effect. Even more — it is able to greatly affect the human brain, as it increases the frequency of the pulse and respiration.

But, it should be noted that the perception of this shade is of great importance. For example, older people like to discuss young people and may consider the girl in red to be the representative of the oldest profession, although in reality this would be fundamentally wrong.

Due to the fact that red differs in rather coarse energy, psychology experts do not recommend wearing it to people who have an unstable psyche, because red clothing is a symbol of fire, an explosion.
It is also not recommended to use red tones, selecting wallpapers for the bedroom or the room of your baby.

If you like a red hue, then you are a born leader who persevere and persevere in achieving your goals.

And even more — you are always fighting for your rights and no one and nothing can stop you from realizing your desires in life.

But, in addition to its good qualities, red in psychology is also associated with a propensity for physical violence, and more — lust and cruelty.

The positive point is that people do not like one particular color, but several shades at once. Therefore, you can not worry if your favorite color is red, because it has a number of positive properties that were mentioned above.

What value and mystical power does red have?

Characteristic of red color in clothes

Dreaming to be in the spotlight, it is worthwhile to dwell on a few red things or accessories, because shade is a symbol of courage and determination.

Persons who like to wear red clothes have earned the fame of strong, energetic, seeking to always be in the first place. Another red symbol of passion, optimism, emotion, self-confidence and courage.

He earned the greatest popularity among the younger generation.

However, if you are to be interviewed, then give up the red suit or dress. After all, in official institutions, red provokes negative emotions (you risk deserving fame as an upstart and frivolous person who suffers from unhealthy ambitions).

Learn to use red in your clothes and accessories to look beautiful in any circumstances.

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