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What value has sunny yellow color

Yellow color — is basic, because it shows the need of the individual in the disclosure. And everyone knows that it is through creative disclosure that one can achieve happiness, positive emotions and gain hope.

Yellow as if looking into the future, granting relaxation and freedom, life in which there are no difficulties with restrictions.

A more detailed description of the yellow shade in psychology you can learn from this material.

What value has sunny yellow color

What did the lemon shade mean in antiquity

People began to investigate the characteristics of flowers since the days of the distant long. They found a connection with otherworldly natural phenomena, and then — with the divine beings.

Yellow was one of the most saturated colors, which was distinguished by its own value. At first, the yellow tint corresponded to frozen sunlight, autumn and crop fields.

However, at the same time he personified diseases, death and the other world.

Initially, this shade symbolized power and divine power; for this reason, the garments of most of the mythical deities were precisely yellow.

For example, the ancient Greek god of the sun Helios traveled to the people, exclusively sitting on the chariot of the sun color, which was illuminated in yellow. And among the Hindus, the supreme deity Vishnu was clothed in yellow robes.

The cosmic egg of the main god Brahna was also golden.

Similarly, the Chinese deity possessed the creature of the dragon kingdom. Because of this, in the Chinese empire a yellow shade was associated with the imperial power and the commoner had no right to wear the robes of this color.

The ancient Egyptians yellow shade symbolized the Sun and eternity, for this reason, the priests painted themselves with it when they conducted various mystical rites.

And the ancient Egyptian god Ptah, who, according to ancient legends, created this world, was often depicted on a golden background. The divine Amonn-Ra was personified with a yellow sun disk.

In addition, lemon color was the main attribute of the god Gore, and the goddess of love Hathor was known as the “Golden Goddess”.

Yellow color acquired the maximum symbolism of the power of the king and his power during the reign of the famous “sun king” Louis XIV.

However, his perception began to become negative already from the eighteenth century — the connotation began to symbolize the disease (jaundice and plague), as well as betrayal and deception.

What symbolizes yellow today?

For the most part, the shade of yellow has a positive beginning. The association of pale yellow is daylight, sun, warm energy and summer.

The yellow-orange color of the magic golden hue symbolizes wealth, success and prosperity. But the most basic meaning of this shade is, of course, activity.

Due to its bright and saturated energy, color is literally capable of inspiring to perform various actions, activates the process of movement and gives energy.

What value has sunny yellow color

At the same time, saturated yellow has negative properties. So, for example, its blinding radiance is often associated with greed and avarice. Also, often yellow can tell about jealousy, envy and meanness.

In addition, many call it the color of betrayal and betrayal. Residents of some Asian countries associate death and mourning with a yellow tint.

What does yellow mean in psychology

Psychologists, above all, call yellow responsible for intellectual activity. According to numerous studies, it was established that this particular color has an activating effect on those areas of the brain that are associated with memory and thinking.

Scientists have proved that as a result of regular moderate perception of yellow color, mental performance increases, a person remembers more information, plus speed of mental operations increases.

Based on this information, psychology experts were able to establish that the yellow color provides easier and more effective learning. This color feature can be used when you design the interior, for example, the room of your baby or for an audience at the university.

In addition, psychology is actively used in yellow therapy in medical therapy. This color helps to eliminate chronic fatigue, apathy, psycho-emotional exhaustion and even mild depressive states.

It also has a positive effect on the digestive and nervous systems.

But the lemon shade can be both beneficial and harmful. For example, in large quantities yellow color causes hidden pathologies of the nervous system, in particular — psychiatric disorders (for example, schizophrenia).

What is useful «yellow wizard» for people?

Yellow color has many valuable properties, namely:

  • normalizes weight (increases the production of digestive juice, which is necessary during digestion);
  • helps to cleanse the human body of toxins;
  • It is shown to wear yellow things to those individuals who suffer from self-doubt, because it increases self-esteem. It also changes the phrase “impossible” to “possible”, which makes a person even more confident in their own abilities. It is not surprising that fans of this shade are distinguished by adequate self-conceit, and also by activity and activity.

Those who prefer to emphasize yellow have a well-developed sixth sense, they like to bathe in public attention. In addition, yellow provides vigor and mobility, teaches quick decision-making and a better understanding of other people.

What value has sunny yellow color

Characteristics of different shades of yellow

Yellow is represented in a fairly extensive color palette, which should be given special attention:

  • honey tone (combination of brown and yellow) — symbolizes the need to be happy;
  • yellow-red — indicates destruction, impulsiveness and spontaneity. But on the other hand will also tell about joyful emotions;
  • Those individuals who give their preference to lemon yellow color, have non-standard thinking, are very critical and insightful. But they suffer from sexual disorders;
  • fans of soft yellow color — scares responsibility;
  • and if you are crazy about a brown-yellow hue, you need pleasure and simple human happiness;
  • Considering the golden color, it must be said that it fills a person with wisdom, new experience, psychological maturity and vitality. Negative sides of the coin — leads to dishonor and limitations. Whatever it was, gold has always pleased the human eye, which is able to give the majority of people some sense of happiness.

Scientific experts are convinced that it is yellow that contributes to the awakening of people’s intellectual interest in objective reality. Most likely, that is why he does not like those who like to drink alcohol.

But, you need to take into account the fact that the lemon shade often leads to dizziness and hallucinations.

In the body, this color is given the gastrointestinal tract. It is for this reason that it is recommended to use it when the stomach, spleen, liver and gallbladder is damaged. Are you on a diet?

In this case, you should stock up with something yellow — mugs, plates, cups, napkins or saucers. With the help of yellow color, constipation is successfully eliminated.

The impact of yellow on human health

Objects of yellow color are visually associated with lungs. This shade contributes to the expansion of space: this object always looks like a big, but weightless.

Also, all yellow things seem visually dry and warm. It is for this reason that the yellow chair, for example, will help you warm up faster than the same chair, but of a different color.

What is bad this shade? As we mentioned earlier, in a heightened quantity, the yellow shade tends to tire: it causes the desire to escape and hide.

A long stay in the yellow room can lead to headaches. The interaction with cold yellow tones leads to vomiting and nausea.

But in general, an oversupply of lemon shade provokes neurosis, aggression and anxiety.

Now you know that in psychology it means a yellow shade, for which personalities it is attractive, as well as its excessive use is fraught with.

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